Zhang Yiping shook his head, "don’t want to think I lack women in Zhang Yiping before gambling? A small French town has just been eroded by the flu, and there will be beautiful women after being ravaged by the team? Have you no brains? Pan 500 "
"He came to 250 in 250 …" Everyone next to him laughed.
"Then how to take the opportunity to cancel a gambling debt, but more and more …"
"What a suck! "Zhang Yiping scold a way" just punished you for ten days. You turned around and gambled with others. Do you still treat me seriously? You’re just waiting to pay your debts by selling yourself, if you still want this 200 Jin. "
"It’s one hundred Jin!" Pan five hundred said
"That’s even less valuable!" Zhang Yiping said.
"I don’t want to be like this. Usually, although I occasionally gamble, it’s your fault that I gamble less. You can’t leave me alone or I can’t turn over!"
"I get the same salary as you. I don’t have any extra money to lend you."
"Don’t want you to win the Tran Phu gambling debt this time, I can pay off. There isn’t much left. Tran Phu is the most malicious in this small bet! “
"It’s impossible," Zhang Yiping said.
After Pan 500 repeatedly begged several times, Zhang Yiping said, "Well, go ahead and kill that colonel yourself, even if you win, I will come forward and let Tran Phu cancel your gambling debt."
"That feeling is too good. I must live up to the commander-in-chief’s expectation and take the first beauty of Beaune away …" Pan 500 said that he was going to rush to the front with his rifle.
"Wait a minute!" Zhang Yiping stopped to go to Pan 500. "You go and wait for you to go to the 3rd Battalion in Bonn. You have polished the Americans. I’m afraid that even the 3rd Battalion is not a vegetarian. Who doesn’t want it? Although she may be an old woman …"
"You take a platoon around Bonne and ambush the road from Bonne to Dijon. The Americans will definitely pass there …"
"Yes!" Pan 511 patted his head and hurriedly called a platoon to run away.
It’s too unlucky for Charles to be young in the future. His 7th Division is eager to take revenge, and he will chase after the 74th Division overnight, so that he can catch up with the Chinese team in front and attack the vast fields in front of Bonn together with the defenders.
But instead, his plan was completely shattered and he put himself in danger.
A burst of violent artillery shells flashed across the quiet morning sky and scattered layers of colorful clouds. They rushed to the ground in the morning fog, and the large-caliber shells exploded, which painted a layer of rosy clouds on the first day of the night.
The cannon woke Major General Charles, who had just taken a nap. Because he walked all night last night, old bones almost couldn’t bear it, so he just took a nap by the side of the road.
After a nap, the world has changed into another world
Major-General Charles woke up and shouted, "What’s going on? Where is the artillery? "
The gunfire was dazzling and deafening, and no one heard him scream. A black explosion in his ear blocked their view.
The shelling intensified again. In the quiet morning, many huge shells roared by, and the roadside bombs blew the American soldiers into pieces.
The explosion once again pulled the time back to an hour ago, when the earth was as dark as a rainstorm, that is, the future tense. A shell cast a bluish-gray light in all directions, and the shrapnel swept into the soldiers’ bodies and stirred up pieces of lotus flower to take away one life after another.
Guns are densely and accurately bombed. There are at least 15 large caliber guns in the marching team. Major General Charles will know that it is not right. At least it is the division that is equipped with such large caliber guns. Before they pursued the Chinese team, they did not have these large caliber guns unless the main force of the Chinese regiment came.
Is major general Charles indecision in a staff member shouted and ran to the best of his throat bray way "bad bad in the * * team from all sides! Many people … "
The gun suddenly stopped, followed by a sharp shout of killing and doping, and it sounded in the gun to catch people’s hearts.
From a distance, a group of China soldiers rushed up to the highway like waves. The 74th Division of the US Army was like beach sand. This is not a fierce wave. It was washed away and disappeared in front of the wave. The earth became like dust returning to the land, and the remnants kept rolling forward.
Brigadier General Powell, the commander of the 74th Division, came running with a group of people and cried in panic, "Let’s go, Major General Charles, or we won’t be able to come."
"We’re surrounded, we’re ambushed by China …" Brigadier General Powell shouted. "All the brigades have lost their alliance and everything is in chaos, and everything is in chaos when China people rush …"
"What about the 75th Division? How are they?" Major General Charles asked.
"Can’t we connect?" Powell shouted. "Don’t delay. We can’t stop it for a minute … Lieutenant Neil … help Major General … Let’s go!"
Lieutenant Neil is Powell’s adjutant. When he waved his hand, several American soldiers held Major General Charles in front of him and he was about to leave. Major General Charles angrily broke free from several soldiers and watched him at a loss.
There are some routed troops running along the highway, and their faces are full of panic and horror. Not far away, China people have surrounded and attacked the American troops, and they have been knocked down in batches. From a distance, it seems as if they will not let the China people shoot them like guns.
An elite unit like the 74th Division is so vulnerable!
"Let’s go, Major General Charles … if we don’t go, we can’t come! "Lieutenant Neil said dutifully.
Major General Charles sighed and waved and said, "Let’s go."
There are constantly defeated soldiers running from all sides, and at the same time, they hear China people shooting and shouting and killing on all sides.
Major-General Charles’ team gathered more and more, but they were all in a panic and lost their wits. Brigadier-General Powell sent subordinate officers to keep these teams together and form a fighting force to lead them to stop him and Major-General Charles from retreating and fighting for it.
However, these snipers were quickly defeated by the China people, and the China people shouted and came from behind. They shouted and ran while the guns and guns spouted flames, which were very similar to each other.
The rout team crossed a deserted field, climb a steep slope and crossed a road covered with fallen leaves.
On the steep slope, a horse carrying two big suitcases stopped halfway because the suitcases were too heavy and steep, and refused to walk.
"This is an important document. If you want to take it away!" Major-General Charles called back to be continued.
Chapter 465 Reaction
Brigadier general Powell turned around and shouted, "Let’s burn it! Burned! "
"Can’t burn and take away …" Major General Charles ordered the front of the steep slope along the road.
However, whether burning or not, the two suitcases must be unloaded and carried to the road before they can move on. However, after the big suitcase was unloaded, the horse suddenly refused to listen to Ma Shibing’s command and struggled frantically to break free from Ma Shibing’s control and ran to the steep slope swamp. Ma Shibing ran angrily and grabbed the reins before the horse entered the swamp.
Major-General Charles commanded the soldiers to carry two big suitcases to the road. The suitcases were too heavy. Not far away, China people came again. The soldiers were in a panic and accidentally the suitcases fell off. They were ga zi ng and rolled down the steep slope. When they hit the cover of the big suitcases, they knocked out pieces of glittering gold nuggets, which came out brightly.
The soldiers were stunned, and then several soldiers slipped and frantically put gold bullion into their pockets.
Major General Charles took a look at his pistol and shot at the sky by the roadside. "Bastard, put it back and carry the box …"
No one paid attention to him. He was lifting another suitcase on the steep slope, but the soldier threw his suitcase in his hand and quickly climbed the road to run ahead.
Major General Charles climbed up from the road. He wanted to carry the gold bar box.
But China soldiers have appeared in the fields along the road, and five or six people have come running towards them.
A shot went off, and a few American soldiers were picking up gold, and when they were knocked down, their blood spilled, and those bright gold nuggets added a touch of red blood.
Major-General Charles was pulling another box to the surface when he suddenly woke up. He threw the box and pulled out his pistol, but he didn’t have a chance to shoot it. Before he turned around, a bullet entered from his back and penetrated his chest. He threw himself in the box and a lot of blood dyed the big suitcase red.
From the moment he saw the gold in the trunk, Brigadier General Powell completely abandoned Major-General Charles. Although Major-General Charles is a company, this urgent matter still cares about his own interests and ignores the life and death of soldiers. The commander is not worthy of their loyalty.
As far as I could see, there were retreating soldiers rushing in everywhere. Brigadier General Powell knew that there was no place to run. The China people really surrounded them and quickly narrowed the encirclement. They didn’t give them the 74th Division a chance to resist and completely defeated them.
Brigadier general Powell saw a small village next to him and immediately ran over with people. After entering the village, Ma ordered the soldiers to build a defense line outside the village, and at the same time ordered Lieutenant Neil to gather the soldiers and prepare to hold on.
Teams from all four directions retreated to the middle and finally gathered around a small village. Lieutenant Neil was ordered to organize them and build a defense line around the village.

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