Castle Peak Shadow Clouds Break Rain Heartbreaking Song
"Lonely shadows and clouds look at the green hills and the spring breeze, and the gown grows by the grass; The misty rain on the edge of the mountain and the red dust make you regret your intestinal injury when you are young "—— A Young Man’s Journey"
Chapter 99 From the disorderly beauty heart boundless overpass army
Houshan Taolin
The continuous spring rain affects the peach petals falling on the stone eaves, and the breeze blows the skirt and the lotus steps gently lift the green.
Looking at the wisp of smoke floating from the ashes that burned out the secret money and a flash in Qian Linger’s eyes, he quickly stepped forward and shivered and caressed the spotless cold stone tablet and the tender green willow branches.
She said excitedly, "It must be him if he or Yu comes back."
With that, she turned around and looked around in spite of the drizzle, and her eyes were full of tears. She couldn’t help shouting at Taolin, "Feather must be you, but you didn’t shine when you came back? ?”
The spring breeze with the rain is like a curtain, and her weak body is hit by chills, which makes her weak and adds snow and frost.
Qian Linger coughed violently and then fell to the ground. I don’t know when Todd has come to the side and will support him. "If this is the case, how can we not meet each other?" Perhaps the villagers or the institute must not hurt themselves. "
Hearing Todd’s words, Qian Linger pointed to Qian Fu’s spotless tombstone and shook his head. "How can you sacrifice the tomb ceremony without your grandfather?"
Todd looked at the clean tombstone, but his eyebrows locked in silence for a moment. He immediately said, "The teacher has given me the title of Hui De Saint Tianxue, but the younger sister should not think too much about it … Look at the custom of placing willow branches as if I were studying chaos in northern Xinjiang in Qingqiu Town, and we still have this heart."
Said Todd is very sigh with emotion. Qian Linger also believed in July 7th when he saw this. You should know who is disrespectful and respectful in the hundreds of miles of Qingqiu Fiona Fang in the past, not to mention Zhao Wangyi’s title of Saint.
At the end of the tomb offering, Todd Qian Linger returned to the outside of the small building. At this time, the small building has been sorted out. Although it still looks broken, it is much cleaner than before.
Seeing this money shine was about to push the gate in, but suddenly it was called by a figure coming not far away.
Seeing a sad woman leading several miserable villagers hesitated, "Ling … Mrs. The Duke …"
When Qian Linger saw it, Aunt Liu hurriedly smiled. "Aunt Liu still calls me Linger. Listen kindly."
Aunt Liu suddenly nodded excitedly. "Hey, hey, aunt Ling brought the villagers to thank you, but thanks to your friend, your aunt Liu and your villagers, you can have a chance to live."
See money shine a face of doubt she wanted to think strokes "Yan pretty killed into the village yesterday that’s a sea of people in the village, old and young, watching will die, but then a fairy …"
Aunt Liu’s military exaggeration to repel Xiao Fan from Yan yesterday deepened her frown. Obviously, she doesn’t know any fairy friends, but judging from the implication in Aunt Liu’s words, this fairy is coming to find her.
At this time, Qian Linger looked at the side with a puzzled face. Todd immediately looked at Aunt Liu and asked, "Aunt Liu, can this fairy say her identity?"
Aunt Liu thought for a moment and suddenly brightened up and said, "When you ask aunt Liu, you remember that the fairy drove Yan Man away, and soon after that, a man with a black face and a rusty iron sword came. It seems that the owner of the fairy wants to come and is also a Taoist fairy. It seems that his body and bones are not good, and he vomited blood soon. It’s really strange that the fairy’s body and bones are so weak."
After seeing off a group of villagers, Qian Linger Todd came to the small building thoughtfully.
Looking at the burnt bamboo slips scattered on the ground, she looked at the side of her eyes and asked Tao Dede hopefully, "Brother, do you think that black-faced man is a feather?" He came back for us. "
Seeing that Qian Linger seems to be excited again, Todd hurriedly calmed down and speculated that "it is possible, but my brother thinks it is unlikely."
Qian Linger immediately anxious way "?"
Thought for a moment Todd serious way "first, if the teacher younger brother he constantly face? Second, the immortal can repel several Yan armies by himself. Can you imagine that the Lord is waiting for his identity? As far as I know, even the Buddhist Guanglong is just as strong as that fairy. How many years will it take to practice like this? And teacher younger brother although talented, after all, not a double decade three … "
Speaking of this, Todd looked at the people around him and said sadly, "Teacher younger brother mostly bought a Gonge in the palace and learned that there is a secret room in princess royal’s bedroom that outsiders are not allowed to get close to …"
As soon as Todd said this, it was self-evident. Qian Linger’s eyes suddenly froze and he said eagerly, "Is there any way for Senior Brother to sneak in?"
Looking at a face of be reluctant, Todd Qian Linger knows that it is not easy for senior brother to do this. How can he easily sneak into the palace?
At this moment, Todd said with relief, "Sister, wait a little longer for my brother, but try again this war in northern Xinjiang."
Seeing this money, Shine’s heart is grateful and it’s hard to say much.
At this time, the general from the yard outside the house reported that "the Yanjun, the general in the north of the town, is moving and shrinking its troops. It seems that it is going to withdraw the overpass barrier and wait for the general’s disposal."
Smell this Todd Huo Ran got up and smiled apologetically at the money and walked away.
Soon there came Todd’s loud and majestic voice outside the house.
"Northern Yan’s 100,000-strong patrol is really robbing our big Zhao of materials, money and food for self-sufficiency. This time, his army’s demand for materials is bound to be slow. It is our army’s godsend to annihilate Yan in one fell swoop, and people will listen to it."
The two state Xuanjia generals shouted "!"
Todd swept the crowd one by one and immediately drew an arrow and shouted, "Your official?"
A small school quickly knelt down and shouted "!"
Todd pointed to the map hanging behind him and ordered the location of Dongzhou Chencheng. "You immediately believe in the fire and ambush 10,000 guns on the Star Mountain in the east of Chencheng, and secretly move the army to Ningdong Town to wait for our army to surprise the Yanjun flank."
With that, the small school took the direction and brought the horse to gallop away.
Once again, I pulled out an arrow, and Todd’s face was as heavy as water, pointing to Yangcheng Road, a big city in Dongzhou. "This is a strong city in Dongzhou, and Yangcheng has 30,000 armored troops, but the right-hand general will need a brave commander, more than 1,000 light riders, and lead Chen Binggu. Who dares to be Jiang Nanan when our army joins forces to break the enemy?"
Speaking of this, Todd held the direction in his hand and looked at the distribution school. Although it is not far from Yangcheng, it is dangerous to ride all the way, and everyone immediately hesitated
Seeing this, Todd snorted angrily, "How can I be afraid of death since I am a big Zhao? If I dare not go in person, I am afraid? "

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