GuTongYou gently sighed, "There are too many dead people these days. I hope you two don’t implicate others and kill me."
Qiu Si’s silence is a gentle and firm look with a clenched ancient hand.
"Ha ha …"
Pale inflammation demon laughs at a "you two and outside the door that group of fenglei temple people will die! When you came here, it brought disaster! "
Seven magic will listen to mind a quiver.
One of them looked at Sirius and couldn’t help urging him, "What else do you want, suzerain? Apologize to the two real demons quickly!"
Sirius stared at the man with a horizontal eye and said, "Shut up!"
Anyway, he’s still the patriarch of the wild!
He recruited these seven magic generals to talk to him in this tone!
"Patriarch, in my opinion, there is really no need for us to follow two real magic adults together."
Another magic will say
More than the magic will also echo.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Evil wind and pale inflammation can’t help laughing when they see this.
Two people glances tacitly.
Real two people have already made a decision to destroy the wild cases and kill all creatures, chickens and dogs!
However, the two men were not in a hurry to start work with the theater mentality.
The two of them enjoy this feeling, but they can control everyone’s life and death, and watch these ants fight to the death and bite each other!
"Why do you want to betray me?"
Sirius stared at the seven magic generals with cold eyes and slowly said, "Don’t forget that you are forbidden by me!"
He can accept these seven people to form the Seven Emotions Magic Commander, which is also a kind of prohibition of the past secret method.
Otherwise, he can’t control these seven top immortals by pruning!
When it comes to the prohibition, the seven demons will be afraid to say anything again.
Sirius slowly got up and looked at the two true demons and said, "I don’t care about these people in the Fenglei Temple, two Taoist friends, but please don’t be angry with the wild Sect."
Wu Daozun, the founder of Tianhuang Sect, hardly managed it, and it is almost all his efforts to develop the situation today.
Sirius doesn’t want to hand over the wild cases.
"You beast are also qualified to call me Daoyou?"
Pale inflammation really magic suddenly stretched out his hand across the virtual toward Sirius caught a!
It seems that there is a great power arrival to instantly hold Sirius’s throat and drag him to the pale evil spirit.
The seven demons will dare not move.
At this moment, a flash of knife light is amazing, and the meaning of knife is rolling, making people want to extricate themselves!

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