Chapter 32 See the nature of waste work
"Who are you?" I was puzzled and horrified. I asked, the great damage and serious consequences caused by using the thunder control tactic have already turned my mind blank, and the words of this young Lama have made me even more at a loss. What does this Tibetan monk have to do with me? Why does his younger brother call me?
"Cheng Shengyuan’s weak scholar came to Ziyang Mountain in late autumn and early winter to bow down to the mountain gate and ask the teacher to learn the art. He found that this person had a strong sense of killing evil. If he cultivated Taoism, he would tamper with Yin and Yang and disturb the platform, so he refused to accept the mountain gate for a long time. Although the scholar was young, he knelt down in front of the mountain. Please include the teacher’s feelings and cherish the jade materials and send them to our door at dawn six days later …" Kan Kan, a young Lama monk, talked with a smile.
"Are you two …?" I took a few steps back before I stabilized my figure, and a chill came from the bottom of my heart and traveled all over my body. This scene mentioned by the young Lama was none other than when I learned from my teacher. After Xu Zhaopei entered the palace, I left home and went to many places before and after the immortal visit, but I was rejected by my teacher. Then I helped into the mountain gate. It was my second brother Qi Yufeng who used to chase the Ming Hong Dao and Xuanyuan Sword with me. His birth method was very similar to that of traveling thousands of miles in Qi Yufeng. At that time, I became suspicious. As soon as he said, I was 70% convinced that this young Lama was inextricably linked with Qi Yufeng, but let me believe that he was the second brother who helped me into the mountain gate that year, and I still couldn’t accept it at the moment.
"You and the old are still so fond of fooling around. It’s a dragon teacher’s job. Are you meddling? It seems that it was too short for the teacher to punish you for one hundred days. "The young Lama smiled at me again.
"Do you know this is it?" I eagerly took out the palm-teaching token from my bosom. What this young Lama said was all the secret things of my old school in those days. It was impossible for others to know these things except our nine brothers. At this moment, I have believed that he is my second brother Qi Yufeng, but I still want to confirm once again that there is a mistake.
"Tongtian Ziyang Guanqizhang teaches the token Ziyu Guanqiling!" The young Lama monk was familiar with the statement of observing qi and turned to shake his head and sigh. "The ninth division brothers have returned to Buddhism, so I can’t bow down."
"What was the ancient seal of the fire that the second brother’s predecessor, Wan Shouqi, imperial?" I changed my name and asked again. Although I already believed that this young Lama was Qi Yufeng, such a huge turning point still made me hard to believe.
"Zi Yang Guan Qi Shou Tian Qi" Qi Yufeng came casually without thinking.
"The second brother and the ninth brother took advantage of the wind to see the ceremony". I withdrew my observation and made me bow to Qi Yufeng, who was very kind and had a long history. The wind was twenty years different from Wen Xiaofeng’s. On weekdays, he took care of us with great affection. Later, I realized that I had put in a good word in front of his master that day, and the master made an exception to accept my disciples, and the master elder brother’s design harmed me. After he found out, he reported to the master that Qi Yufeng had done great kindness to me.
"Teacher younger brother, you should worship your brother now, but my brother has returned to Buddhism. You and I have these common rituals." Qi Yufeng extended his aura to stop me from worshipping.
"Second brother, when did you return to Buddhism?" I looked around and observed the reaction of the people and found that they had no signs of awakening for the time being, so I turned my head.
"Let bygones be bygones." Qi Yufeng smiled and shook his head. "Before, when you applied that thunder-controlling technique, my brother dispersed and cheered the people for a while."
Qi Yufeng’s words finally solved my doubts. It is reasonable to say that my purple spirit is at its peak and it is not enough to stun those monks who have purple spirit. It turned out that he secretly helped.
"Wait a moment, second brother, and I’ll see what Master Hui left behind." I quickly spread the yellow paper and looked down.
Yellow paper handwriting is not dense and sparse, and there are less than ten lines of monks and fighting methods in turn.
Shaolin people pour gongs.
There was a quiet fog and a gong ringing in the Emei.
The sword of the living Buddha in Gacuo lost its gong.
Normal punishment of the law of clearing the dirty things
Brahma’s return to the earth, double disability and rectification
Wutai felt dead and died.
Baima Jixing was executed at noon.
Seven lines have been better than expected, and there is a deviation. As far as I am amazed, the last two lines make me feel excited and my heart beats faster.
Because the last two lines are not marked with field people and fighting methods like the first seven lines, the result is that the old friends meet each other and waste their achievements.
Return rukunling in three minutes.
I think Bai Hui is going to return Wang Yanpei’s soul to me, and his extra-legal kindness is probably to thank me for playing an important role in this fight, so that he can correct the Buddhist mistakes and remove the fate through this fight. In addition, his last sentence is obviously said to me, which means that he has expected in advance that I will see this yellow paper Buddhist magical power, which is really unfathomable. Hui Xiu is really extraordinary.
However, I am puzzled by the saying that an old friend meets an old friend and wastes his work. What does he mean by this sentence? Who’s to blame?
With full of doubts, I folded the yellow paper and put it back. My heart was mixed with joy. My heart was mixed with sorrow. I promised to give back Wang Yanpei’s soul. What does that mean? If I lose my magic, I can communicate with Wang Yanpei’s soul. If that’s the case, what’s the point?
"Two seniors, it’s up to you to take charge of the Ziyang Ziyang concept. It’s really hard for you to join the WTO …"
"Nine teacher younger brother, don’t you still white brother already can’t go back" Qi Yufeng smiled and shook his head.
"Second brother, are you a missionary and switch to other factions?" I wonder if Qi Yufeng, according to Wen Xiaofeng’s previous statement, lost sight when Qi Yufeng was chased by a bunch of monks in World War I in the East China Sea. Will he switch to Buddhism? Qi Yufeng slowly shook his head and said a few words.
I stared at the familiar and unfamiliar Qi Yufeng. I didn’t continue to ask what happened in the past. Qi Yufeng was kind and didn’t like fighting. The weapon was a blade and a mace. Usually, he didn’t like meat and meat. Are these hidden mysteries? What’s more, after the master elder brother was expelled from his master school, he should be taught by the second brother. As a result, the master didn’t do that. Did the master realize in advance that the second brother would join Buddhism?
"Second brother, you have come to help me secretly this time, which shows that you don’t forget your master’s concern for your brothers. If there is something hidden, you must tell the truth to your brothers. Although you are not talented, you are passionate." I finally confirmed.
"Brother has been reincarnated for several times and has been living far away from the border. Some time ago, I accidentally received an invitation from the Buddhist monk Hui to come to the post, but I didn’t say anything in the post. Brother also arrived at this prescription to realize that the war fighter turned out to be you guys." Qi Yufeng nodded and smiled. "Brother stepped in to help you shake the crowd, so I still hope that the nine brothers will make a move."
"Do whatever you can, do whatever you can." I nodded solemnly and resolutely reappeared in my mind. Qi Yufeng helped me into Ziyang.
"My brother is the 13th living Buddha of Xialu Sect. The monk who was reincarnated in the back door failed to find it. It took a lot of time and opportunity to worship the Dalai Lama who met him in the East China Sea during the war. When he called back his former knowledge, he returned to Tibet to practice again." Qi Yufeng talked slowly. "Brother Nai had learned the Ziyang Daoism to practice again, but the method of practicing again could not be profound, and my brother didn’t feel vain. He abandoned his master Nai and was reincarnated several times with Ziyang aura. Today, you and I met just happened to meet my brother’s wish."
"Do you want me to waste your Ziyang aura instead of the master?" When I heard this, I finally understood that he asked me to do everything. Hui Zen Master’s phrase "Seeing an old friend and wasting his time" meant that it was Qi Yufeng.
"You are the seventeenth generation of Ziyang Temple, and it is up to you to justify it." Qi Yufeng nodded and said.
Qi Yufeng’s request immediately put me in a dilemma. If I don’t promise him, he will always be burdened with the Buddhism of Zi Yang Guan Reiki. Naturally, I can’t reach the peak. If I promise him, I will completely lose my second brother’s Buddhism. I’m afraid he won’t be so close to me then. Will it be abolished or not?
"I can get what you want, second brother, but I also want something, so please don’t refuse." I thought for a long time and sighed.
"Nine teacher younger brother, please speak." Qi Yufeng looked up at me with a smile.
"Even if you have sent aura, I will still put you into the genealogy for future generations. I beg my second brother not to change the name for us. Can we be brothers forever?" I sigh again
Qi Yufeng hesitated for a moment, nodded and agreed to straighten up and close his eyes.
The complete abolition of reiki requires breaking the thirty-six points of the highest heaven. I raised my hand, but once again I thought that I would get involved with him again. I felt very sad, hesitated and hesitated, and finally got up the courage to point to the thirty-six points of the highest heaven and dispersed him all over the body.
After Qi Yufeng was dispersed by me, his breath didn’t wane, but it was purer than before. Many of his breath was still at its peak. It seems that my decision is correct. Ziyang Reiki may have really become an obstacle to his enlightenment.
"Second brother, how do you feel?" I asked eagerly.
Qi Yufeng slowly opened his eyes and smiled and nodded at me, but there was no mouth.
"Second brother, I’ll wake them up. If they know it’s you, they will be happy." I turned to look back.
"Seeing is like not seeing, and it’s like increasing the number of disciples in Nai Jiu Division. Let’s go first and meet in the future. You should take care of yourself." Qi Yufeng said, "Run the aura from the ground."
"Take care of yourself, Second Brother." I sincerely hope to God.
Qi Yufeng smiled, nodded, turned around and did what he did. It’s no longer that I’m traveling thousands of miles in Ziyang.
Looking at the rapid disappearance of Qi Yufeng, I was filled with melancholy to vent. On the other hand, the people lying on the ground and the ghost temple that had been razed couldn’t help but be more troubled.
How can I clean up this rotten stall …
Chapter 33 Feng Xiao reality

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