Lu Bu started to run and shouted, "Dragon, you protect my adoptive father and Miss Cai. Slow down and I’ll save that beauty!"
Lyu3 bu4 ran around like a headless fly, and ran for several streets without seeing the line of people. Only then did he react that the gang was beaten to death by himself. The girl was dressed in a special way, and someone was sure to witness it at the scene. Remember why she didn’t go back to that street to ask?
Lu Bu secretly scolded himself for being stupid and turned back. Sure enough, someone saw the girl and her party’s whereabouts. Lu Bu forced him to lead the way regardless of whether the witness agreed or not. Finally, he remembered that michel platini ordered not to bully the people and gave some money to the guide. The guide didn’t yell.
Crossing a few streets, the guide pointed to a street and said, "They are in the drugstore at the corner of this street. The villain saw them go in with his own eyes." Lyu3 bu4 let go with great joy and said, "Go without you."
Lyu3 bu4 thought for a moment, first tear some coarse clothes and then paint some dust. Since he is a hero, the greater the contrast, the better the effect, so that people can give themselves longevity cards.
Just turning the corner, I saw a drugstore surrounded by people and said, "Beauty, why don’t you show your appearance when you sound so beautiful?" Let me see if you are beautiful, and then I will take you home. "Then there was a burst of unbridled laughter. Lu Bu was happy. Someone really molested my daughter. Finally, Wen Hou caught me! You’re unlucky!
"Let’s go" Lu Bu grabbed the onlookers and threw them out. Soon he squeezed into the crowd. As Lu Bu expected, a group of luxurious and fair people were pandering with the mysterious girl. The girl was crying and the people who protected her were lying on the ground and couldn’t move.
Lyu3 bu4 cleared his throat and shouted, "Stop it! Isn’t it afraid of the king’s law to flirt with good women in broad daylight? " If the sound of Lu Bu was thundering, others’ ears were buzzing. Seeing Lu Bu coming, the girl was surprised and hid behind Lu Bu, trembling like a few leaves in a cold wind.
The group of Hua Gong was furious and the first one shouted, "A rabbit jumped out of Niang’s flock and dared to disturb your good deeds. Do you know who your uncle is?"
Lyu3 bu4 thought that if they dare to fight me if they quote my name, then the image of my hero will be greatly reduced, and it is difficult for the people to give me a longevity card. I might as well install it again
Lyu3 bu4 pose like singing opera "road sees rough draw out a sword to help me who you are! Don’t panic, girl. No one can touch you with me here. "
The Hua Gong was furious. "I’m the nephew of Yang Feng, the general of the dynasty. Even I dare to beat him to death!"
Chapter 19 It’s too late to meet each other
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Kang Peng, Zhao Yun and Cai Wenji were actually outside the crowd when their names were called Yang Cao in the China Gazette. They were not as stupid as Lu Bu. They directly found this street. When they heard Yang Cao’s words, Kang Peng frowned. "Didn’t you catch the dragon for molesting the bitter girl before? Is this guy unrepentant? "
Zhao Yun nodded. "That’s true. Is it that his surname wants me to help Wen Hou?"
Kang Peng smiled. "No, he’s bent on getting rid of violence. Let’s give him this chance. Besides, if even these small roles are uneven, he’s ashamed to call himself the first military commander in the day."
Lyu3 bu4 didn’t disappoint Kang Peng. Dozens of people came at him. He didn’t even blink his eyes. His hands flashed and he grabbed them and rushed to the front. The two unlucky bodies danced around. Lyu3 bu4 laughed and screamed at those unlucky people …! Fortunately, those unlucky people at the door of the drugstore didn’t go far to see the doctor.
Lyu3 bu4 insidious smile in front of Yang Cao with two hands still alive to tear thigh dark red blood slowly flowing down the face of Lyu3 bu4 that look horrible-probably there are Kang Peng playing ghost scary can be compared.
Yang Cao repeatedly retreated. "You don’t want to kill me, my uncle will get even with you …" Yang Cao’s words haven’t been finished yet. Lyu3 bu4 has punched Yang Cao in his skull and suddenly * * cracked and died.
Lyu3 bu4 punched Yang Cao and turned to the mysterious girl and smiled. "Girl, don’t be afraid that I have knocked down the villain department. Just don’t thank me for giving me a longevity card. Remember my name is …"
Lyu3 bu4 didn’t finish the mysterious girl’s body staggered to the ground. Lyu3 bu4 was dumbfounded. Did he scare her? At this time, Kang Peng and Zhao Yun crowded into the crowd and Kang Peng shouted, "Stupid, don’t you take her into the drugstore to find a doctor?"
Lyu3 bu4 slapped his head and bent over to carry the mysterious girl into the drugstore. The drugstore doctor was so scared that he couldn’t hold his pulse. Finally, Kang Peng put his hand on the mysterious girl’s wrist for a long time. The doctor said, "This girl is in shock and suffering from heatstroke. Please let her blow some cool air first, and then I will give her some drugs to reduce fever and soothe the nerves."
Kang Peng and Lu Bu had just finished talking about the mysterious girl’s clothes at the same time-the girl had a good figure. When Lu Bu took off the mysterious girl’s veil, he couldn’t help but exclaim, "My God, she is so beautiful!"
All the men in the drugstore were dumbfounded and stared at the mysterious girl’s face, which seemed to be a piece of white jade carved with white defects and closed eyes, such as Chunshan with Daiyao’s nose and picturesque cherry mouth. Although she was in a coma at the moment, no man could resist her temptation.
Kang Peng stay for a long time suddenly flashed a thought in my mind and quickly grabbed the stunning girl to bring a slave "say you are Stuart Yun3 family? Is her name The Story Of Diu Sim? "
The slave nodded. "This master, we are indeed the master of King Stuart. She is our master’s concubine The Story Of Diu Sim. Do you know our master?"
Kang Peng’s mind was in chaos. The Story Of Diu Sim! What should I do with her? Kang Peng also considered the issue of The Story Of Diu Sim before, but now that he saw The Story Of Diu Sim’s real appearance, Kang Peng could not bear to part with Kang Peng, and Lu Bu still looked at The Story Of Diu Sim. Obviously, Lu Bu has been obsessed with her, and Kang Peng didn’t know what to do at the moment. It would kill two birds with one stone to give The Story Of Diu Sim to Lu Bu, but what would be the consequences?
Kang Peng suddenly wondered why The Story Of Diu Sim was so beautiful. Why didn’t I want her? I used to be horny when I was a garbage student or after I became Dong Zhuo. Then why don’t I have any feelings for The Story Of Diu Sim? At this moment, Kang Peng’s arm hurts again and looks down at Cai Wenji’s little face, which has turned white with anger and twisted Kang Peng’s arm fat. Kang Peng suddenly realized that it was not that she had changed, but that there was someone in her heart who would never be seen by others again, even though she was one of the four beauties, The Story Of Diu Sim.
Cai Wenji didn’t say a word, but she was holding on to the old ugly ghost’s fat. Although she was a woman, she also felt addicted when she saw The Story Of Diu Sim’s true appearance, but then she was jealous, especially when she heard the old ugly ghost call out The Story Of Diu Sim’s name. She suddenly had an impulse to cry. The old ugly ghost knew this woman.
Kang Peng pondered for a long time and said coldly, "Long sent someone to inform Wang Yun that when I took Miss The Story Of Diu Sim to my house to stay for a while, I immediately arranged to follow Qinbing to bring The Story Of Diu Sim back to my mansion to serve you today. Will you stay in my house and take care of Miss The Story Of Diu Sim?"
Lyu3 bu4 staring at The Story Of Diu Sim’s face at the moment has been driven out of my mind. Can I not be ecstatic when I hear the adoptive father’s words mean to fix this beautiful woman? "Yes, my child is willing," Lu Bu added, "The adoptive father and child will always thank you in this life."
Kang Peng said with a wry smile that if I hadn’t met Cai Wenji first, it would have been hard for me to make up my mind to give it to you. I also hope that you have done well recently and that you can be taught. You hope you won’t let me down.
Kang Peng looked at The Story Of Diu Sim again and said, Why did I meet you so late? What, I met Cai Wenji first?
Cai Wenji didn’t know that the old ugly ghost was actually obsessed with her. First, she heard that the old ugly ghost wanted to take the woman home, and then she saw the old ugly ghost staring at The Story Of Diu Sim’s heart. Suddenly, she roared angrily, "I’m going home, I won’t learn" and then squeezed out of the crowd and went "Moon Hee, you wait". Kang Peng hurriedly chased after the huge body and crowded the crowd to stagger. Zhao Yun was busy chasing out.
Don’t look at Cai Wenji’s usual femininity. It’s not slow to run. Kang Peng chased her for three blocks with a fat suit, but she also ran out of breath. Kang Peng grabbed her arm and said, "Moon Hee, why do you suddenly want to go home?" Let me take you home if you want to go home. "
Cai Wenji words have brought tears "I want you to tube? You go with that beautiful woman. I’m not as beautiful as her. I’ll go home. "
Kang Peng exultation can finally be sure that Cai Wenji is somewhat jealous of himself. Kang Peng is busy explaining, "Moon Hee, I took her home. It’s my righteousness. Didn’t you see Fengxian’s attitude towards her? Is by no means myself, I have in my heart … "Kang Peng said heavily in my mind that you have one!
Hearing Kang Peng’s words, Cai Wenji didn’t struggle to leave, but turned his back and sobbed, leaving Kang Peng helpless
It’s not good for Zhaoyun to look at them from a distance and bother them in the past. I thought it would be good to persuade Zhaoyun to say that a surname really likes Miss Cai, so I said to her, How old are you? Lord Yuan Shao’s concubines are younger than Miss Cai, and Lord Yuan is still married.
At the same time, there are two pairs of young eyes on the corner, staring at a childish woman in Kang Peng with hatred. "Brother, are you sure he is a thief?" Let’s not kill the wrong person. "
An older man said, "Well, I saw him coming out of the palace this morning and singing in the street. He looks very memorable."
The girl said again, "Let’s be good brothers."
Zhaoyun suddenly noticed a 14-or 15-year-old boy quietly approaching Kang Peng. The boy’s tattered sleeves seemed to flash a few cold lights. Zhaoyun knew something was wrong and rushed over quickly. "A surname should be careful of assassins!"
Kang Peng heard Zhao Yun shout a stare blankly. The young man had flashed a swinging sharp knife. Kang Peng was frightened and gave Cai Wenji a push. At this moment, the young man shouted, "Dong thief dies!" The sharp knife has stabbed Kang Peng.
Kang Peng, unarmed, rolled on the spot to hide from the young man’s sharp knife. When the young man went after him again, Zhao Yun had already arrived at the sword rack. The young man seemed to have some martial arts. After Zhao Yun arrived, he didn’t run, but posed for Zhao Yun.
Seeing someone fighting, pedestrians in the street immediately scattered their animals and birds, and adults called the children to cry in a mess. Kang Peng struggled to get up and cry a little. Cai Wenji ran over and called out Kang Peng’s nickname "Old ugly ghost, aren’t you hurt?" Let me see. "

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