Naidi got up and patted the dusty little guy. When he saw the potential to run, Luo Yu gave it a grumpily stare. "Stop it. It’s exhausting."
Say that finish, he will no longer pay attention to still a face of cautious Luo Yun will pick up several sets of styles and colors of Zongmen gown. The outer room is very different from the back, but it is engraved with a pattern representing five elements of Jin Mu fire, water and soil. Change the gown for him and put away a roll of bamboo slips in the tray.
Luo Yu picked up the bamboo slips and watched them carefully.
Instructions for the five elements of the imperial clan: 1. All the five elements of the clan should unite as one except the demon-proof Daoji; 2. The devil’s cave house, the younger brother, Yuedan, the primary spiritual crystal, five gathering qi Dan full moon (gas refining period), five condensing qi Dan (scale period), and the full moon of Bigu Dan; On the other hand, when you enter the room for the first time, you can understand the primary magical power of the bucket order. On the fourth, you can get the contribution value after completing the Gongling Pavilion, which can be exchanged for Dan medicine, magical power, swordsmanship, etc. On the fifth, my brother can’t help fighting and robbing privately except the cave house on the top of the mountain … Don’t talk about the fallen.
After reading the last two points, Luo Yu was very surprised! It is no wonder that the room is so cruel that there is no one outside. So this room mountain is simply an arena!
Although there is a crisis everywhere in Murayama, Luoyu decided to visit Elder Lu. After all, Elder Lu is kind to him, and he can also go to Kendo Pavilion to realize the avatar and see Gongling Pavilion again …
Shi shan Dian Chang shou attic
There is a young man with a heavy face, thick eyebrows and a short beard. His hair color is as red as fire.
At the moment, the red-haired youth is respectful to the elder Lu, and there is doubt on his side.
After a long time, he looked at the meditation. Elder Lu couldn’t help but ask, "Elder Lu, if all the younger brothers and sisters know that you will give the Luoyu a blessing, I’m afraid …"
Seeing that the red-haired youth is awkward, he is closing his eyes and taking a nap. Elder Lu slowly opened his eyes and looked at his side. Nie Zhan didn’t answer. "Nie Zhan, you are the root of fire spirit. It can be described as a genius qualification, but do you know that Nie Lao insisted that you practice step by step from the room and enter the family through Dabi?"
Nie Zen wondered in his heart how the elder, a newcomer to Luoyu, asked his head instead.
Although he is puzzled at the moment, the elder still wants to see him loudly, saying, "I didn’t ask the elder’s grandfather to let me come … My brother thought that it should be my grandfather who felt that my temper was reckless and needed to be honed."
Wanted to think to make sure there is no omission of nie war then affirmed "well, that’s right! It should be like this. "
Looking at this seemingly ferocious face, Elder Lu shook his head with a wry smile. "You’re right. It’s natural to sharpen, but what’s more important is to make your white jade uncut and abrasive, and to become a success without suffering." Even if you are a younger brother, you should pay more attention to all the younger brothers and sisters. The outside world is one hundred times more dangerous than the room … "
Without waiting for Elder Lu to finish Nie Zhan, he was glad to say, "Eldest brother has observed!"
Elder Lu said in surprise, "Oh? Let’s hear it "
Looking at the face, I look forward to the face of Nie Zhan, the elder Lu. "Back to the long brother, observe carefully, and the younger brothers, a total of 20 people. If you add four new rooms, there will be seven male brothers and twenty-five female brothers among the 32 people." Listening to Nie Zhan Kan Kan and talking about each time, the elder Lu nodded slightly in affirmation.
After waiting for a moment, the elder Lu still asked in indecision, "No! ?”
Nie Zhan nodded seriously. "How do you feel without the elders?"
Looking at the face of serious Nie Zhan with a wry smile’ approval’,’ Nie Zhan, you really let the elders sit up and take notice!’
Hearing the elder’s praise of Nie Zhan, he was filled with joy. "Thank the elder for praising Naluo Feather?"
See eyes eyebrow eye smile Nie Zhanlu elder almost didn’t spray an old blood and sighed in his heart that this day is fair. Although this Nie Zhan is straightforward, his qualifications are very extraordinary. This is the highest practice of many younger brothers.
Seeing that Nie Zhanhuan, the rustic elder Lu, glared at him at this moment, he scolded, "Don’t you understand the truth that Luo Yu has made the latecomers guilty of being a husband?"
See elder Lu’ well’ reprimanded Nie Zhan for laughing suddenly. At this time, he is not flexible enough. His brain is working hard and racking his brains!
Finally, the hard work pays off, and Nie Zhan wakes up and realizes, "Elder, did you give Luoyu Tianhui a blessed land to make all the younger brothers and sisters jealous and make enemies?"
Elder Lu looked at the full head big sweat Nie Zhan, and finally white his own good heart is a little relief.
But after a while, Nie Zhan wondered again, "I can’t understand that Luoyu is not as powerful as me, if he can beat all the younger brothers and sisters? If so, Luo Yu will definitely be killed! ….. But if I were him, I just couldn’t see that others could resist me. Ha ha ha … "
Looking at the moment is complacent laugh more than Nie Zhanlu elder was getting colder and colder.
Nie Zhanxu stayed in front of Elder Lu for a long time and learned to sense motive! At the sight of the elder’s face changing, he immediately stopped laughing. "Well, it seems that this is a bit timid! But for Na Luoyu, is it good for Bidiu to be timid? "
When it comes to the end, Nie Zhan did not forget to put himself in another’s shoes!
Elder Lu is so quietly looking at what this brother who feels good about himself is also funny.
She was about to speak when suddenly! If you move your mind, you will smile at Nie Zhandao. "When he comes, you can bring him in."
"Oh" nie zen want to also don’t want to be a mandarin.
It took him two steps to react! Looking at Elder Lu doubtfully, he asked, "Who is the elder?"
See staring eyes to his elder Nie Zhanlu heart waved and said, "You’ll know when you go."
Nie Zen scratched his red hair and walked away.

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