It will be said that if you succeed, you will really live forever. If you fail, you will have to die.
After the thunder of 3,000, the body of the God of Heaven had already been smashed, and the bones were broken, and the last drop of blood was evaporated. Yuan Shen tried to extinguish it several times, such as the candle in the gale, which would fall into eternal darkness at any time.
Even the nine ships are almost dry.
However, after all, the Great Buddha is the Great Sage. Even with the last drop of blood left, he is still running wildly, bringing himself back to life and recovering himself again.
His body was broken again and again, and he was reorganized again and again like a shower of thunder.
Fiona Fang, Wan Li sea area, amityville horror, the gods and demons appeared together, thunder roared, and the coast was evaporated into land
The world is shocked!
Later, many strong men rose outside Wan Li, and the scene of Du Jie was shocking when they saw Yokota.
It was dark, the thunder sea exploded and everything disappeared, leaving a pool of blood in the field …
"Just now, someone Du Jie turned out to be such a huge thunder. Does anyone want to be holy? It is simply unimaginable! "
"It’s a pity that I failed!"
Throughout the ages, I don’t know how many amazing people have died. The most important thing in life is the difference between hell and heaven.
There’s a pool of The Hunger left in the world, broken and scattered everywhere.
"Big Brother!" Bones magic statue let out a tore heart crack lung shout loudly.
Su Ying was also shocked by her heart. The blood didn’t look divine, and the dim light seemed to be spiritually extinct.
The "boss" can’t wait for this rammed goods. First, he looks stunned, and then his eyes are dancing.
However, at this time, the blood on the beach was rustling and moving, and then it began to glow and break slowly. In the slow gathering of the magic kingdom, there was a drop of bright red blood, which was as dazzling as Wang Yang’s essence.
Suddenly, a horrible spirit struck, and someone offered a magic weapon to cut the drop of true blood at Yokota Buddha and asked him to kill it at the time of his fall.
"Looking for death!"
Su Ying’s Bones and Magic Statue roared in anger, offering a sunset arrow and hurling it at that magic weapon!
Residual just the magic statue of Kyubi no Youko also came to the virtual one, and the whole body exudes terrible mind magic gas towards the virtual alert around.
Slowly, the drop of bright red blood fell into the magic kingdom and began to roll to build a skeleton to reorganize the real body. A human figure quickly appeared and disappeared.
Chapter six hundred and sixteen Eventually to jingu
Cross a big statue of himself finally completely solidified is pale and almost fell down with a quiver.
"Big Brother!" Bones magic statue rushed forward to hold Yokota Buddha.
"I’m all right, don’t worry." Yokota smiled sadly and looked at Sue, revealing a ray to reassure them.
Then he suddenly reached out and covered the sky with a big hand, grabbed it straight ahead, and poof, turned several figures into dust, and the great sage threatened to show his doubts.
Just sneak attack on others, although there is a magic weapon, but many people have moved the flank.
But these pitfalls were sensed by Yokota Buddha.
As soon as he came back to life, he killed these people.
"Really became the risk! And seems to be an inferno "among many hidden virtual monks face stay leng then heart has unwilling to look at the horizontal big Buddha directly leave.
Those who have a little intention of killing Yokota Buddha but have not made moves to see him will crush many people to death, almost from head to foot.
It’s so powerful just after resurrection. What if it’s completely restored?
Many people dare not imagine and leave directly for fear of touching the strongman’s bad luck.
Yokota sat cross-legged in the sea and began to breathe. This time, the injury was too heavy and the body was smashed. Everything was reorganized and almost died completely.
The primordial qi in all directions was attracted, and finally the sun turned into a huge beam, which directly shone on the sky and the universe, and all kinds of sources of energy surged.
It’s very scary for a great sage to replenish his vitality, especially the physique of inferno, which is more like a bottom hole rumbling around the world, like Wang Yang’s magical power, making him start to shine and gradually hang like a black hot sun.
Heng Tian Tian Zun Bao Xiang is solemn and motionless. Here, the body is reshaped, the viscera and bones are baptized like a god.
The blood flow is loud, and the river is deafening. You can see that bright red has reappeared in the black and gold blood!
For seven days and seven nights, he didn’t move. He changed and repaired the wounded body, shaped the Great Sage’s body and rumbled. It was the residual thunder robbery that refined the body and meridians.
And the yuan god also flew out, which was also rumbling, and the more the earthquake matched, the more prosperous it was.
In the end, it’s all over. Now he’s a real godfather, overlooking the original continent.
"Congratulations to the great statue, but it can’t be called the great statue anymore, but the great sage." Sue should sincerely congratulate her.
The stronger the Yokota Buddha is, the greater the benefit it will be to him. Moreover, the youngest son has been treating himself sincerely since he followed himself out of the ancient demon land. It is also generally two to deal with Yokota Buddha.
"Big Brother"
Bones and others quickly looked at Yokota Buddha with excitement.
After all, it is a rare opportunity for anyone to witness the birth of a great sage.
"Ha ha, good brothers"
Cross day big respect patted bones magic statue on the shoulder and looked at the residual just magic statue sneered, "You’re a good rammed goods, too. I’ll cover you just before you shed a few tears."
"Eldest brother welcome that should be" residual just magic statue of simple and honest laughed.
"And bro, you just thanked you. I blocked that magic weapon, or I might have had a narrow escape." Yokota thanked him sincerely.
Du Jie, the Great Sage, is a key every minute. If he has just been hit by that magic weapon, even if he doesn’t die, I’m afraid he can achieve the Great Sage, and he will leave irreparable regret.
"Big statue of welcome" Sue should smile way

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