Su Li’s face changed slightly. If Ning Fei really did it before him, he was forced to fight back, so he was afraid that his various cards would be exposed.
Tan Gongri’s brow wrinkled up, too. He didn’t expect Ningfei to actually take a big blow. He really wanted to make moves against Su Li for almost every justifiable reason.
Although he appreciated that Su Li didn’t catch a cold, Ning Fei hesitated when he saw that Ning Fei really wanted to go his own way towards Su Li.
Does he want to stop it?
He said that if he really stepped in to stop Ningfei, it would be a complete offense to her. It would be sad for her not to fall out of favor one day and be afraid the day after tomorrow.
All kinds of concerns made Tan Hongri hesitate a little, so he could help Su Li, but now he really wants Su Li to completely face Ning Fei. He clenched his right hand and slowly released it.
Su Li watched Ningfei suddenly appear before a terrible breath surged, and immediately felt a strong sense of oppression and could not help but take a step back.
If this woman is cruel to others, he really wants to take out the stone tools and chop this woman to death, but he will really be hunted by the base after this blow, and there is no room for manoeuvre.
This concern made him hesitate slightly to make a decision instantly.
Just then, a new force suddenly appeared and suddenly inserted into Su Li and Ning Fei. When this force suddenly appeared, it was impossible to stop the avalanche.
Ningfei just bulged up and was vulnerable to energy. Forced by this force, she became unstable and staggered back. She retreated to her former chair and sat down again.
"Crash!" This chair can’t bear the force and it’s falling apart.
Ning Fei’s eyes were shocked and angry, but he suddenly looked up, only to see that Su Li had more than one stalwart figure, and his height was less than one meter, and his body was shrouded in a lux armor.
A wave of terror is hanging over the whole hall. The closed door of the hall has been hit before I know it.
Chapter 69 Breaker’s Strength
Many people gathered outside the hall, such as Wang Tianxian, Xu Xuehui, Gong Xiao, Ding Longyun, Xu Haishui and Zhang Millie, all looked inside with their faces exposed or surprised, curious or worried.
Ning Fei, Tan Hongri and Su Li all felt suppressed by a force. This lux armor seems to contain a destructive humanoid energy instead of a person.
Tan Hongri’s face suddenly turned surprised and said, "Brother Mo?"
As soon as he recognized it, it was Mo Liudao who came.
It was Mo Liudao who appeared so fast that he failed to feel something, and his heart was shocked.
"There is no reason to a new hand? Who are you relying on? Dare to be so legal? " Mo six coldly stared at Ningfei tone solemnity.
Ning Fei looks pale to the extreme. Although she can see her eyes covered with spiritual source equipment, there are various emotions such as anger, resentment and depression in those eyes, but she is suppressed by Mo Liu’s horrible momentum. She dare not send it at the moment.
Although there is an executive behind her, she doesn’t know that Mo Liudao is waiting for someone.
This is the guide who succeeded in breaking the boundary on his own, and now he has become a real big shot.
She didn’t expect that Mo Liudao would know what happened here and even appeared here in person, so he did not hesitate to defend Su Li.
Su Li has just been forced by Ning Fei and saw that Ning Fei is going to show her strength. Her strength is by no means a real super strong person.
She took a big blow in anger. Is she fighting back? Or dodge?
If Ning Fei really reported the idea of acting before acting, he suddenly shot Su Li, and even if he was punished afterwards, an executive adult might hold it high and put it gently.
Su Li doesn’t know whether this Ningfei is trying to scare himself, to force out his real strength or to kill himself, which makes it very difficult for him to choose. I didn’t expect Mo Liudao to suddenly appear at this critical moment.
With one hand, Ningfei was forced to go back and break his chair in an instant, which made Su Li feel flustered. Let Su Li give a long breath and give birth to a touch in his heart for Mo Liudao’s appearance.
Mo Liudao came too late this time and was quite confident in Mo Liudao’s ability to Su Li.
Su Li couldn’t think of a solution to the Lingquan incident at the sub-base. He was helpless, but he didn’t want to find Mo Liudao’s success, which made Su Li remember it vividly. Bai Mo Liudao was really not simple.
Since Mo Liudao dared to appear this time, he must have a way to resolve the immediate crisis.
"Who says I have no reason?" Ning Fei quickly calmed down from her short-lived anger. She can get the favor of the executive adults. Naturally, it is not stupid. Just because she was influenced by her brother’s death and hatred, it doesn’t mean that Su Li will see her in the eye. Tan Hongri can’t meet Su Li and her face.
But now that Mo Liudao has appeared and Su Li is in his early days, the situation is different.
Mo Liudao is now a big shot, and his status is completely different from that of Tan Hongri.
"I’m sure he’s lying. I know my brother’s personality well. He can’t tell them the way to send him to the array. That’s for sure. He must be lying."
"He must want to hide something when he tells a lie. I have every reason to believe that it is possible that he is the murderer of my brother-"
Ningfei stretched out his hand and pointed to Su Li’s voice and became slightly sharp.
"Su Li, what did she say about sending the array?" Mo six ignored NingFei scream but looked at Su Li.
Su Li said what he had said before and probably said again, "Because it was very dangerous in the blue palace at that time, Ning’s adult told me how to start the array-sending method, and let us newcomers leave the accident first, but we didn’t want this adult to believe me or know what she didn’t believe."
Su Li looked nai.
Mo Liudao just looked at Ningfei’s way. "Ningyu is worried that Su Li and several other newcomers will let them leave themselves to resist the danger. This spirit of self-sacrifice is touching and worth learning from all of us. Do you think this is false? Do you want to discredit Brother Ning Yu? "
Mo Liudao said that the tone here is somewhat new. "You are actually trying to discredit him under the banner of his sister. Honestly, what are you up to? No wonder today, I accompanied Ning Yu to chat with me on his way to him. Although I have a younger sister, I am bent on suppressing him. I can’t hide him. I wish I could hope that he will die soon. I also think that he is exaggerating. I can’t hope that my brother will die. Now that I am finally white, I really have such a person! "
Mo Liu, this sentence is simply killing people. Tan Hongri was shocked when he heard this, and his eyes suddenly looked at Ningfei strangely.
Is this Ning Fei so vicious and terrible? Looking forward to your brother’s death? No wonder she insisted that Su Li lied just to imply that her brother was not so great, but that he was a selfish little man who could not do such a thing.
"You-"Ningfei was mad at six words.
Mo Liudao said this too harshly. Now that Ning Yu is dead, it can be said that death is the right thing to prove. Who can prove that he didn’t say this to Mo Liudao?
This basin of dirty water spilled on Ningfei’s head, and I simply don’t know how to wash it.
Ningfei anger toward suddenly let out a scream, desperate and rushed out, and with a wave of his hands, a terrible thunder broke out towards Mo Liudao.
This thunder is thicker than one meter in diameter and carries destructive energy. This is because Ningfei holds the power of "Thunderbolt" and its power is poor.
Ningfei was so angry that she almost lost her mind and could no longer bear it.
She firmly believes that her brother won’t say such things to Mo Liudao. There is no doubt that Mo Liudao is talking nonsense and deliberately throwing dirty water at his head. But the trouble is that Tan Hongri’s expression seems to be true. If she goes out, she will not be able to wash it even if she jumps into the Yellow River.
Mo six corners of the mouth radiant with a faint sneer.
When his right hand stretched out and the second finger suddenly clicked out, it was also that he held the second of the six magical powers "Breaking the Law", but now his "Breaking the Law" seems to be very different from before. In front of this piece, it was like suddenly collapsing and then bursting this "breaking the law" blow, which actually broke Ningfei’s belly.
"Lindsey" Yi Ningfei’s body surface pieces of spiritual source equipment suddenly shattered on both sides. She screamed, and her mouth was full of blood, and her body fell back like a broken kite.
Su Li could see that the belly center of Ning Fei’s body was shattered around, and then she smashed through the wall behind the hall and rolled out directly.
This Ning Fei is a level-2 super strong man. In the face of Mo Liudao, he was so vulnerable and was hit hard. Tan Hongri’s eyes were smeared with a different color.
Once the border is broken, there is indeed a world of difference.
Tan Hongri took a deep breath with a look of envy in his eyes. Although he has some small insights recently, he really wants to rely on his own success in breaking the border, which is still far from it.
He was envious of Mo Liudao.
"I don’t know the so-called" Mo Liudao light way "If it weren’t for the executive’s face, I would have killed you just now."

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