After settling down the horses and chariots, Xu Ren took the little demon leopard Molin Chen An and vestbo into Santai Mountain.
After climbing Mount Santai, Xu Ren really found some special places. For example, the restraint on spiritual power here is much smaller than other places. Even he can breathe spiritual power here, but he still can’t release his spiritual power.
"This place is very special."
Little demon leopard Molin also felt the strangeness here for the first time.
"It’s really special. The constraints on spiritual power and spirit here are smaller than in other places. No wonder there are so many temples here."
There will probably be so many temples in Xu Ren, and special places will always make people feel that it is natural for God to stay here and build temples and pray for good weather.
"You two have a good feeling about some of the strength here, which is of great benefit to your later practice."
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, the little demon leopard Molin turned to teach Chen An vestbo behind him.
Mo Lin, a real little demon leopard, also likes Chen An and vestbo very much. Two children, one calm and one lively, are so pleasing. He also has high hopes for these two children.
"It’s Uncle Shi"
Chen Nan and vestbo will not feel surprised and abrupt at all, and there will be no conflict. Therefore, after the mouth of Molin, the little demon leopard, they immediately run Xu Ren to grant them the achievement method to practice.
"It’s strange to feel that there is light swimming in the body."
Chen Ningcai opened his eyes in shock when he found something strange in practice.
"Me, too. There’s a lot of light coming into my body outside."
Chen An also opened his eyes and looked incredible.
"Don’t be nervous about how to practice at ordinary times and how to practice now."
Xu Ren gently touched the head of Chen An and vestbo, and he also felt very pleased that the two children didn’t see the mistake.
Chen An and vestbo simply stopped after listening to Xu Ren’s words and found a stone to do it. It looked like a rest, but it was actually practice.
Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, will stay here and feel the spiritual changes in this world.
After about an hour, Chen An and vestbo finally got into shape.
Practicing for an hour in a row is also a test for Chen An and vestbo, but because of the special place, they didn’t feel much tired.
After Chen An and vestbo finished practicing, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, also ended their ideas.
At the moment, the little demon leopard Molin and Xu Ren looked at each other, and one person and one demon seemed to have a new understanding.
"Come on, let’s look around."
Xu Ren didn’t say much. This place is good. They can stay for a while. Anyway, there is no clue from here now. Maybe if they stay here for a while, they will be able to encounter vibration channels.
Xu Ren said that he would walk around, and the two brothers and sisters, Chen An and vestbo, naturally wouldn’t have any different opinions, so he wandered around the Santai Mountain.
There are many temples in Santai Mountain, including monks and Taoists, and some temples that Xu Ren has never seen before are supposed to be landscape gods.
Xu Ren is also in awe of the gods. He is also based on seeing temples burn incense. It is because he burns incense for others that he does not want these gods.
"Master, after you entered the temple, you burned incense but didn’t kowtow?"
Vestbo looked at Xu Ren puzzled.
"kowtowing is all about asking the gods, and even the gods can’t help me. I respect them but don’t ask them."
Xu Ren looked at the sky, and now he felt more and more that he was the immortal who had fallen from Xinghai. Perhaps for some reason, the immortal soul turned to him. He was Xu Ren and the immortal.
"Master’s words are too abstruse. I’d rather not listen to them."
Vestbo was at a loss. He didn’t know what Xu Ren had experienced in the past, and naturally he could understand what Xu Ren said.
"After that, you will let’s go on."
Not long after, Xu Ren came to a temple, which was very shabby. There were several monks in it who were dressed simply.
It is said that they are dressed simply because these monks’ robes are patched with patches.
However, although the monks’ robes are patched up, they are very clean, and so are the temples. Although they are broken, they are very clean
Xu Ren didn’t want to miss such a special temple, so he stepped inside.
But at this time, a monk came out from the inside and said to Xu Ren with folded hands, "The donor temple is a place of practice and is not worshipped by incense. Please ask the donor to stay."
Xu Ren’s legs have been raised, but after listening to the monk’s rhetoric, he can return, but he is very curious to decorate this shabby temple and refuse others to burn incense. This temple is completely different.
However, the monk’s words also made Xu Ren understand one thing, that is, the temple is so shabby, and there is a reason why the monks are so plain and plain. The reason is naturally that the temple does not accept worship or accept outside services.

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