"Go ahead, while I’m still here." I turned to say with smile.
"Yu Kechang, how many women have you been in love with in your life?" Mei Zhu is a woman. In her eyes, I am different. She really wants to know who my heart is.
"Why do you ask this?" Lin Yicheng took a dissatisfied look at Mei Zhu. Everyone has his own privacy. Mei Zhu’s problem obviously touched my privacy.
I never thought that Mei Zhu would ask this question before I left, so I didn’t know how to answer it for a long time before I slowly said, "I loved one, loved one and admired one."
"What do you mean?" I am very disappointed to wait for the news of hexagrams.
"It means it’s time for you to go. Tell me before you leave." I laughed at King Kong Cannon. He is now a fairy, and he can do it all by himself.
"Well, it seems that you always have something on your mind if I don’t leave." King Kong Bao got up and rushed Lin Yicheng and Mei Zhu, waved goodbye and stepped out of the main hall.
Lin Yicheng and Mei Zhu didn’t expect that he would just leave and wait until they reacted. King Kong Bao had already gone to Lingxi.
The departure of King Kong cannon made Lin Yicheng and Mei Zhu more sober and clear. When they broke up, they were in low spirits again. When I came, Lin Yicheng discussed the aftermath. After dawn, Mei Zhu called the children’s family to kneel at me and kowtow to thank them for my kindness.
I reluctantly received a gift from them, so I helped them up. At the same time, the sound of the King Kong cannon was extremely subtle because my aura was exhausted. But I still clearly heard his sentence, "I’m old enough to go." I should go, too. I put my left hand together and kept holding the hidden gas formula. When the world dispersed, I immediately felt the sudden gathering of the heavy aura of heaven and earth. At the same time, floral visions appeared one after another. "Welcome to pick Jin Xian and ride the wind …"
"S I’ll go to be sealed first, and then I’ll come back to wake up Yao Jia, Wu Qingzhu and Xu Shuang’s clothes." I looked down at my knees and the celestial immortals of the Lins all appeared together in Yue Xian, where there is little vision through the ages, and not only the Lins all but the entire Chang ‘an residents knelt down to worship.
"In the section chief to go back early" Lin Yicheng and Mei Zhu waved goodbye.
I heard that I nodded slightly and turned to work slowly. I went to pick up the immortals in the middle school. There were more than a hundred Zhongjin immortals, accounting for 30% of his immortals. Because I haven’t been officially sealed, I don’t know most of them, but according to my clothes and jade slips, I can roughly guess that there should be four heavenly teachers, four heavenly kings, four-dimensional gods, four-valued kung fu, five stars, Yao Chi immortals and others who have different breath and strange looks as twenty stars.
When the line reaches half value, Gong Cao will step out and announce the order.
"The Sanqing God granted the Jade Emperor an imperial edict to intercept the immortal, and rode the wind to teach the immortal. The double armor of the real human world was enlightened by the Third World, and the golden body was strict, the discipline was strict, and the rules were often supplemented by the real dragon. The merits and virtues of the Shenzhou Fu Cang Sheng Zetian successfully soared to the world of Luo, and the sun, the moon and the earth shared the same life."
Liu Hong’s reading of the divine will succinctly summed up what I asked. As he said, it was exactly one hundred and twenty years since the three of us were put together, and my actions of cleaning up the bad brothers of the four religions and assisting Jinlong were all my achievements.
When Liu Hong finished singing the imperial edict, I nodded in response. This sentence means that I know what I said, because in the imperial edict of the Jade Emperor, the abbot called me by the wind, but I didn’t call him by the wind. This means that this is not a level-to-level imperial edict, but a routine reason for saying that I am soaring.
"Welcome to the real person!" Arriving near the crowd, everyone bowed down and greeted them. They said that the chariot was driven by nine green dragons and yellow Jing. This is the highest standard courtesy in heaven. It is common to fly up. Gong Cao came to receive and lead Jin Xian to fly up. You can take the green dragon treasure with Tianma Xuanyuan.
"It’s a shame for you to take the wind far away." I thanked everyone for their kotow.
"The amount of Buddha is too modest." The immortals heard the words and kowtowed in return.
When the "real person please board the chariot" duty, Gong Cao came forward and pointed to Huang chariot.
"You don’t have to sit in parallel with you like this." I looked at the huge car, and I learned a lot of ceremonies in the future. I don’t like these vain things
"Don’t be short of statecraft. The Jade Emperor can’t afford to blame us. Besides, it’s a great achievement to take a dragon chariot to patrol the sky, show the merits of real people, and announce the right path to heaven." Not many of you immortals know me, but Zhang Daoling knows me, so he took the lead.
"Are these green dragons pigs?" I looked at Zhang Daoling laughing and joking. Zhang Daoling had teased me before, and I took the opportunity to ridicule.
As soon as I said this, many immortals suddenly became speechless. They didn’t understand what I would say on such a solemn occasion. This kind of casual and ridiculous thing is very ridiculous.
"The real people are joking. These are real dragons." Zhang Daoling saw that I looked at random and knew that I didn’t rest assured of the previous things, so I was not nervous. Not only was I not nervous, but I felt kind to me.
"It is inconvenient for you to meet the righteous wind and remember the heart, but you have not yet worshipped Sanqing. You should talk more about the duty gongcao, lead the way and see the emperor again." I rushed to Gongcao’s mouth and said that I was really responsible for meeting or the four-value gongcao’s office, and I let them lead the way. In my mouth, the emperor Donghua is the emperor Donghua, who is in charge of all the male fairies in the sky. He is the queen mother of Yaochi, and they are the jade emperor. The jade emperor has a lot of profits than the two of them, but the repair is the same, but it is also
"The real holy book has already been published and recorded, and you must go to meet the Emperor. Please go straight to the sky." Gongcao Liu Hongqian reached out and greeted me. I nodded slightly and turned my back and turned my hands to Lingyun straight. In fact, my Emperor and the Jade Emperor are equal. If the Emperor really wants me to visit the front door in person, it is not appropriate.
Rhinoceros boots, clouds, robes, dancing, wind, and morning glory, followed by all the immortals. At this moment, I have mixed feelings in my heart, including great joy in monasticism, rising loneliness in celibacy, and what may happen in docking. I am still looking forward to it at most, because I have too many questions to answer in my heart.
Lingxiao Hall is located in nine days, talent is nine times, sky is nine times, sky is two times, sky is three times, sky is five times, sky is six days, sky is seven days, sky is nine days, ten floors of hell is a poet’s detailed division of heaven and earth, and heaven is not appropriate. Jiutian is nine places in heaven, just like every palace has a palace maid’s residence, an imperial concubine’s residence and an emperor’s residence. Fang Lingxiao Hall is a place where the jade emperor lives and handles business, and its position is more respected than that of Lingshan Wonderland where he is suspended.
The Heavenly Palace is a huge floating fairy mountain with an area of about dozens of miles. The scenery is beautiful everywhere. The pavilion and the Yao platform are half hidden in the misty clouds. After a while, the immortals come to the Nantianmen, which is the south gate of the heaven and the only passage to enter the heaven. In addition, there is no way to enter the heaven. Because the fairy mountain is covered with a layer of barriers, it is laid by the jade emperor himself.
"Welcome to the Reality" When the mountain soldiers at the South Gate saw our bank, they immediately knelt down to meet the four heavenly kings, not guarding the gate guards at the South Gate. They had a large number of ranks under their respective jurisdictions.
"Get up" I frowned slightly when I saw it. It seems that it’s just a matter of kowtowing and greeting. There is no need to kneel to meet it, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. There are high and low levels of immortals, but there should be no distinction between nobility and inferiority.
The gatekeeper ranks smell speech immediately turned to my side, and Ma Tianwang, the latter, nodded slightly, and the ranks rose up.
"You can be led into the temple by Gong Cao," I said thoughtfully for a moment. I don’t like to be surrounded by people. To put it bluntly, it is more idle.
It should be true that all the immortals heard the news and bowed their heads in succession. They did all have their own duties. The jade emperor greeted them, showing their importance to me. Therefore, after hearing my words, they bowed their heads and said goodbye, and went to wait beside the four-valued Gongcao.
"Congratulations to the real person" Four Gongcao bent down to congratulate me again when they saw the immortals leave.
"We are familiar with each other, so it is not necessary." I patted Liu Hong and others on the shoulder. These people were familiar with each other when I was promoted to Fairy, Fairy and Jin Xian.
I was flattered by my random behavior and turned to bend down and ask me to go first. This scene made me smile and shake my head. My position has far surpassed them. Even if I wanted to be friends with them, they would not dare to be friends with me.
Crossing the Nantianmen is a long and wide passage, and the steps are paved with jade. In fact, these jade are not real jade, but things transformed from the aura of Fairy Mountain, otherwise it can’t be dark green and emerald green, and it can’t be colorful.
The steps are from the left to the right, the original appearance of the fairy mountain, cranes and apes, and many vegetarian animals are all over the towel, different trees, Qionghua, green branches and green grass, full of vitality and peace.
Picking up the steps and having touching troubles in my heart often comes from insatiability. Everyone has desires and desires, and the motivation for people to struggle is also the reason for people to sink. There is no material desire, no quarrel or killing in heaven, but peace and tranquility.
Although the environment in heaven is quiet and comfortable, I feel that mortals may not like it here because it is peaceful and peaceful, and there is no vulgar taste. Not everyone can get used to the elegant environment, just as frogs like mud ponds and rude people like filthy prostitutes, they live at that level and bring them here, but they will feel uncomfortable.
Ling Xiao Bao Dian Jian Xian Shan Dian covers a huge area, which is divided into three parts: the front, the middle and the back, the front hall, the center of the summit, and the leisure and quiet garden.
The shape and style of Lingxiao Hall are similar to those of the ancient imperial palace, but I know that these are not true. They are transformed from aura, and the jade emperor can change the shape and size at any time if he wants.
Four-valued kung fu took me to the front hall and led me to the middle hall. At this time, the middle hall has six breath of picking up golden immortals, four men and two women …
I can observe the breath of Jin Xian, who is older than him, and they can also feel my arrival, so the fairy got up and greeted him with six people from the outer hall of the main hall of our bank.
"The amount of Buddha congratulations on riding the wind friends are! Amitabha congratulates the real person! " A few pick Jin Xian greeted me at the door and kowtowed and congratulated me.
"I have seen the jade emperor, the emperor, the queen mother, the virgin, the real person and the bodhisattva in the wind." I raise my hand in return. I don’t know how I know who these people are, but I just know that five of these six people are wearing Taoist household ornaments, which is very ordinary and casual. It’s not the official face of heaven. The middle-aged man, the jade emperor, is thin and old. The Taoist Donghua emperor, the young woman, the queen mother of Yaochi, has a happy face. I teach the virgin of the four saints and one spirit, and the forty-year-
The images of these people are not fixed, that is to say, they can conjure up images at will, but I feel that at this time, their appearance should be more real when their Tao soared. Which one of these people can point out one of Gan Kun’s figures once upon a time, and I am full of admiration and fear, but now they are on a par, which makes me extremely excited.
"Measure the Buddha, ride the wind, make friends, and return to the double armor for nine days. I’ve come to meet you."
"Thank you for measuring the Buddha, Emperor Jun." I heard that I quickly replied that the first male fairy of Donghua Emperor was owned by him, and it was very powerful.
"Real people benefit heaven, merit and greatness." Yang Wanyu, the queen mother of the West, smiled and answered.
When I heard the words, I smiled and nodded, but I didn’t say that the Queen Mother of the West and the Emperor of Donghua were real husband and wife. The layman understood differently. The world has always confused the Queen Mother of the West with the wife of Emperor Benzi. This is ridiculous. Besides, I didn’t talk to each other because I helped her. I was able to become a fairy, but I also helped her. Yang Jia Jinlong ascended the throne and Dabao knew it was unnecessary to say it.
"Gossip will be discussed later. You will wait for the three of you to return the teacher younger brother’s spiritual knowledge to the seat and meet the founder." Our Lady of the Spirit spoke and said that when she said this, she immediately made the jade emperor want to swallow it back. This scene also made me frown. It seems that even pick Jin Xian is not very harmonious with each other.
As soon as the words of the Virgin of the Spiritual Heaven were finished, the Taoist Yang Wandi, the Buddhist Pu Xian, and the very real people were moved, and they all lifted up a light from the Spiritual House and moved to my 7-hole Shenfu, and the light instantly entered the body. In an instant, the golden light of the Golden Fairy was shining brilliantly.
The cause and effect of the instant recovery of the memory of the aura into the body are better than those in the Qing Dynasty. The four mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian, the ancestor Sanqing of Hongjun and the Buddha of Buddhism, are no longer personally involved in trivial matters, but are jointly in charge of the four emperors of Taoism, the four statues of Buddhism, and the four saints of Buddhism, totaling sixteen Luo Jinxian. These sixteen Luo Jinxian are not in charge of the sky together, but have a 120-year interpretation of Taoism. They each send one Luo Jinxian to perform their duties, and each time they perform their duties, there are four Luo Jinxian and twelve others.

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