"How many ships?" Screw question
"I’m sorry, I was not a question just now, but a rhetorical question. What can I do for three ships? Ten ships? If it’s a trap, people will eat ten ships and then deal with the remaining ten of us. Your math is really good. "
The gunner secretly saw that the screw was in a very beautiful mood and immediately stopped talking. If you think about it, you can’t blame the screw. Who would have thought that the fear of the number would spoil the stroll? This means that people have a strong defensive force and psychological shadow. The screw number sweeps the ball. Pirates are only afraid of losing money every time. Can you blame the screw for being careless?
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lose my temper with you.
"chart!" There is no chart screw in zhongsha islands. It is very simple to say that charts are drawn by hand and then sketched into photos. There are several waterways leading to Pirate Village. The distribution of islands can’t be seen at all. Generally speaking, there is a waterway around the island. Many exits in the waterway lead to the outside of the island, but the draftsman commented that it is not certain that every waterway can lead to the outside of the island. Screw way: "We can now enter the roundabout seaway to the east and then detour to the north, and attack to the northwest and attack from the west …"
"Why do you want to detour?"
"The Thunderbolt can mine well if they mine this waterway."
"We have frigates to mine."
"Yes, but I believe that this narrow waterway is an ambush point for one minute? Half a minute? The artillery fire of the Mighty can shoot a frigate and add water mines. What is difficult for us to show our formation is that battle cruiser, heavy cruisers and medium cruisers form absolute firepower before they leap forward, and this waterway is really dangerous and circuitous, so they can’t leave the waterway. "
The gunner asked carefully, "Could it be that the painter has drawn a fine picture, and this waterway is still very wide?"
"We can’t have such doubts, otherwise the map will be worthless. We can see that the dread arrived in zhongsha islands before us at least at the same time. Our troops have gone a long way. I believe they have arranged all the defenses they can. Now success or failure depends on us. If we attack, we must make a detour to ensure the success rate. We must attack the enemy from the most favorable position."
The secret praise of "Geying" gunner is indeed logically speaking, pirates have only a little defense force. If they are arranged, of course, they will choose the most favorable attack mode for themselves.
"Let the frigate lead from the F waterway to the roundabout waterway and then detour to the northwest."
"Brother Shepherd!" Friend’s adoring eyes can melt screws and scare people to the waterway around the island.
"No!" Wu Xin wry smile "it’s not my plan when I just want to scare him to fight for … he’s fine via the roundabout waterway? He owes the wolf a thousand miles? " He’s a mess, too. What’s wrong with the screw head?
"I don’t know that there are wolves in the ship, so I naturally don’t feel anything wrong with going to the waterway around the island." Bai Wen also wondered after explaining it. "But it’s a bit unreasonable, but you ran away? Is it too little to prepare for us? "
Langdao: "Someone in the cold snow and ice knows that they can go straight to the north and northwest waterways and ask us if we want to see if the screws are bad. Cold snow and ice said that her intuition told her that the screws had a conspiracy."
"I don’t know intuitively that he has a plot." Wu Xin was distressed to see the sketch of the ship’s position. "But which one is he going to sing? If he doesn’t come to such a wide waterway, isn’t it necessary to attack us from the small waterway in the north or northwest to remove the sea resistance? He smoked, didn’t he? Well … I’d rather believe that he has a plot to make the watchtower pay more attention to the surrounding water conditions and make the pirates’ alliance brothers step up their vigilance. I’m not sure what this guy wants to do. "
The wave asked, "Will you just want to remove us from such a smoke bomb near the pirate village?"
"It’s not impossible," Wu Xin felt pain. "When you meet a screw, you will die!" He also limited the cycle of entanglement
An apple hit Wu Xin, and a handwritten face was engraved with two words, so he went to the lookout.
Dragonfly said, "Fighting with screws again?"
"Can’t help but worry"
"On the contrary, I think it’s worrying that you are hesitant," said the dragonfly. "If the screw has a plot, then you have to guard, patrol and scout. If the screw has no plot, then you should take a shortcut to the northwest. If you keep hesitating, it’s equivalent to giving up a 50% chance of winning. If the screw has a plot, you can’t take advantage of it passively."
"That makes sense!" Wuxin Road "Langbei"
"good!" Wave kicked the dead out of the team first, then transported the cold and snow gunner guide to the port, and then the ship took a shortcut to the northwest.
Dragonfly asks, "Am I smart?"
"I never thought you were stupid." Wu Xin asked "chew or carve" with an apple finger.
"Hey!" Dragonfly smiles
The wolf clan’s step-by-step tactics have achieved good results in resisting pirates and monsters. In the artillery fire, the team approached the main island in an orderly way, but he was very unhappy when he received the news. The submarine reported that about 20 ships were detouring to the pirate main island, and the captain of the submarine reported that this fleet included China ships and foreign ships sinking a ship. The Risheng strongly suspected that it was eternal collusion with foreign forces to infiltrate our territorial waters.
"Anyway, since he rushed to the main island, whether he came to commit suicide or to extract oil, it can be converted into our enemy." The wolf traveled thousands of miles and said, "Let’s pull the four-level battle formation and prepare to meet the enemy."
The rise of class-4 ships has led to a heated discussion on ship collocation formation, while class-4 versus class-4 internationally recognized battle formation torpedo boats in front of large frigates rely on the hull to cover the rear heavy firepower, such as at least medium-sized cruisers to provide fire support. First, because frigates have strong anti-attack ability and weak firepower, they are suitable for being cannon fodder or torpedo boats. Second, because firepower represents everything, it is necessary to facilitate their long-range characteristics to cross fire. This has another advantage if the other party ignores it. The frigate will directly attack the rear cruiser, and the torpedo boats around the hidden frigate will become ship killers. When you pay attention to the fact that frigates and torpedo boats are inevitably attacked by heavy firepower in the rear.
This formation is also recognized as a provocative and hostile formation. The pirate’s main island is near overseas. Two fleets finally meet, and the main island is facing a branch waterway in the south. The dread is watching the fun. Of course, watching the fun is just a dragonfly, and others enjoy real-time voice broadcast.
Be prepared for the screws. In the first round of attack, the Wolf clan suffered a big loss. Twelve medium-sized cruisers in three rows fired on one side, while the torpedo boats behind them were covered by five frigates in the front row. The cruisers on the two wings of the waterway were very orderly. Originally, the firebombs joined the fire ranks horizontally in front of them. The Wolf clan adopted a step-by-step approach, and the firepower gradually increased, so that even if the first batch of fire center cruisers were attacked, they would become a fire rear team.
The old fighting stuff is very skilled at these means. When the screws receive the report, they immediately know that their side is not an opponent. Let the front Mifune break his boat and the rear team change. The front team immediately retreats because the wolf formation is suitable for positional warfare but not for pursuit warfare. After all, the water surface is blocked by horizontal ships
At this time, the pirates were seen to make moves, and the Wolf clan troops appeared due north. Forty small three-level clippers sprinted at a high speed, while the pirate ships in the port shelled and lured the players’ fleet.
The wolf travels thousands of miles immediately, saying, "Knock off the enemy due north, and they want to meet the side." The artillery fire is far less than the enemy’s side. It has become the biggest means for pirates to seek life. The pirate ship’s combat capability is still very strong. Unless it meets such a pervert as the Fear, the ordinary seven players are really not enough. The wolf travels thousands of miles and reacts quickly. I immediately know that these forty third-class ships are likely to reimburse myself. There are more than forty fourth-class ships.
At this time, Lao Wang’s troops finally appeared behind the Wolf clan, and more than 300 ships were coming to our site. I am familiar with zhongsha islands pirates and can easily ambush them everywhere.
There are enemies in the back, abdomen and head, and the strongest firepower has been invested. The wolf clan immediately fell into a very passive situation because the water channel in front is not wide and the formation is stretched too long.
The screw root doesn’t know what it means to appear here, and the subconscious recognizes that it is an imaginary enemy. After all, people are not friendly to themselves. The original strength is not enough, and they are caught in the palm of their hands. There is no reason to see people in a mess, so they are pressed back after a slight adjustment. At this time, the wolf clan’s fighting capacity in front is being called back to rescue. At the sight of this situation, it is even more chaotic. Several ships collided and got stuck together.
Dragonfly said, "The wolf clan is worse. The ship in the north is a small clipper to deal with them, but it is a fire-dispersing organization. It is estimated that at least 30 ships will succeed in docking."
Looking at the dragonfly’s movement in the brain, the’ military’ picture shows that "the middle is cut off, and the ten ships behind it will have to cope with the wave impact of 300 third-class ships."
Dragonfly said, "The most tragic thing is that five of the ten ships are attacking the clippers, and five ships are adjusted in place. It depends on the situation. Wang Baozai doesn’t want to bombard 300 ships with others and charge by docking."
"The screw has come back again. Pharaoh’s port has been sailing for thousands of miles to stumble." Bai Wen sighed that ten four-level main fleets were destroyed and it was regrettable.
The temporary gunner said, "The real wolf travels thousands of miles and doesn’t understand the appearance of the waterway clipper. It is difficult for the fourth-class ship to pass through the third-class ship. It is the most suitable small clipper."
"Yeah" Dragonfly wry smile "When two light cruisers of the Wolf clan tried to block the water mouth, the result was that they hit the rocks and sank quite quickly"
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one Sneak in
"I think the strength of the Wolf clan is still" Wu Xin said. "If the tail is removed from ten ships, 30 ships will be removed. He still has 40 combat capabilities. Even if the screws can cooperate with the pirates on the main island, there will be heavy firepower ahead, so how can we leave 20 ships to solve the mess?"
"A wolf travels thousands of miles before, willing to break a strong man’s wrist." Bai Wendao "Anything can happen if he wants to save the head and the tail."
Wu Xin said, "Can Dragonfly locate Lao Wang? Let’s get down to business first."
"I’m not a clairvoyant, but I rely on short messages from friends of the Angels and Wolves to get a general idea of the situation," said the dragonfly. "But personally, I still want to believe in Lao Wang Island."
"Women’s intuition?"
"So to speak"
Youer said, "According to the calculation of the number of the first two groups of pirate leaders who have been eliminated, it can be found that pirates will attack the player’s ship about 400 to 500, and the number of pirates on the secondary island is about 100 or so. If we go to zhongsha islands according to this model, we can see that almost all the naval forces of Lao Wang have attacked, while the previous elimination of two pirate leaders shows that they either defend the main island or flee alone and generally do not participate in the attack. I have scientifically confirmed the truth of this statement of women’s intuition."
"This is not good," said the cockroach. "Shall we rush to the island? Take Lao Wang’s head from two hundred pirates? "
"No, it’s too dangerous to hang up, but the so-called pirate village is dangerous if it’s cold and snowy." Wu Xin vetoed the Fear, which is the strongest ship in China’s pirate alliance against the sea, and it’s not that it hasn’t dealt with Lao Wang’s hands. They are all very strong, and the Lord was chased like a lost dog.

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