Brown Crowe’s eyes suddenly shrank, and a three-dollar knife with the highest cost, Huang Cancan’s little cute, rapidly expanded his pupils.
"How …"
Brown Crowe looked down at his neck and there was a small hole in it.
"Blare … blare …" Blood kept pouring out of that hole!
Lying on the ground, my eyes looked at a spider spinning webs at the top of the warehouse …
"Whoops ….." Julia, who was tied up in a bound chair, was also horrified. She looked at Brown Crowe who suddenly fell to the ground and struggled violently!
Just then!
"Be quick …"
Ten soldiers with war faces suddenly came in from the outside. The first guy walked beside Brown Crowe, who was dying!
"Pa ji …"
The man took one look at Brown Crowe’s trouser leg and raised his eyebrows slightly, then took out a pistol and aimed it at the salty pig’s hand.
Pulled the trigger!
"Blare …"
After a weak, inaudible gun, Browncrow suddenly had a big light in his eyes and issued a series of unknown vague words …
"Idiot!" The man sneered and directly shot Brown Crowe’s eyebrows.
"Sparrows put explosives!"
"Mercenary highland!"
"Widow, throw this fool out."
"… yes!"
Ten minute later, Julia, who was tie in that chair, looked around her, swinging and silent as an abyss.
She just saw the dozen people hiding under her nose.
But she couldn’t even find a trace of someone …
Julia keeps breaking free, even if she is stupid, no matter how much she hates Mark, it’s all for nothing at the moment!
This is a trap specially designed by Mark!
A chimney said that mercenary soldiers saw the yellow flash coming in the distance and saw the gloomy mark on the driver’s side through the scope
Put one hand over the headset and say, "Captain, prey comes in!"
"… Roger that!"
After the report, the mercenary’s figure changed back to just a motionless position. Barrett, the hand, the armor-piercing sniper rifle, and the follower Chevrolet car were aiming at Mark’s chest …
A long time!
The yellow Chevrolet stopped at the warehouse door. Mark’s car!
Look around the surrounding scenery!
"Blare …"
Mark frowned slightly and turned to look at the chair tied to the guardrail on the second floor opposite the warehouse door Julia!
Julia kept struggling and looked at Mark with warning eyes!
I hope mark can be white!
The latter slightly one leng.
Is it sick?
Mark looks like an epileptic, and his eyes wander like a traffic light, so Julia thought!
In a short time!
Watching Mark Julia walk into the warehouse is even more intense.
From epilepsy patients to rabies patients, they look at each other when they get sick …
"Relax …"
Mark smiled gently and walked towards the stairs leading to the second floor not far away when he passed a glove compartment.
"Ah …"
Mark’s pistol was still smoking at the muzzle. The pistol looked at a soldier who plopped out of the glove compartment, clutching his thigh and screaming to the ground.
Smile and look around and say, "Don’t come out yet?"
There was silence all around
Mark gently sighed, "to be honest, you people are too simple and rude."
It’s not assassin material
A straightforward, simple and rude soldier has to learn from others as an assassin. Isn’t that his own shortcomings compared with others’ strengths?
Really, I didn’t notice that idiot whose chimney was aimed at my chest from beginning to end?

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