What is he, too? Does he mean he wants to propose?
At that time, Xiao Yu’s heart was in a mess.
"Sister Xiaoyu, have you baked this lamb in your hand?" Lin yufei leaned in and asked
When Shinohara fish bowed their heads, the mutton was cooked, and if it was roasted again, it would be burnt.
The mobile phone in my pocket buzzed again for two times, and Shinohara fish quickly looked at him and saw the man smiling on his lips.
When Shinohara fish’s heart beat a little faster, I wonder what news he sent again.
Shinohara fish watched the meeting news when he took out his mobile phone again.
Me, too. I’m glad to be with you and see such beautiful scenery.
Shinohara fish breathed a sigh of relief. He meant this.
She typed Mi Tu quickly.
And then brought a cute bunny expression.
Lin Yufei complained discontentedly, "Brother, Sister Xiaoyu, why don’t you two have a good barbecue? You play with your mobile phone when it’s so delicious!"
Song Xue also poured wine for the two people, "penalty one cup, concentrate on eating meat and play less with mobile phones."
At this time, Xiaoya took a selfie stick, and she glanced at the comments of netizens. "Netizens said that they should just have a toast while eating barbecue and playing with their mobile phones."
Lin Yufei was so angry that he thought, "What? Netizens love fooling around. I remember you had a bad stomach. You put a glass. Let me do it for you."
Jing Jiayuan glanced at him and said, "It’s beautiful if you think about it."
With that, he picked up the glass, and it was not enough to drink the glass of wine in front of him. Jing Guyuan picked up the glass of wine in front of Shinohara Fish again. "You can’t drink well, so I’ll come for you."
When Shinohara fish are still here, if you don’t stop Jing Jiayuan, you will drink that glass of wine for her.
[Ah, this ….. did I get dog food? 】
[Ahhh, Jing Jiayuan was just good an, did you see it? I cann’t believe he drank that glass of wine for Shinohara. I declare a hot search reservation! 】
【 This dog food is a bit choking! You two get married in situ]
[Don’t spray me, fans. I quietly kissed them CP…… …]
【 Don’t I have a person think JingGuYuan is afraid of Lin Yu fly together to drink a glass of wine with Shinohara fish to drink two glasses of wine? 】
[Groundhog Screams] There must be something between these two people! 】
I’m a fan of Jing Jiayuan. I hope everyone can eat melons rationally. It’s natural for them to have a good relationship after such a long trip, but this is a friendship. I hope you don’t think too much.
Xiao ya couldn’t help laughing at these barrage, thinking, hahaha, I eat tons of dog food like this every day, and you can finally experience it.
After the barbecue on a wonderful night, everyone picked up the bottle and sat on the terrace on the top floor of the hotel to watch the stars.
Everyone felt that it would be nice if the fairy day could continue all the time.
Leaving at 9 o’clock the next morning surprised everyone. Today, the guide took them to a river.
"We will spend our trip on this ferry this morning," said the guide.
Song Xue excited "isn’t this near the desert? Why is there a river? "
Lin Yufei took the lead in the boat, and then turned around by the side of the boat to help the remaining people.
The ferry conditions are common, but the scenery is good.
The guide also prepared some snacks and fruit platters in the front boat. It’s so pleasant for everyone to look at the surrounding scenery and blow the wind by boat.
After a while, the surrounding scenery became the desert that I saw yesterday again.
"God, is there not only a lake but also a river in this desert?" Xiao Ya asked curiously.
The guide said, "In fact, this desert was originally formed because the river brought a lot of sediment, and the sea breeze near here blew the sand ashore, so although there was a lot of rainfall for half a year, it still formed a desert."
After driving in the river for two or three hours, the guide said, "Look at the Atlantic Ocean ahead."
Song Xue excitedly ran to the bow deck and looked at the deep blue water at the end of the river. Her wish really came true!
She also saw the wonders of the sea and the desert, and there were rivers and many lakes in this desert.
It’s incredible!
In the afternoon, they sat in a seaside restaurant and enjoyed the desert and the enemy sea view.
Song Xue took a selfie stick and sang live on the beach.
"Ahhh, did you see it? This is where we went yesterday. Behind me is the Atlantic Ocean, and right in front of me is the desert. Now I’ll find a higher sand dune and you can see it. "
Song Xue breathlessly climbed the sand dunes to give netizens a scene.
[Wow, wow, it’s so beautiful! This place is poisonous! 】
[I envy me and want to go out to play! 】
[beautiful! This is the live broadcast that was owed to us yesterday. Fortunately, it was made up. It was so beautiful! 】
[I like it here! Hey, light snow, what’s behind you? 】
"Behind what?" Song Xue looked back.
I saw a beach convoy coming along the beach. There were six cars in all.
"Ah, someone here is playing ATV! God, I am so envious! " Song Xue’s eyes kept chasing the ATV until the team stopped the ATV in front of the restaurant.
"Wow, isn’t that our guide? What happened to Lin Yufei’s ATV? Ah, ah, ah, wait … Is this ATV actually for us? " Song Xuesha mound in the wind messy general leng for a while.
[Ha ha ha ha ha] Isn’t silly boy just giving you an ATV? 】
[hurry up and go late, it is estimated that it will be robbed]
[Hahahahahahaha, Song Xue, have fun. Just now, the expression was so cute]
[Song Xue, hurry up and watch. Shinohara is waving to you. Why don’t you hurry?]
Song Xue was so excited that he reacted quickly and running all the way ran sand dunes.
"Wait for me!"
When the sand dunes went, it was easy to run faster and faster when the difficulties came, but unfortunately Song Xue ran and tripped over himself.
Shinohara fish just came by the ATV, so go and help her up.
"You didn’t fall like this, did you?" Shinohara fish asked
Song Xue is a bit stunned. "I didn’t fall, but it seems that my mouth is in the sand."
Shinohara fish helped her sit in the car and went to the sand dunes to throw her away and pick her up with her mobile phone.
[Ahhh, what happened just now? 】
[Hey, is this Shinohara fish? Hello, little fish! 】
[Xiaoyu, is it finally your turn to broadcast live? Song Xue didn’t fall just now, did he? 】
[Wow, it’s a small fish. Why don’t you always broadcast live? You can’t be lazy in your camera! 】
[Scream! It’s a small fish! 】
Shinohara fish looked at the screen and flew over the barrage with some regrets.
In the second season, she rarely appeared in the camera and rarely broadcast live because she was going to appear in the barrage and many people scolded her.

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