Whispering and gazing at this weak tiger, this tiger is weak and can be easily crushed by the sky, but this tiger walks with some rules intertwined.
"Roar …"
The tiger roared and jumped directly at the royal sky.
In the tiger’s eyes, Yutian is a rare and precious medicine, and it is full of fairy spirits, which means that it can increase repair and life!
Imperial heaven sneers at this eager tiger.
"Roar …"
A roar waved his right paw directly.
"Bang …"
Imperial Heaven leaned out his right hand to stop the tiger waving its right paw at him.
The right hand of the mind in the heavenly heart has turned into a huge palm. The palm catches the tiger like a chicken!
"Bang …"
Suddenly, the tiger was crushed to pieces.
Regardless of those who shocked Ye Fan, Yutian indifferently complained that "you go out and hide several dangers here, but here are some medicinal materials to pick."
Imperial day said directly toward the distance, step by step is a hundred miles away.
Pang Bo exclaimed, "Master … Don’t lose your disciples!"
This Pang Bo exclaimed but felt a strange look.
Regardless of these people, the Imperial Heaven goes directly to the distance to cover the sky, and all the Imperial Heaven needs to know everything. Just now, the tiger was able to attack by law, as if its own body contains energy and is full of laws.
This makes Yu Tian curious to know everything here!
Chapter 279 Too Xuan door
The quaint town is full of subtle vicissitudes.
Yutian set foot here and scanned this vicissitudes and quaint town with his eyes!
This town is bustling with few people coming and going. Most of these people are mortal and naturally don’t know much about spiritual practice.
Imperial Heaven knows that there is a spiritual void cave nearby. If you want to know about the practice of covering the sky, you can go to the spiritual void cave!
Imperial heavenly heart wants to enter a small town and an inn.
Just entered the inn and watched some guest officers chatting.
"I can hear that Taixuanmen is about to recruit younger brothers these days!"
"It’s natural to know that the Taixuan Gate in the East Wilderness is a first-class comparison, but it’s also the best in shaking the holy land."
"Yes … yes … a total of one hundred peaks in Wentaixuanmen represent one hundred kinds of inheritance!"
After all, there is a lot of discussion. It’s because Taixuanmen is the majority in the Imperial Heaven. This Taixuanmen is not an ordinary sect. It can also rank in the East and the South. There are two major forces in the East and the South. One is to shake the holy land, and the other is to waste the ancient family!
It’s really exciting to get rid of the Yaoguang Holy Land and the Huangguji home in the East and South China, which is also a top power.
Leave some silver in your heart and mind and walk into this room full of vicissitudes.
I saw four figures when I entered.
"Hoo …" The general walked out and spat out a dead breath. "It’s amazing that this ancient forbidden area can quickly make people old. It won’t be the law of the time!"
The Imperial Heaven doesn’t know how to answer this ancient forbidden area. It’s not easy to provoke the cruel emperor Dacheng Eucharist. More than a dozen slaves … These are top-notch.
Imperial heaven shook his head, "not to mention that the world is different"
When the demon emperor heard this, he also expressed his opinion, "Exactly … the world should be connected with some ancient secrets, especially here, everything seems to be intertwined laws, and all laws are gathered together, especially the one called Ye Fan Terran, which contains a golden law in its blood, which is completely similar to the witch-smelling people’s natural mastery of laws!"
As the demon emperor said, this Ye Fan is really a different Terran, the Eucharist is different, and there are laws in his natural blood. After all, he is a witch.
Imperial heaven is also strange about this and only recognizes that this world is extraordinary.
The emperor chuckled, "No matter how much the world has experienced, the physical experience of the world has been tempered. It is already tough to imagine that the Yuan God is also tough. Compared with these, we need to know the cultivation methods of this world and we can become strong at any time."
The emperor’s words are domineering, but they are also saying that they are imperial!
Everything can be convenient, but the royal body will not change. Going through a world, refining the body has long been powerful, and the Yuan God has also turned into crystals, which can make some spiritual secrets. All this is enough for the world to stand on, and now it is necessary to obtain the world cultivation method!
Think through everything and watch the four people "take out the sacred fruit and fruit trees from the forbidden area!"
In a word, the generals have taken out the holy fruit, but also took out a few fruit roots.
This is a five-element fruit as if it contained five elements.
The demon emperor is like a little doll with unusual rules.
A total of nine kinds of sacred fruits are harvested, and nine kinds of sacred fruit roots are harvested.
Yutian will put the Seven Treasures Immortal Ring and ask softly, "Lingyu … Can these sacred fruits be cultivated?"
Lingyu slowly appears and has grown up. Lingyu is like a lady. "Master, this fruit is full of rules. This is like Sister Bailu. Maybe the world can absorb the rules and make the whole world of Qibao evolve from this fruit. Now I have created a place suitable for these fruits!"
Spirit jade so said the royal day is nodded slightly.
Ling Yu’s return to the Imperial Heaven is to stare at the demon emperor "Demon emperor … there is also a demon clan demon emperor here, so he called Di Jun, and there were some unnecessary troubles!"
Demon emperor smell speech nodded "this demon emperor name don’t let the emperor named Di Jun destined to become a demon emperor! After that, Di Jun is also a three-legged sun anyway! "
Speaking of this imperial heaven, it is also strange to cover the sky. There is no real dragon in the world, and there is no real three-clan sun.
Imperial heavenly heart thoughts but is commanded the emperor for information!
The next day Yutian accompanied the townspeople to Taixuanmen.
It is natural for Taixuanmen to recruit younger brothers to attract several people to Taixuanmen. These people all want to worship Taixuanmen, and some people want their children to worship Taixuanmen. Many people go to Taixuanmen!
A group of people stopped here in front of a misty fairy mountain. The pavilions and buildings are decorated with flowing springs, waterfalls and cranes flying vividly and naturally. It is a good place.
"Is this Tai Xuanmen?" The imperial heaven crooned, but gazing at this huge sect felt a touch.
Suddenly, a noise came out of a group of people like a gauze towel being untied. This group of people was encouraged by some energy and whispered, "You have come to worship in Taixuanmen, but Taixuanmen is strict in recruiting younger brothers … I hope you can conduct a good test!"
At the moment, some people stepped forward and pressed a stone with some light with their hands.
"This is the test root bone. The golden light emitted by the stone smell is the most powerful root bone!"
"It’s not necessarily that there are some special constitutions. Smell that these constitutions are stronger!"

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