Back to the cloud home, their meeting has ended and they have applied to the alliance for parliamentary qualification. With the help of this good opportunity today, Yuntianheng specially asked the kitchen to cook a table of good dishes to celebrate their joining.
But I haven’t arrived at Fandianer’s kitchen yet. I’m preparing Haikui. I didn’t forget to ask Yunxi for the royal sword. After I got it, I went back to the house to learn the royal sword.
Qi imperial sword is psychic because of holding, and moves because of heart. When the sword and god are United, you can move your heart and fly your sword.
The first thing to do is to unite the sword with your mind and then move the sword with your heart.
According to the method of cloud cherishing the moon and giving the royal sword a formula, he guided his true qi to enter Qiu Yuanjian, branded Qiu Yuanjian in it, scattered the remnant gods, and then released his own gods’ brand, which took several hours.
When he succeeded in branding the gods, he recited them over and over again and tried to finally control the flying sword a little.
Maybe he repaired it himself, and there was a force in some low-flying swords to stop him from occupying it without resisting it.
This makes Haikui a little strange, too. Qiu Yuanxiu is also a Yuan infant, and he is also a Yuan infant. What can’t be completely occupied? Haikui guesses that this flying sword is not refined by Qiu Yuan, or he may get it from someone else.
But if you can fly with your own sword.
In fact, if you can fly directly after reaching the Yuan infant period, you can fly, but Haikui thinks the royal sword is a little cooler, so he still has to learn.
Haikui didn’t come to Yunjia dinner, but no one called him because Haikui had told Yunxiyue that he wanted to learn swordsmanship.
After waiting for a while, everyone didn’t see Haikui coming for dinner.
By the time Haikui appeared, the meal was already half eaten.
At this time, Li Jie is sitting next to Shizuka, and Haikui is also welcome to pick up Li Jie and sit there.
Li Jie flushed with anger. "You!" But being stared by Haikui’s eyes, he went back and sat down to one side.
"Sorry, Uncle Yun just studied something and delayed his childhood." Haikui said to Yun Tianheng with a smile.
"It’s okay. We also forgot to eat and sleep when we were young," said Uncle Yunxi Yue.
Because of the presence of Li Jie, a common man, they didn’t talk much about the topic of cultivation. Although they didn’t know why they would bring him, they didn’t ask much about their friends’ respect for Yun Tianheng.
"This" Yun Tianheng has something to say, but he glanced at Li Jie and finally took a mouthful of food and didn’t say it.
"Does Uncle Yun have something to say?" Haikui asked
"Another day, another day. Today is not convenient." Yun Tianheng gave a hand.
Haikui twist a head looked at li jie, this guy is gentle eyes looking at Shizuka.
Haikui got up and walked behind Li Jie, chopped him dizzy with one hand and said to Yun’s family, "Drag him back."
Own cloud family promised to drag Li Jie away.
"Uncle Yun," Haikui said to Yun Tianheng with a smile.
"Who is your friend?" Yun Tianheng asked puzzled.
"Oh, I’m not going to Fugang University. We met on the train and we’re going to Fugang Institute." Haikui briefly introduced how to meet Li Jie.
"So that’s it." Yun Tianheng nodded. "I mainly want to say that our cloud family has applied for a member of the cultivate immortality alliance. There will be a three-month review period, and we still need the help of the nephew after March."
"This is no problem to say," Haikui said patting his chest.
"The uncle thanked me right here, and this is my cloud home token." Yun Tianheng said and took out two Yu Pei pendants to pass Haikui and Jingxiang.
"You two take this and ask Yunjia brothers to know each other. In addition, senior management personnel of Yunjia industry also know you. Where will you be after you? It is absolutely necessary for Yunjia family and industry to show such things."
"Thank you, Uncle Yun." Haikui happily took two Yu Pei, one for himself and the other for Shizuka.
"Well, let’s continue to eat." Yun Tianheng laughed and was very happy.
"Little friends can have long ago?" Cloud precious little month too great uncle suddenly asked
"Oh, my God," Haikui thought for a moment and said, "Is there any arrangement yet?"
"Good," Great Uncle said happily. "I want to discuss with my little friend at sunrise. I wonder if my little friend will accept it?"
I don’t know how to fart. I don’t sleep late in the morning and talk about it. I’m really full. If I had known, I would have regretted losing Haikui.
Nai said, "All right, Great Uncle, I’ll see you in the morning."
Great-uncle is happy to stroke his beard and chat with young people, and his mind will be young. Moreover, Haikui must have his own understanding of cultivating immortals and monasteries at an early age. Talking with him will definitely make him gain something and maybe make him take a key step.
Yun Xiyue’s great-aunt saw that her eldest brother had taken the lead and hurriedly said to Jingxiang, "Do you like it when the little girl asked you to chat that day?"
Shizuka looked at Haikui one leng.
Out of respect for the elderly, Haikui nodded, and there was nothing anyone could do to let himself learn at school. He respected the old and loved the young.
Shizuka nodded and replied, "Good great aunt is getting better and better."
After the two old people made an agreement with each other, they were in a good mood. People who practice will not be hungry if they don’t eat. It’s just a process, but their age is there, and they all know that training is a race against time. So they got up and went back to practice.
Leave the clouds, cherish the moon, stay with Mrs. Yun Tianheng and Yun Tianheng’s brothers.
Chapter 54 Fly (for collection)
After dinner, it’s already dark, and when the crowd dispersed, they said to Yunxiyue, "I just learned how to defend my sword and want to fly outside twice."
Cloud precious little moon cut a "go"
"Shizuka, will you go or not? I’ll fly the sword with you." Haikui looked at Shizuka excitedly and asked.
"Good" Shizuka agreed happily without thinking.
"I think it’s better to forget it. You just learned not to drop Shizuka. It doesn’t matter if you hurt yourself." Yunxiyue didn’t believe Haikui.

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