"A set of fashionable words means that the mind determines everything, and the mind can determine the appearance."
"This seems reasonable" Suchen nodded.
Just as the two men were talking, a man bumped into Suchen as the crowded people flowed to him. Although Suchen was talking far away, he still felt first-class and keen. The person on one side of him stumbled a little, and Suchen was very unstable. He grabbed the talent on the man’s shoulder and stabilized it.
The man lives far away. Su Chen said, "I’m sorry it was too crowded just now. I’m sorry." The tone was a little weird
Su Chen’s eyes lit up, and he was a standard man dressed in elegant long face, with strong outline and thick eyebrows, which showed the characteristics of European beautification. Su Chen said that a pair of eyes were full of wild power, which made people look particularly intoxicated. Su Chen thought that this man must be a woman killer. Su Chen was very surprised if Fang Ya sent him to "seduce" her and carefully arranged her distant brother-in-law, Suzhou. When he went far, he saw that the man’s heart was one, but he had seen Jack Jin through his brain some time ago. At this time, Jack Jin’s eyes seemed to be released,
"You flatter me," Su Qian said.
Jack Jin immediately held out his hand and said, "My name is Jin Shou."
Jack king’s tone didn’t turn around, so the words "Shouzhi" sounded like "toilet paper" in Su Chen’s ear. Su Chen couldn’t help laughing. "What’s funny?" Jack king’s eyes are shining but he is a naive and romantic boy.
Far away, he quickly shook Jack Jin’s hand and said, "I’m sorry my girlfriend was rude. Mr. Jin must have just returned from abroad."
Jack king nodded and said, "It’s because I grew up in America that Mandarin is a little nonstandard."
Su Chen gently reached out and twisted his waist to show that he falsely claimed to be his girlfriend, but said, "Mr. Jin is visiting China, right?"
"Yes," Jack King said, and then looked at the distant morning.
Far away, I know that my family is waiting for my name, and of course, it is mainly Su Chen’s name. "My name is far away. There is an old saying that my girlfriend is called Su Chen, and she was born in the early morning."
Suchen glared at the side, meaning that there is no need to introduce it in such detail.
"I’m glad to meet you. Here’s my business card." And Jackie handed Yuan a business card.
Far smile "Jin Xian, then you have fun."
"Sir, I envy you very much for having such a beautiful young lady as a girlfriend. Can we meet again?" Yuan said, "We China people pay attention to fate and we will meet each other."
It’s far from the end of street gossip. Suchen turned and walked a long way. "Can you still feel his eyes?"
"There seems to be"
"It’s very difficult for a man to ask one woman after another."
"Oh, is that so?" Said suchen accompanied by a stamp.
Distant flash
"You are too much. I just stamped it gently. What did you call me your girlfriend just now?"
"Nothing broke his mind."
"Are you strong?"
"In the brother-in-law’s position, your sister is temporarily absent, so it is necessary for me to review your mate selection."
Suchen chuckled, "I think someone wants to monopolize."
Far away, a fairy’s face is not a little reddish.
Far from admitting that he likes mornings at least, he can’t deny that he is in a good mood with Suchen now. Suchen seems to feel far away from this "undeniable" mood. He is a little crossed, holding up his arms far away, but his mind is slightly nervous. Because Jack King is still staring at them, his eyes must be penetrating. Isn’t he in America? Maybe Su Chen invited me to China, but what appeared here instead of in the sea? Distance to see Jack King | Far away, I feel more uncomfortable. Far away, Suchen is affecting me slowly | Walking away, I suddenly have a feeling that this Jack King seems to have an unusual side, but it is not a kind of practice.
Jack king is really staring at Suchen behind his back, ignoring the distance.
There are many beautiful women in Suzhou, but Kejin seems to be lacking in a day’s work. Suddenly, when he saw Su Chen, he felt that he had finally found a woman who dared him. Unfortunately, he lost his arm when he was alive.
Jack king is not ordinary people. Modern science exhibitions are far from what ordinary people know through newspapers and the media. That’s shocking to say, but it’s real. Jack king is a partially reformed person.
A gene chip was implanted in his brain, which enabled him to calculate his memory, and these were the two years that quietly gave birth to his disappearance.
In Jack King’s belief, there is no country in this world without a government, but a great company is quietly controlling everything in this world.
Jack king is ready to sink when he is ready to come. He doesn’t want to take over the stock market, and he doesn’t want to talk about economy and politics, but he wants to know the mentality of ordinary people here. He doesn’t want to rent a room in the most prosperous center, but he wants to play around and make friends. He is immersed in everything here with enthusiasm but calmly observes everything. Jack king knows that many people like him are called spies in the world. The difference is that they are employed by the government, but he is employed by a huge company empire.
Chapter 20 Talking blast furnace
The Return of Cultivation of Immortals Chapter 20 Talking blast furnace
Fang Ya didn’t know that Jack King had come to China and was "lurking" in Suzhou. Even if she knew that Jack King was in this style, she could come and go whenever she wanted.
The other party is far away, and it seems that these three days are slower than usual.
Fang Ya appeared in the red chamber and admitted that most of her work was from the word "profit". Yes, she didn’t choose to be a businessman. It is in the bones of businessmen that they always consider whether it is good for themselves or not.
In the Fang Ya world, the word "fame and fortune" is bustling. In Fang Ya’s view, no one can escape it, but it is far from Fang Ya who knows that there are really different people in this world.
Among the men that Ya met in the distance, Jack King can still be seen, but that’s already in the past tense. Jack King can’t enter the heart of Fang Ya. Jack King can be a good business partner, but he is definitely not a suitable life partner because he is romantic because he never believes in love and marriage.
That time, a blind date in Shangri-La suddenly said to herself that it was more straightforward than being frank, such as "I want you!" Fang Ya was very angry and embarrassed at that time, but in his heart, he looked like such a "disaster for the country and the people". I am afraid that many men dream of asking for a bed. Fang Ya has always been disdainful of such a man and thinks that the man who can really ask for her has not been born in this world.
However, after meeting this man, Fang Ya changed his view on the whole man somewhat. It turns out that there are always one or two men among thousands who are always so radiant that they are attracted by their temperament at first sight. Only a month later, Fang Ya is far away. This has appeared too often in their hearts.
On the night of the first day, I entered her Fang Yachun dream openly and invited myself.
Now, Fang Ya has moved into the Far Red Mansion less than a month after seeing him. Only from such a passage, Fang Ya believes that if she tells herself those secrets, what a romantic and crazy love story they will surely lead to? ! However, Fang Ya knows that the story of being far away in this red chamber is actually being collected, but she has another kind of income, that is, she seems to be gentle and flat by all the strange things around her when she first fell asleep.
People outside the red chamber always wonder how the red chamber people were born because of the noisy buildings outside, but when they left the red chamber, they forgot the noise outside.
Fang Ya has lived in the red chamber for ten days, which can be said to be a personal experience. She finally knows something. Grandpa is in favor of supporting her move into the red chamber. There are some things that make people feel invisible, and this may be called Feng Shui.
There are differences between men and women in Xiuzhen Road, not only in physiological differences, but also in wisdom determination. Men are prone to wisdom, but it is difficult to determine that men are yang-moving, which is as difficult as meditation piles. Women, on the other hand, are good, easy and difficult to produce wisdom, because women belong to yin and easy to settle down, and because women are easy to get into various emotions, it is difficult to produce wisdom
Fang Ya has never been entangled in any feelings since she was born, so she seems to have a little more intelligence than other women. She is very keen to perceive something from the environment and understand some mysterious dangers.
Fang Ya occasionally wonders if she is a little abnormal. Her body, her physiological characteristics are very feminine, but her mentality is like a man’s, such as being rigid, resolute, decisive and calm.
Fang Ya also tasted this question and stopped in her mind. "Heaven" flashed like a meteor. If she asked this question far away, she would laugh and talk, have a sip of tea and then tell her that this is actually not her own personnel, but an era in which there are too many men like women and too many women like men at the same time.
This is not a combination of yin and yang, but an inversion.
Far away by Suchen, Fang Ya was surprised. At the same time, she felt that Suchen Sue, a barrister, was really naive. It was obvious that Sue liked her as a "brother-in-law". This kind of love was not that she admitted it, but that she didn’t even know that it was "unstoppable". It was always clear to outsiders.
"Brother-in-law brother-in-law …" When Fang Ya chanted, his mouth would smile.

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