The boss said that you should score as many goals as you can in this game … Maybe it is enough to score another goal when the waves fall during the celebration?
So he stopped celebrating and ran back to his own half.
While Atletico Madrid player watched blankly as Lazio player retreated like a flood.
When the football entered the door, the goalkeeper Franco didn’t even think about what to hold on to when the football was delayed-who the fuck delayed when the game was only three minutes old!
But now it seems that Lazio don’t want to celebrate too many goals.
So what do they want?
Chapter 47 This must be a coincidence
Lazio wants?
This is not only the doubts of Atletico Madrid players, but also the problems in the venue. Even Lazio fans are surprised by Lazio’s performance today.
After cazorla scored a goal, they gave a huge cheer in the stands and planned to celebrate the goal-david silva was injured and Atletico Madrid performed, and they were all very upset. They planned to take this goal opportunity to target Atletico Madrid.
I didn’t expect Lazio to celebrate cavani’s momentum after scoring the goal, and cazorla, the hero of the goal, ran back to the half without celebrating.
The blue Lazio player just occupied the advantage in the number field at Atletico Madrid half-time and quickly withdrew it!
They are puzzled.
What’s not to celebrate after a goal?
Anything should take the initiative to put football in the middle circle to help Atletico Madrid save time?
Don’t they think Atletico Madrid didn’t equalize the score enough?
Reporters in the media gallery also felt strange when they saw this scene.
They talked a lot and finally didn’t come to a conclusion.
It’s only three minutes after the game, and Lazio will make such a general game. It’s really puzzling that it will take three minutes to make a move.
This is not normal.
I can’t figure it out again
Good. Keep watching.
Maybe we will know the answer soon?
Atletico Madrid also think impassability.
But they can’t keep frowning in the media booth like media reporters until they figure it out.
The game will continue. It is impossible to stop and wait for them because they can’t think of a reason to come.
But one thing is clear, whatever Lazio did, they actually helped Atletico Madrid, even though it was very small …
Generally speaking, it is a good thing to get ahead just after the game.
But this is not always the case.
For the defenders, falling behind at the beginning of the game means that they will have more time to even the score, which is even more than the score.
It’s better to be behind by one goal in three minutes than by one goal with three minutes left in the game.
So Lazio helped Atletico Madrid objectively by doing so.
Behind Atletico Madrid, what we need most now is time.
And Lazio thieves save them time!
After the game resumed, Atletico Madrid was full of ambition to equalize the score.
There are as many as 17 minutes left for them, and the injury stoppage time is normal. Three minutes of injury stoppage time is 90 minutes, which means the game has just started!
They even the score in time!
And then … overtake!
Atletico Madrid, which was behind, launched a fierce attack with high morale and planned to equalize the score as soon as possible, so that they could have a chance to reverse the victory.
So they joined in more attackers than before …

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