But Nottingham forest can’t dig the site like it was bombed by mines, can it?
It’s crazy, but it will be punished by UEFA
Lazio players can barely cope with the bad venue.
The situation was deadlocked for a while.
Nottingham Forest failed to break Lazio’s goal until the half-time.
Of course, Lazio players are all wearing colorful jerseys-they are all rolling around and looking very embarrassed.
But no matter how embarrassed they are, for Lazio players, they can leave the stadium with their heads held high.
Because they didn’t concede a goal in an extremely unfavorable situation!
So embarrassed. What?
Isn’t that it? Don’t you lose the ball?
Now they’re halfway through their goal. If they keep defending like this at half time, they’ll win!
But facing so many unfavorable conditions away from home, even a draw is a victory for Lazio!
Lazio players really looked energetic when they actually walked on the court, and they were not tired after being pressed by Nottingham Forest for 45 minutes.
On the contrary, the Nottingham Forest players looked a little … at a loss at half-time.
Yes, I am at a loss
At the end of the half-time, when the whistle blew, the video broadcast specially gave many Nottingham Forest players close-ups
In the close-up, these Nottingham Forest players look a little confused, and their mouths are open and their eyes are out of focus.
If you look at this scene alone, it will make people think that Nottingham Forest is behind and the visiting team Lazio has taken the lead early …
English commentators are also very dissatisfied with this result.
"At half-time, we almost dominated but failed to score a goal! We have three great opportunities right in front of the door! And the result? One time, we let our own players squander it in a meaningless way, and two times, it was solved by the brave stegen … I don’t think this performance is satisfactory. There is such a popular saying in football that’ wave opportunities will be punished’. Nottingham Forest didn’t seize any of these opportunities. So what will happen at half time? That’s really hard to say … "
In addition to English commentators, commentators from other countries also agreed that it was a pity that Nottingham Forest had too many half-time opportunities but failed to seize one.
The Italian commentator was very excited.
"Half-time is over! ! Lazio kept the goal clean in extremely unfavorable circumstances! This is amazing! Lazio showed us their resilience in this game! People may forget that Lazio is the record holder of the least goals conceded in a single season in Europe! On defense I think they are not afraid of the team! "
When Lazio went to Nottingham, they all thought that Lazio would definitely beat Nottingham Forest to win a few goals. I don’t know. Because of Nottingham Forest defense, they have seen that even Lazio can score a goal with all its strength, and it is even more difficult.
But in any case, we can win.
Who would have thought that after coming to Nottingham, a player was injured in the warm-up before Lazio played, which cast a shadow over Lazio’s prospects for this game.
Then the situation made Italian commentators dare not expect Lazio to win again, and they were worried that Lazio would lose a few goals away …
Although Nottingham Forest is the biggest dark horse in the group, the other two teams were tied by them, but they didn’t lose to them. Is Nottingham Forest going to be the first team to lose to Nottingham Forest?
All kinds of dangers in the game also make the commentator always in a state of high tension, fearing that an attack in Nottingham Forest will cause Lazio to lose the ball or the football will rebound on the uneven turf and fly around the goalkeeper Ter stegen into Lazio’s goal …
Never imagined that Lazio didn’t concede a goal in such an extremely unfavorable situation!
This excited the Italian commentator.
Lazio players and Italian commentators were satisfied with the result at half-time, but Tony Dunn didn’t think so.
His ideal situation is to completely end the game at Nottingham Forest at half-time, and the suspense will make Lazio completely demoralized.
But who would have thought that Lazio was so tenacious but the defense was very steady, which ensured that they didn’t lose a goal!
This made Tony Twain very unhappy.
He thinks the morale of the players is fine, and so is his tactics.
But he underestimated Lazio’s tenacity.
Lazio solved this problem by being very concise and defensive in the unfavorable situation of the venue, and minimized the possibility of risk as much as possible.
Moreover, the main goalkeeper of Lazio, German No.1 goalkeeper Ter stegen, also played very well in this game to keep the goal clean.
Tony Twain counted many things, but he didn’t count the performance of Lazio players.
When Lazio was warming up, the main players were injured to make Tony Twain feel that the victory was in the bag, because this accident will definitely have a big impact on Lazio players and make them more timid in the game.
This helps Nottingham Forest to take the initiative and even score goals.
What else can Nottingham Forest do in this situation?
There seems to be nothing to adjust at halftime.
You can watch the players play.

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