All the ministers were frightened and whispered to each other. No one dared to answer the emperor’s words. Some generals looked gloomy and angry.
"Pursuit" Zhu Yan stepped out and said, "Please don’t worry. I have already flown pigeons and believed that General Jingxi Shenyingmu is coming with troops to support the road. We have to support it for a while."
"Having said that, either support for a moment? I let Gong Yin, an old man, manage it carefully for so many years. It’s simply that I hate it now. If the rebellion is put down, I must copy the old man with a door. "
I wish to burn the road, "Please be angry. Although there are 100,000 guards, there must be some scruples in the hearts of the soldiers who have done such a big wrong. They want us to deploy and hold on to the first few waves of offensives so that they can’t attack for a long time. I wish that the thieves and soldiers who are guilty of all crimes will surely disintegrate themselves."
When the emperor finally got cold, he sighed heavily and looked at Zhuran and said, "As soon as I rely on your family, I will canonize Zhuran, and all the people in the Imperial City Guards will be controlled by Zhulao at this moment. If there is any violation, I will forgive them."
I wish to burn and bow down, and the emperor got up and left with a wave.
After the emperor left, the General wished to burn his head and said to an old general, "If you lead two thousand troops from the left of the Guards to the east gate of the city and don’t fight outside, it’s guarding the city. If you can’t let people break into the imperial city."
""The old general’s life went to Zhuran and ordered, "Wang Dachen got up from his slave department to help General Liu defend the city. If someone doesn’t make a decision, I wish everyone in the family to follow me to the main entrance to meet this old man."
It is a matter for everyone to have a family, but few people know that Zhujiajian is still an elite who can fight well. This all comes from Zhujiajian Zuzugui. Anyone who enters Zhujiajian must practice martial arts, not to be a master, but if he kills the front, he must at least be an elite army.
The old man was crazy when Zhu Burning took his sons and thousands of family members to the main entrance.
A few people who have made friends with Zhu know that the old man is really angry this time.
Zhu Jiahe’s family has been fighting for generations. It is said that this is an ancestral feud, but both of them are white barbarians. Although there is constant struggle for darkness, there is no real struggle between which side. Because of the two families’ adherence to a family precept, no personal feud can give up the national righteousness and be loyal to the country.
Nowadays, it is natural to be furious that the whole family should rebel. Although he doesn’t know the reason for the rebellion, it doesn’t matter. It is a reason, and the result of rebellion is death
The king was also involved in this matter. It seems that the family and the king have been in collusion for a long time. Although the emperor did not arrive at the king, it is an attitude that the king is dead, right?
Gong Yin, Gong Yin, I wish you could burn in your heart and sigh that two people have fought for most of their lives. How dare you rebel as a result? You have a family, a family to wish for, a secret to your ancestors, you to hold me back, you to make arrangements, and your little maniac with these 100 thousand people can fight in Houjing?
The white man country has never fallen to the throne for so many years, even if it has been at a disadvantage for so many years, it will not affect all this. Are you Ji Zheng’s luck? Or are you lucky?
Silly, I’m sure it’s terrible to have something behind her family, old chap. Just let you help me see what the foundation of Bai Man’s founding is.
I wish burning came to the main entrance with all the families. It is already shouting and killing the defending city guards who are desperate to resist the enemy’s siege.
With the help of the post-Beijing French Front, although the number of garrison troops is small, there is no sign of losing the city for the time being. It is only a matter of time before the city is broken without reinforcements.
Chapter 14 Water Ding Vulcan Ding
The fate of Chapter 14 Water God Ding Vulcan Ding [vip]
"Yin, how dare you get together for rebellion?
I think you’ve lived long enough. Are you crazy? "I wish to burn away the gas in the wall and shout at each other.
Face upwards laugh wildly "burning! Old fool, you and I have 100 thousand troops here. Are you trying to stop me with such a few people? Seeing that we are both rivals and friends, I advise you to give up as soon as possible, and I can give you a way out! After breaking the city, everything is burning! "
Wish burning mouth peep out one silk smile immediately light way "it seems that you are convinced that you will be able to break the city? Then talk more about different hands, old man. Today, I want to see whether it is better to wish the family or to be stronger together! "
Gong Yin’s eyes were wide open and he waved his sword and shouted, "Storm! After the siege, the army will be rewarded! Who is the first to hit the city gate to reward the general! "
"Kill ~ ~! ! ! !” Earth-shattering shouting, the tide, the soldiers rushed towards the city wall, and the tall ladder quickly took the city head, and the soldiers went to the death to kill.
After a wave of my hand, I wish everyone would spread a crossbow in the city. There were a lot of rolling stones and logs piled up on the wall. These people cooperated tacitly. Two of them threw rolling stones and logs, and the other shot and killed the enemy in the city with a bow and arrow.
Although the scale of 100,000 people is very large, it is only limited to one side, and it is impossible to completely spread this huge army. Thousands of Zhugujun can just hold every inch of the wall evenly.
I wish a team of three people can be more subtle than each other, and everyone’s skill is really extraordinary. Whether it’s throwing rolling stones or archery, it’s sure to gain something every time you shoot.
At that time, the army poured in and people could attack the city.
"Ha ha ha ~ ~!" I wish to burn the sky. "What is the strength of my Zhugujun? Are you still satisfied? "
"Hum!" Gong Yin snorted and frowned and looked at the siege soldiers. Although the party shouted to kill the sky, the Chengtou Zhujiajun seemed to have finished without seeing the surging crowd. The expression was calm and calm, throwing rolling stones, bending logs, archery | Kind of heavy, but it was more oppressive to shout at the crowd.
At this time, the king, who has been ignored by all, anxiously came to Gongyin and said, "What shall we do if the old city pool is difficult?" It’s really … It’s really … "
A total of Yin frowned and said patiently, "Your Majesty, please be calm and do something …"
After a long time, Gongyin bit his teeth and said to the big boy with a sledgehammer around him, "Xionger, you go to storm! ! I wish that old thing to me. Don’t fight him. Others … it’s up to you! "

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