Although the man in front of him is still unrestrained, his black and white eyes in the past are bloodshot and obviously he has not slept all night.
Duane smiled indifferently and continued to look down at Pan Huidao. "If you and I know each other, I have never asked you anything. Today I ask you one thing."
Du Ruo heart jumped to the bed girl’s eyes changed.
She thinks she should guess the identity of this woman, but she still needs to confirm one.
"Who is she …?" Her voice slowed down a little unconsciously.
Duane looked up again with a smile in his eyes. The sound was soft, but it was like a close call.
"Pan Hui!"
Du Ruo instantly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that the sudden change of friends has found the reason
Yes, if it’s Pan Hui, it’s possible for Duane to do anything.
Because this person is Pan Hui, the only one in his heart, and the only one who can make his eyes smile when he gets up.
His kindness to this person makes her not even a little jealous.
A person can stubbornly stay in his heart after being abandoned by his master and despised by his younger brothers. The person who gives him warmth must be the most important person to him.
Chapter 52 An Agreement (2)
"Go ahead! Things? " Even so, Du Ruo already had the answer in his heart.
Duane carefully put Pan Hui’s right hand back to her side and got up to manage it. Some of them were crumpled by him. Then he turned and said, "If you know what I am, Dont Ask For Help, I beg you to cure her today. If you send me tomorrow, I will go through fire and water!"
"Send?" Du Ruo asked.
Duane stood with a negative hand but smiled without a word.
"I knew it was impossible." Du Ruo Xiumei picked a pie mouth and said, "Don’t worry that you won’t marry me. Although that guy is really annoying, he is much more obedient than you."
Duane chuckled, "Oh, you should say this to him face to face."
"No way!" Rico’s heart sank. "I can’t see his background, but I don’t believe you can’t see that he should be a cultivator like you!" Although I grew up on the cliff, I’m just an ordinary person. I don’t want to think about it or live forever. I hope I can save more people from illness, fire, water and me … Different ways, different lives, different life and death … "
Duane said nothing.
He knows exactly where Du Ruo’s scruples lie.
Immortals will practice hard all the way, not only to seek immortality, but also because once they step into the fairy path, it means that they have jumped out of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, and there is no way out. If they fail, they will be wiped out
Since Du Ruo grew up on the cliff, it is naturally white. If she talks about it, she will not let that person stop her and end up in the soul extinction field.
Duane silently turned around and sat back on the bed, quietly watching Pan Hui still in a coma, holding her hand and face with a little sadness and joy.
"Hey, you are really not suitable for talking to others and telling you a lot of words. You don’t have a word of comfort, and I don’t know how your school sister could stand it when you were so cool thin!" Du Ruo saw that he didn’t pick up a word for a long time, but finally he couldn’t help talking first, but in a turn, he swept his sleeve, which had turned into dark brown blood.
"Where did you get the blood on your sleeve? Don’t … "She immediately rushed to the bed and grabbed Pan Hui’s right hand vein and diagnosed it carefully for a long time before she was relieved." Fortunately, the toxin didn’t spread to her coughing up blood in the middle of the night. You should wake me up. I am now controlling the poison in her abdominal cavity. Once the toxin invades her internal organs, it is really hopeless. "
Duane trembled slightly in his clothes. Holding Pan Hui’s hand was tight for a few minutes. He looked up at his friend and said, "Arrow …"
Words haven’t mouth was interrupted by the other party.
Du Ruo leans his head back and covers his eyes with his hands in dismay. "Don’t call me … I’m called an imperial doctor, but I’m not a god! I can’t do such a thing as changing my life! "
Duane was silent.
"This poison doesn’t look like ordinary people." Du Ruo let go and looked Duane in the eyes. "Maybe this is specially developed to deal with you cultivate immortality, otherwise how toxic it would be so overbearing! I can’t suppress the toxin erosion by sealing the acupuncture points with gold needles. It’s only the first day. I don’t know what will happen for a few days. I can take a ride with you now in Duane. I’m really not sure! "
"That’s why I asked you."
"it’s not a matter of trying your best to succeed!" Du Ruo is a little frustrated.
Does this person know the seriousness of the matter! Now it’s not whether she wants to save the problem or not! But whether she has the ability to save the problem! But this person just wants her to do her best, which makes her feel impetuous. "I ask you what you will do if I really can’t save her in the end!" "
"Although you try your best to save me, you have your own plan …"
Then you can ask that person.
Duane’s left hand clenched into a fist in his sleeve, unwilling to be aroused again.
Ten years after Changxuan, he always knew that the man was waiting for him to beg her, but he was never a servile person.
Asking for help? In his opinion, this matter should not be in his life at all.
But now Pan Hui is willing to put himself down and ask for help, so that person is also called …
I want that person to save her life!
"You this person is the most hate! I want something from others, but I always look unfathomable, so that others will feel looked down upon by you even if they want to help you! You … are you listening to me! " Look at each other that look but no response Du Ruo finally go on the rampage.
Duane sighed weakly and looked up at his friend. "If I don’t insist, I will do my best to listen to my destiny, live or die, and I will accompany her."
He looked so serious that he didn’t just improvise.
Du Ruo suddenly felt like a man who was cut and stabbed. Cuju suddenly lost his breath. This man has made up his mind to live and die, but he is still worried about whether he can withstand Pan Hui’s pain like a fool.
After all, she underestimated the importance of Pan Hui in this man’s heart and the stubbornness of Duane.
She has always put revenge on this man as the first thing. Over the years, she has always seen Duane abandon all the warmth of the world. Even Duane, the savior, took a long time to become a friend.
She still remembers the first time she saw Duane.
A white man, who should be very handsome and elegant, collapsed on the roadside grass in a decadent way, with black hair scattered on his face, which covered his pale body. The temperature was frighteningly cold, but for shallow breathing and weak pulse, she really wanted this person to be dead.
She managed to get this person back to the hospital with needles and medicine, and took care of him day and night for three days. But the first thing to do when she woke up was to stretch out her hand and grab her neck, and her eyes were grateful to the rescuer. She was indifferent and alert, and even the words were cold and biting. "Say! Who sent you! "
Du Ruo suddenly shuddered and looked at Duane’s eyes full of anger.
Years ago, the bone-chilling cold made her shudder behind her back until now.
At that time, she couldn’t figure out how this person could not hesitate to shoot a child who looked like a teenager.
Chapter 53 An Agreement (3)
Du Ruo consciously touched the neck and felt a sense of sadness. "Saving lives is a doctor’s point. Today, even if you don’t beg me, I will surely try my best to treat her. You … stay with her well …"
Du Ruo finally decided not to emphasize the possibility of failure, because this man doesn’t need this kind of silence at all.
There was a knock at the door at this time, which was particularly clear in a quiet morning.
Du Ruo took another look at Pan Hui, who was still in a coma, and turned away from the guest room and walked to the lobby.
Although her pharmacy is open 24 hours a day, she never shuts out patients who came to consult earlier.

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