Wearing Song Anqiao, I picked up my daughter and kissed her mouth. "Song Song is also a mother."
The little rice cake twisted its face proudly. "No, it’s not a little rice cake, it’s dad."
"Really?" Song anqiao raised his eyebrows unfathomable and with a hint of a bad smile, he reached out and scratched the little rice cake. "Do you think you are a mother?"
The little rice cake in Song Anqiao’s arms laughs like a bell while avoiding it. "Yes … yes, the little rice cake is a mother."
When she admitted Song Anqiao, she loosened the small rice cake and then picked up her bed. "Let’s go to bed."
Small rice cake holding Song Anqiao face small mouth a du in the mother’s face.
Two people out of the room Song Anqiao conveniently to the door.
The gas seems to stagnate for a moment.
Chufei’s face turned black inch by inch.
The price of reconciliation between mother and daughter is that in the end, he becomes alone and sleeps alone.
Chufei went straight to the master bedroom as soon as he sank into bed, but the master bedroom door was locked inside and he couldn’t get in.
"Qiao Mei door" ChuFei far tapped on the door sink a call way.
Song Anqiao listened to the room and gently coughed, "You can sleep alone tonight."
"Qiao Mei? Don’t do this. We have something to talk about. "Chufei is far from magnetic."
Song Anqiao snorted and said seriously, "Hum, this is the punishment for not helping your wife with something! You can enjoy your life alone tonight! "
Chu Fei’s heart is tired and bitter. Can’t he be wrong?
"Qiao Mei, I was wrong. You have something to discuss …"
"Chu Fei is far away. Don’t knock and wake up. Forget that you are responsible for coaxing." Song Anqiao hugged his daughter and warned Chu Fei that he was far away.
If Song Anqiao doesn’t give him the door, he won’t give him an apology about Chu Feiyuan. If he doesn’t apologize, he will punish Chu Feiyuan for sleeping alone for one night.
If you don’t help her, Chu Fei will never be punished again after this punishment.
It’s very tiring to sleep alone
Chapter 469 We are in contact.
The next morning, Song Anqiao woke up with Xiao Niangao.
The mother and daughter had a big stretch together in bed and twisted their necks together, then brushed their teeth, washed their faces and changed their clothes together.
"We are so beautiful in Song and Song Dynasties." Song Anqiao gently combed her little rice cake hair and tied a pill head for her.
"Our mother is the most beautiful," said the little rice cake with a sore mouth.
The mother and daughter looked at each other in the mirror and smiled and were happy.
Uh, a little narcissistic
Knocking on the door and walking out of the bedroom is a man with a deeply resentful and handsome face.
Song Anqiao spat at him and small tongue "deserved it"
Chu Fei was so depressed that he never dared to offend his Qiao Mei again after a punishment.
When a woman gets angry, the consequences are too serious. He has had enough.
After breakfast, Chu Fei drove far and they went to Shiqian Manor.
Song Anqiao looked at this familiar and unfamiliar place, remembering the past bit by bit, and felt a little sour when she came to the manor. She really felt that she was going to die and would never see Chu Fei again …
Chu Fei was far away beside her and noticed that her emotions patted her shoulder. "It’s okay."
"Well" Song Anqiao wiped her eyes and nodded slightly.
"Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu" Artest came out in surprise tunnel "Why are you here?"
Song anqiao smiled politely, holding his hand and forgetting it.
Ron Artest looked blankly and forgot to flash an idea that Chu Fei was far away. Did they have another baby so soon?
Walking into the manor house, "bang" suddenly heard the sound of breaking porcelain inside.
Song anqiao is stiff
ChuFei far frown locked a lock.
Ron Artest coughed awkwardly and shouted, "Master Chu and Mrs. Chu are here!"
Villa hall shiqian smell face expression first stiff moment before he recovered, artest has led the ChuFei far they came in.
After seeing the villa situation and people, Song Anqiao’s brain turned white and opened his mouth with some charan.
Chu Feiyuan’s eyes sank and his voice was cold. "Why are you here?"
When did they meet?
He doesn’t remember the two of them hitting the pole.

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