Song Danfu didn’t wade into the muddy water. Song Xiaoling just wanted to wade into the muddy water and sulked secretly.
Gu old lady’s eyes passed Gu Yanchen’s body and looked at Gu Qingyan’s "What do you think of Gu Qingyan"
Gu Qing-shallow naturally knew that the old lady suspected that he had let out the news and asked him that it was just a temptation.
"The most important thing now is to find out how the news of dad’s death leaked out." Gu Qingyi frowned and coughed and let other methods continue to talk.
Song Danfu naturally helped him go with the gas. I was very puzzled when Gu Qing was shallow in the room. Why didn’t he cough when he got to the restaurant? Did he cough in different places or did something in the restaurant cause him to cough more than just patting Gu Qing’s shallow back? Song Danfu’s eyes were searching in the restaurant
Seeing Gu Qing’s shallow cough, she asked him to turn to Gu Yanchen again. "It’s the most important thing for us to find out who leaked the information, Xiao Chen. You are responsible for finding out who dares to pull the family back and never give up."
"I’ll rest assured, grandma" nodded to Mrs. Gu, and Gu Yanchen felt the same way in his heart. He wanted to find the person who leaked the news to know who was behind the family.
"Chen, how did you get hurt?" I kept looking at my husband, Song Xiaoling. Just when Gu Yanchen turned around, I saw his neck wound and exclaimed, "Let me see if it is serious."
Fu Song Xiaoling reached out and Gu Yanchen frowned. "Don’t make a fuss if I’m not injured."
Without a trace, I saw Song Danfu. As soon as I saw her circumstances, I looked at him, but she even gave him a look. Gu Yanchen’s heart kept sinking.
"I saw" Song Xiaoling refused to get up and pounced on Gu Yanchen.
"You’re dazzled." Hold Song Xiaoling’s shoulders with both hands and Gu Yanchen will press her in the chair to "sit and eat."
"But" I felt that Gu Yanchen’s hands increased the strength of Song Xiaoling’s shoulders. I didn’t want people to know that he was injured. Looking at Gu Yanchen’s beautiful face, I felt guilty. "It seems that I am really dizzy. Sorry, I may be nervous all day because of pregnancy."
In the eyes of outsiders, Gu Yanchen cherishes his wife and doesn’t want her to worry about herself. Song Xiaoling knows how hard he puts his hand on her shoulder to make her move.
Old lady Gu said, "Xiao Chen Xiao Ling is pregnant with a child, so you should spend more time with her."
"Grandma" Gu Yanchen replied with a big hand and slid Song Xiaoling’s shoulder back to his position.
The food is set on the table one by one, and Song Danfu’s food is shallow. "Eat more and see how uncomfortable it is to hold it late."
The success of one sentence has caused ripples in people’s hearts, among which Song Danfu and Gu Yanchen are the most obvious.
In the evening, Song Danfu received a call and rushed out.
Song Danfu walked into the lobby of the First People’s Hospital, and a middle-aged woman immediately greeted him. They hardly talked and went directly to the cashier to pay the money and went back to the ward.
This is the innermost bed where one or three people live. There is a girl at the age of seventeen with fine features, but her face is too pale. The girl’s name is Yuan Xixi on the bedside.
The other two patients in the hospital bed have family members to watch over them, but the girl is the only one who is lying alone in the hospital bed.
Song Danfu frowned and went to the bedside to sit and watch the girl in a coma. Her heart was as heavy as a big stone. Yuan Xixi was her roommate’s sister’s assassination. She was lucky to live, and her roommate died instead of her. This was later found by Song Danfu.
Four years before she left the prison, she couldn’t protect herself. It was four years before she joined Yuan Jia. The Yuan family didn’t know that their eldest daughter was dead, and Song Danfu didn’t tell them that they were afraid that they couldn’t accept it. Knowing that Yuan Jia’s family was poor, Song Danfu could help.
The middle-aged woman is Yuan Xixi’s mother, her husband is addicted to gambling, her eldest daughter is in prison, and her youngest daughter is tortured by illness. Her heart is the most tormented, and the whole person is thin.
Yuan Mu, the youngest daughter who looked at the hospital bed, wiped her tears and said to Song Danfu, "Miss Song, I’m sorry to let you go so late. I can’t find Xixi’s father with no money, and the hospital has no choice but to call you and give you trouble."
"Aunt, don’t say that." Song Danfu looked at the girl in the hospital bed. "Did the doctor say that Xixi was ill?"
"The doctor said it was a relapse and needed to be hospitalized." As she spoke, Yuan Mu’s tears welled up in her eyes.
Song Danfu said, "Then go to the hospital. Aunt Medicine is not worried that I will solve it."
Song Danfu went on to say, "A three-person ward is inconvenient after all. Ask if there is a single ward for a while and we will change Xixi to a single ward."
"If only there were no beds, Miss Song wouldn’t be broken." Yuan’s mother quickly shook her head. They owed Song Danfu a lot and couldn’t owe it any more.
"Quiet single ward can give Xixi a good environment to recuperate, and it is also convenient for you to take care of it, which is good for everyone." Song Danfu insisted on transferring to the ward.
"Thank you, thank you." Yuan’s mother was very grateful and suddenly knelt in front of Song Danfu. Song Danfu was surprised and quickly reached out to help her. "Aunt, what are you doing?"
"Miss Song, we owe you so much. I am here to kowtow to you." Grab Song Danfu’s hand and kowtow to Yuan Mu.
Song Danfu, of course, won’t let Yuan’s mother kowtow and hold Yuan’s hand. It’s easy to pull Yuan’s mother up. Yuan’s mother was stuck after the reaction. Why didn’t she knock her head off?
"Aunt Xixi called me a sister to take care of her because it’s your turn to stay here and I’ll ask if there is a single room." Song Danfu turned and walked out.
After half a ring, she came back. The nurse said that if there was no money in a single ward, she could change Yuan’s mother. She advised her not to worry. Maybe Song Danfu could be discharged from the hospital when she was busy. When she nodded, it was already nine o’clock in the evening. Song Danfu didn’t wake up and left first.
Just out of the hospital gate, a car stopped in front of her. Song Danfu stopped in situ and the co-pilot door drove a person away.
Song Jing, she called her father for fifteen years.
The back window reveals a vicissitudes and dignified face. Looking at two faces that are too familiar to be familiar with, Song Danfu’s heart becomes more and more calm. She is not surprised that Song’s father came to see her:
Chapter 29 Meet the Song Family (Second Watch)
Sitting in the driving car, Song Danfu looked at the neon lights shining on the street view outside the window, just like the two people in the car were both familiar and unfamiliar.
At this time, the car is Song Jing, Song Danfu and Song Lao sitting in the back seat.
"How have Danfu been these years?" Song Lao broke the silence and his eyes were full of love.
"It’s not bad except that there is no freedom to eat and drink." Song Danfu replied calmly and indifferently.
She wanted to see how hypocritical Song’s father could be.
Song Danfu kept looking out of the window. Song Lao couldn’t see her expression. She put her hand over her head. The tone was very distressed. "It’s terrible where you can be in prison. You are a lively and active child. It must be hard to be free, but it’s very gratifying for you to say that. When we grow up, Danfu knows how to comfort people."
Song Danfu felt a chill in his heart, which almost cheered Song Lao’s acting skills. He turned his head and forced Song Lao to take back his hand. Song Danfu smiled, "There is no freedom and no one to disturb it. It is also clean."
It’s not that easy to show respect to your loved ones and give her another 15 years.
Song Lao and Song Jing both heard the implication in Danfu’s words. She said that no one was bothering, implying that no one in the Song family went to see her in prison.
"You still blame us," Song Lao sighed for ten minutes. "Alas, girl, you have to understand that it was done because of Nai. You are a Miss Song’s driving license. Even if you kill someone, it’s a crime. Losing money can’t solve the problem. You have to bear legal responsibility. Your father announced that you cut off your father and daughter. It was a deep love and he was too disappointed with you. Think about it. He loved you so much, held you in his hand and cared for you, but he broke the law. How saddened he was! He regretted it in five years of your sentence"
Song Danfu sneered in her heart. Fortunately, she saw hypocrisy and brushed it to a new height.
This is what Song Lao said. It can be said that the lover broke Song Jing’s original practice of cutting off fathers and daughters by himself, which just reversed his deep love for his daughter and changed his heart and regretted it.
Five years ago, if you had really regretted your sentence, one month later, the assassination would not have been in the prison and your cellmates would not have died.

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