Ma Liang’s first visit here was quite shocking, but when it was really beautiful, it was spring when flowers blossomed, which was especially suitable for some literary roots like him. Most people in the village felt beautiful and finished.
Seeing Su Yuyao enjoying himself, he didn’t idle with a shovel to see if there were any unique flowers.
"Ma Liang, what are you doing?" Su Yuyao suddenly shouted.
"Looking for something" Ma Liang casually replied.
"Come here quickly."
Ma Liang passed inexplicably. I don’t know what happened to her.
"You sit down" she commanded, and when Ma Liang sat down, she took the initiative to sit in Ma Liang’s arms.
"Hold me in your hand." She kept her voice down a little, and she acted strangely.
Ma Lianghuan around her waist and she leaned back and said nothing.
It was like this for a long time before she moved. In fact, Su Yuyao had a particularly unreal feeling when she saw such a beautiful scenery, as if she would lose something at any time. She hoped that Ma Liang would hold her woman’s emotions sometimes so inexplicable but very emotional.
"Go home," she said. It’s almost sunset now.
"Sometimes I will stay here all day and you have to come with me later." She got up.
She also has to go home on National Day to get something, such as a digital camera, and then come back to savor the scenery.
"In fact, there are many beautiful places in the village. I have seen a small waterfall once," Ma Liang sighed.
"Take me home when the time comes. I’m hungry and didn’t have lunch."
After what she said, Ma Liang’s stomach was so hungry that she didn’t dig anything.
Being carried by Ma Liang on her back, Su Yuyao feels that she is relying on deepening bit by bit, knowing that this is not good, but she is reluctant to give up.
I can’t help but think of myself giving him a hand last night, and now I feel my face is red.
"I want to ask you something." She never stops.
Ma Liang nodded and motioned for her to say
"What did I do to your place last night? You can’t help but produce that kind of thing." She stammered but finished.
"Feeling less than" Ma Liang was embarrassed. How did Su Yuyao ask such a question?
"Don’t think about it. I just want to get back at you. Who told you to treat me like that before?" Su Yu Yao explained here in silver three hundred and twenty.
But in her mind, I’ll figure it out again tonight. Can’t you believe it?
117 will hold you back.
When I got home, it was already a little dark. Seeing Su Yuyao coming to Xia Xue from Ma Liang’s back to be a woman with keen intuition, Su Yuyao must like Ma Liang.
I’m embarrassed to think of things at noon today, but Ma Liang hasn’t vented it yet. No wonder he needs vanilla. Not a woman can satisfy it, and every time that soft feeling makes him feel good.
Thinking about thinking about it, I was a little eager in my heart. Xia Xue secretly scolded himself for becoming more and more vulnerable to degradation
Mengmeng came back earlier and saw Ma Liang was more than I could bear. He jumped into his arms directly.
It turned out that she was indifferent to the plan and she couldn’t hold on to it first so that she could give up to Ma Liang.
Ma Liang touched her head. At this time, the girl’s mind changed at most. It’s okay to be strange.
"Teacher, if I’m not angry with you, you won’t be angry with me at all," she said with a little pity.
Ma Liang had no choice but to be angry with a little girl.
"You’re not angry with the teacher. Let’s go and do a research." Ma Liang took her little hand and prepared mysteriously.
He is going to try the effect of the small pot on flowers, and he digs the pole flower himself to do the experiment.
After the door, the two men surrounded the flower, Ma Liang, carefully holding a small pot and slowly dropping a few drops, the flower actually withered directly and had a small fruit bag.
There are many small sesame-like black spots in the fruit bag, at least dozens of them.

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