"Chengyi, I don’t want to give you pressure, nor do I want to tell you the truth. I want to tell you where your prestige is." Le Xuewei stopped and looked up at her husband’s eyes very seriously. "You know in your heart that D&S was created by you, and those elders are all yours. They all want you still.
I don’t have to ask you to go back because I want you to think about whether you are right now. "
Le Xuewei tilted her head and looked not far ahead.
The executive eo and the general manager are there with the gang to keep a certain distance from them, but they have never left Han Chengyi’s prestige. It is not that he can simply erase it without being in place.
Han Chengyi lowered his eyes and there were two or three cold drops of rain on his forehead. He didn’t want to take off his coat and wrap Le Xuewei’s head. "Let’s go home first when it rains!"
"Ah …"
The general manager ran from the front with an umbrella in his hand, panting. "Husband, husband, wife … give, give, give an umbrella!" "
He learned this. When he talks to the president, the president will stare at him. Although his wife will be fierce, she is still cute when she is fierce.
Chapter 47 His Responsibility and Responsibility
That night, it rained cats and dogs in the’ Hidden Lake’ mountainous area.
Le Xuewei grew up in the mayor’s office and is naturally familiar with the city’s climate. She is also used to it at this time of the year. The news of typhoon landing is playing in the TV.
"Ah, it’s so warm!"
It’s raining heavily outside. Le Xuewei Shu Shu goes into Han Chengyi’s arms, and her hands, feet and feet are wrapped around him. The effect of humanoid warm water bag is different.
Han Chengyi holding Le Xuewei is a pair of absent-minded.
"Cheng Yi, Cheng Yi?" Le Xuewei called him several times but he didn’t hear him.
"Ah?" Han Chengyi suddenly recovered and looked at the person in her arms in amazement. "What? What did you say? "
"Um … what are you thinking? I said I was thirsty. "Le Xuewei pouted a little dissatisfied.
"Oh, I’ll pour you water." Han Chengyi lifted the quilt and didn’t forget to tuck it in for her. She ran away from the heat, poured the water and came back to feed Le Xuewei. After drinking it, she continued to be so absent-minded
Le Xuewei lightly sighed and shook his head, and he couldn’t let go of his heart.
It’s raining so hard outside. Hidden Lake Resort is built in mountainous areas. Many scenic spots are not so safe. I wonder how the general manager arranged for the typhoon to land suddenly. Have the safety measures been done?
Le Xuewei can think of all these questions. Can Han Chengyi not think of them?
Suddenly the desk phone rang.
Han Chengyi almost bounced up to pick up the words. The eyebrows were locked and the expression was dignified. "Hello? I said! "
I don’t know who it is over there, and I don’t know what I said to Han Chengyi. Seeing that his face is a little heavy and his thin lips are tight in a straight line, Shuer raised his voice and shouted inside, "What do you do to eat? Haven’t you prepared for the typhoon landing in advance? This kind of thing will prevent you from letting people take tourists into the mountains every year? How many places have not been sent out of the’ hidden lake’? Even the villagers here may not know how dangerous it is! You, a general manager, made such a wrong decision? "
At the other end, the general manager probably tried to make a reasonable explanation, but Han Chengyi became more and more unhappy.
"The guest insisted? Is he major or you major? You have to be clear that whether the guests insist on something or not is our responsibility! "
"Stop talking and call all supervisors to the conference room now. I’ll be right there!"
Han Chengyi "bang" hung up the words and heaved a sigh of relief. As soon as he turned around, Le Xuewei got up and took the western shirt and tie. If he didn’t talk, he changed it for him.
"Light Snow" Han Chengyi is dazed by light snow. This is …
"It’s more appropriate to know if you can wear it." Le Xuewei smiled clearly. "My husband was born to wear western clothes."
Han Chengyi looked down at Le Xuewei in front of him with a soft heart and tied a tie for him. Suddenly, I remembered one thing: I held her hand fiercely, and my Adam’s apple was nervous. I stumbled and asked, "Light snow … me, me …"
"Huh?" Le Xuewei looked up at him.
"Here …" Han Chengyi raised her hand and pressed it between her eyes. "Is there any place where Ni Jun touched besides here?"
"…" Le Xuewei was shocked and silent for a long time and she chuckled. "Is your reflex arc too long?" She reached out and hugged Han Chengyi gently. "There was no time here. Although it wasn’t like you, I was very sad because I made you sad."
Han Chengyi replied, "Well, I will forgive you if you tell me you are sorry."
"I’m so sorry, dear." Le Xuewei stood on tiptoe and kissed him. When she was loose, she stopped at his Adam’s apple and smiled. "Is this sincere enough?"
What Han Chengyi can’t stand most is that she hooks him up like this! It’s a pity that he just ordered an emergency meeting immediately! Hold her cheek and kiss her hard. It’s not enough to be breathless and loose. I took another bite.
"When I come back, I’ll take care of you!"
"Thank you," Le Xuewei whispered in his ear with a smile. "Go! They are all waiting!"
Le Xuewei saw Han Chengyi out of the door and watched him go far away. Le Xuewei held his arm and breathed a sigh of relief. Although Cheng Yi was covered in injuries, he was still a responsible person. He would never shirk his responsibility when he provoked it.
So Chengyi really doesn’t need her to worry.
Back in the room, Le Xuewei was lying in bed. Although it was windy and rainy outside, she fell asleep safely.
When I woke up, my ears were still stormy and the rain didn’t weaken a little. When Le Xuewei reached for her mobile phone to see it, it was already seven o’clock the next morning, and her heart was pounding. Cheng Yi didn’t come back all night?
Even if you want to discuss the solution, you can’t stay away all night!
In a hurry LeXueWei changed clothes out of the door.
As soon as I left the house, I met the general manager who was coming here without taking two steps.
"Madam", the general manager, looked flustered and hurried to decide in front of Le Xuewei.
"What’s the matter?" LeXueWei see his heart ominous omen more intense "what happened? What are you doing here? What about the president? "
"This ….." The general manager swallowed saliva and looked at Le Xuewei carefully. "Madam is the president who asked me to come and tell you that the president is coming back to accompany you, but just preparing to come back, the families of the tourists who entered the mountain are coming from the city. We must find our leader to make a statement. The president is …"
Behind the words, the general manager didn’t say that finish, but Le Xuewei had guessed.
"He personally took people to find tourists." Le Xuewei is not a rhetorical question but a declarative sentence.
She knows him too well. Many years ago, when the Hidden Lake was just under construction, some accidents happened. At that time, he also took people to the high position at the grassroots level. He knew very well that he could bring influence by himself at this time.

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