Holding a medicine bottle, I suddenly moved my heart with one hand, and took out a jade bottle from Gankun’s hand and poured a small part of the "snow ice cream" into it and handed it to Li Junhe. "You should also put it in case it is not needed."
Seeing this, Li Junhe hurriedly shirked, "How can this be done? Snowflake ice cream is so precious and not much, so the master should keep it!"
Yang Xiu directly stuffed it in the right hand and said, "If you give it to you, you can accept it. I don’t know when this fight will end. I can’t take care of you at any time. If you have it, you should remember not to expose it easily!"
"Master Xie’s disciples keep in mind", remembering what happened in the palace before, can’t help but get a little red in the eyes of the master taking care of Li Junhe now.
"Go to practice!"
Seeing the disciple’s true feelings reveal, Yang Xiu doesn’t know if it’s right to benefit each other’s feelings so much.
"But it’s a real benefit to give it yourself. If he doesn’t betray me all the time, then everything I have for him now is true!"
After telling himself, he meditated and practiced.
A few days later, Yang Xiu first repaired the dark blue cassock and considered that it was a magic weapon for defense (after all, the golden body symbol can’t be used often). If he still can’t find a replacement after the dark blue cassock was destroyed, it would be in trouble, so he took the opportunity to refine a magic weapon for defense.
This magic weapon of defense is a shield called "Tai Chi Shield" and an ancient treasure, which is named after the huge Tai Chi hexagram on the front.
After the sacrifice of Taiji Shield, it is three meters high and two meters wide, which can automatically defend around the body. The most important thing is that the corresponding method can be used to shake back the attacking spells after activating the Taiji hexagrams in front of the shield.
Yang Xiu also took a fancy to it and finally chose it among several defensive magic weapons.
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Chapter two hundred and twenty City Square
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and twenty City Square
In front of the Blade Dragon Temple, a Grand Canyon Jianmen camp was exchanged externally … In the chaos, Yang Xiu waved two huge plum blossom darts from the pot with a ten thousand darts in his hand, and quickly attacked the two monks who were being caught in the middle of Jiedan.
Although the other two people are offering a black flashing defense shield outside the human body, although they also control a flying sword to besiege Yang Xiu, the other party’s attack on the exhibition of qingluan wings in Yang Xiu and the regular flying roots will not pose a threat.
While the other side’s two shields produced two huge plum blossom darts in the ten thousand darts pot, which were instantly cut into several pieces like tofu, and together with the other monk’s body, they became finely divided, leaving a scream and lingering life to dissipate completely.
Yang Xiu is very skilled at sucking the other two people’s bags and throwing them into the hands of Gan Kun, and then Qingluan’s wings disappear into the disorderly rocks.
Two months ago, after the scuffle between the Nanling Sect and the sword facade, the two sides returned to calm, and the large-scale conflicts like that have not been regenerated, but the small-scale conflicts have multiplied.
The so-called small-scale fighting, just like his fighting with the two swordsmen monks just now, was sent to the junction of the two sides by both factions, either in groups of three or five, or alone to kill each other.
In fact, compared with large-scale conflicts, the casualties of this kind of play are of course not loose in terms of intensity or number of casualties.
Unless, like those two monks just now, they were unlucky enough to meet Yang Xiu, so they didn’t even have a chance to escape.
Otherwise, the repair is quite a magic weapon, and the power is different by a few monks. When they meet the other side, they will get a little hurt at most, and then they will escape, and generally they will not die.
Yang Xiu mainly relied on several powerful magic weapons and fast flying degrees in his hands to deal with Godsworn Jiedan.
Even if I accidentally met a group of monks in the later period of Jiedan, I could get away safely with his soil evasion skills.
As a result, in this month, there were more than a dozen monks who died in his hands, which made him more famous in Nanling Sect and Jianmen.
After all, it is not only easy for a monk in the middle of Jiedan to strangle a monk of the same rank, but also to win more and lose less against a monk in the later period of Jiedan, not to mention destroying Mo Daolin’s body before.
Therefore, some good people secretly praised him as the first person in Jianmen and Nanling School except Tianxuan Taishi Zu and Yi Jiansheng, who succeeded in having a baby. Among the two schools, Mo Daolin was famous for his great shock, and he was also compared.
And this kind of talk is getting wider and wider, almost all the monks of the two factions have heard about it, and Yang Xiu secretly smiled bitterly when he learned the news later.
Heart, this is not pure trouble for yourself!
Perhaps this is someone deliberately arranged this way. Yang Xiu can’t help but be alert
After all, Wen is the first and Wu is the second. If he realizes that this title is difficult, some people will not.
Although no one has come to find fault with him for this matter yet, what do they think in their hearts?
These people may be waiting for the right time, which will bring him unexpected trouble.
There are also a few monks in the two sects who have tried to have babies. If he doesn’t rely on Bai Zhi and the Ghost King, he will probably be defeated by himself.
Because now he mainly relies on sharp magic weapons to defeat those high-ranking monks, but there is no guarantee that other monks will not have one or two such magic weapons, right?
For example, the power of this 10,000-dart pot is also amazing. If it weren’t for the fact that he and Meng Yun joined forces to attack each other, it would be really difficult to solve.
Anyway, seeing Yang Xiu by all the monks in this sword gate is like seeing the devil’s base. They all make a detour for fear that they will be slow and become the soul of the sword.
Walking, he couldn’t think for a moment before he came to a foothill behind Huilong Temple, where there were wooden houses and stone houses of different sizes, and the law defense was looming.
The foundations of these houses outside are scattered in a mess, and there is no law at all.
These are the temporary houses that Nanling sent some monks in the construction period and built at will.
Specially supply those monks who have consumed magic weapons and instruments, or some monks get some of their own unnecessary profits and exchange them here.
Although the scene is not as good as the real exchange meeting, it is still lively, which is more popular than the place where the monks practice near Yang Xiu’s abode of fairies and immortals.
He walked towards the most conspicuous house in the house group.
There are many monks on the road who show respect when they see him. Although Yang Xiu doesn’t care much about his face and expression, he is still indifferent, but his heart is still more or less indifferent
This stone house covers an area of about 200 square meters, and it was built in a huge rock.
There is not much surprise on the surface of the house, but a stone door will leave nothing else.
Shimen arranged a ban to form a catty, which was like a water curtain and could not see clearly the situation inside.
And this water curtain can only be passed by monks in Dan period.
Without hesitation, Yang Xiu went in and saw that there were twenty people scattered in the house. Some of them were trading in several stalls, and some monks were bargaining with the stall owners or choosing stalls alone.
But no one speaks, so it seems quiet.
See Yang Xiu came in most of the shrug is looked back.
A few familiar monks nodded with a smile and said hello, and no one came to talk actively.
Yang Xiu also ignored others and ran directly to a humble single house in the house.
This room is even more quietly and antique. A bronze incense burner is placed in the center of the room and overflows with smoke, which makes the room full of a soft and slippery feeling.
Sitting in the room was a chubby monk in the late period of building a foundation. When he saw Yang Xiu coming in, he immediately got up and greeted him. "It turned out to be Uncle Yang. Please sit down quickly."
Fat while giving up his seat to Yang Xiu poured a times of fragrant tea, moving well in order to show everyone’s demeanor
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Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine Tokens

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