Get up from the quiet room and come to the alchemy room quickly with the stars, crystal and gold in your hands, ready to re-refine the five elements of lightsaber Jin Jian.
"Dan Huo Ding is out!"
Sitting cross-legged in the middle of an alchemist’s room on a futuanqiu waist bag, I took out the Dan Huoding.
Godsworn, if the refining device is repaired enough, you don’t need the help of a cauldron. At present, the elixir period is to be refined, but the Bhutan cauldron can be used, but it still needs the help of foreign objects to re-refine the magic weapon.
The magic weapon is much higher than the utensils and treasures. The flame needed for refining is extremely durable and hot. After the monk became an elixir in autumn, the fire temperature is enough to refine the magic weapon, but the autumn repair is not enough to ensure the durability of the elixir fire.
If you want to refine a magic weapon successfully with the help of Dan fire, it is estimated in autumn that the monk’s practice should reach the late stage of Dan fire, otherwise the Dan fire will not last long enough.
The fire from the elixir is much hotter than the fire from the ground, and the flame contained in the elixir cauldron is equivalent to the fire from the ground in temperature, so the autumn elixir fire is definitely better than the flame in the elixir cauldron.
It is the best choice to refine the magic weapon with the fire of elixir, but it is not enough to repair it in autumn, so he needs the help of the fire of elixir in the middle period of elixir.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Xiu Xian Bai Yi Qiu is good at alchemy, but he is quite lacking in refining equipment.
Since stepping into the realm of cultivating immortals, autumn has never really been refined. He has seen some jade slips that are useful in refining vessels, so autumn has a little theoretical basis in refining vessels from actual combat experience.
If you want to refine a magic weapon completely, it is unlikely, but it is very simple to re-refine the five-element lightsaber.
Refining the five-element lightsaber is actually adding a rare refining material to the original five swords. Is it a magic weapon to refine?
Take Jin Jian, who re-refined the five-element lightsaber, as an example. In autumn, the stars, crystal and gold can be completely melted into a liquid state, and then they can be evenly and perfectly integrated into the Jin Jian, and Jin Jian can be successfully transformed from a treasure into a magic weapon.
It is precisely because the process of remelting Jin Jian is that it is very easy to melt the stars, crystals and gold that I dare to do it alone.
"Dan Huoding caught fire!"
Put Dan Huoding in front of you, and your hands will dance quickly in the autumn. One by one, the formula will be printed continuously, and then it will hit Dan Huoding one after another. Immediately, a big hot flame will be ejected from the mouth of Ding Kou Ding Kou.
When Xiu was still in the foundation period, autumn often made Dan Huo Ding ignite the flame in it. He felt that the power of this flame was comparable to that of the earth vein fire, and it was called Dan Huo because Dan Huo Ding was named Qiu.
However, when the condensed elixir succeeded in becoming an elixir monk and experienced the real power of the elixir fire, Qiu realized that the flame in the elixir cauldron was far from the elixir fire and could be called a fake elixir fire.
Hands are dancing as fast as wearing a Hua Hudie, and the autumn has produced a number of printing tips to the front of the stars, crystal gold, and a seal in the autumn eyes tightly notes that the stars, crystal gold are suspended and moved to the Danhuo tripod to bear the burning of fake Danhuo.
The first and most important step of remelting the five-element light-splitting sword Jin Jian is to completely melt the star crystal gold from solid to liquid.
Eyes closed, eyes still, autumn sitting cross-legged on a futon. In front of him, flames rose in the Dan cauldron. In the Dan cauldron, a man’s head-sized star, Tianjing Jinzheng, was constantly burning.
In the process of burning the stars, crystals and gold with fake Dan fire, one minute passed by the last three days.
In these three days, the star crystal gold was constantly burned by the flame of Dan Huoding, and Qiu was not lazy at all, but for three days, the whole star crystal gold was even a little melting trend
"It seems that the temperature of the fake Dan fire is still not enough. If you don’t move the Dan fire, the star crystal gold really can’t melt."
For three days and three nights, Qiu was not lazy at all, and kept burning the crystal gold of the stars. This piece of refined material turned out to be the slightest change, so Qiu realized that if you don’t move the fire, you will never be able to resist the crystal gold of the stars.
"Then the fire is out!"
Seeing the fake Dan fire can’t resist the stars, the crystal and the golden autumn, Nai has decided to move the Dan fire. He is taking a deep breath and a latosolic red flame is spouting from his mouth.
A crimson Dan fire was sprayed by autumn and went straight to the Dan fire tripod. In autumn, I wanted to combine the Dan fire with the fake Dan fire to make it more powerful.
As soon as the elixir fire was sprayed on the elixir tripod and melted into the fake elixir fire, the two kinds of flames collided violently and burst into flames.
"Well, that’s great. The effective Dan fire is really extraordinary. The stars, the crystal and the gold have already shown signs of melting."
In the autumn, the stars, crystal and gold showed some signs of melting when the flame exploded violently in a collision between Dan fire and fake Dan fire.
"Ok, just keep burning for me!"
See Dan fire is very severe, a show will be the original fake Dan fire for three days and three nights also failed to endure the stars day crystal financialization, his exultation in the heart spirit suddenly excited, but also increased the fuelling Dan firepower.
At the mouth of the Dan fire, the fake Dan fire was silent one after another after a collision and explosion, but the flame was burning and did not explode again, and the Dan fire also occupied the middle part of the mouth of the Dan fire, but the fake Dan fire was squeezed out and lived around the edge of the Dan fire.
In the early autumn of the Elixir Period, a great deal of mana was needed to stir up the fire of Elixir, but it was consumed in a moment.
Qiu roughly estimated that a continuous fuelling Dan fire just consumed mana to spend the autumn, which can last for half an hour at most, and then the mana will be exhausted by the base.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Magic Weapon Jin Jian
After a year’s refining and autumn, a whole piece of star crystal gold, which is the size of a human head, has finally been melted into a liquid state, and it is possible to continue to refine the five elements of lightsaber Jin Jian.
Although the stars, crystal and gold are completely melted, autumn is not only exhausted in mana, but also extremely tired in spirit. Only by restoring its own state can it be re-refined.
After another half a month, in autumn, after practicing, then the light shines again and the power is restored.

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