Feeling sorry for his parents, he has to pay it back in a generation.
"Why didn’t you give me a message when you came back?" After breaking free, Li Yuhua complained
"Isn’t this a surprise for you?" Winning cheekily said
"Stone, you are not the same as before." Li Yuhua looked at her and suddenly appeared.
Will ever win got a fright.
Crossing is the biggest secret, and it must not be known to others, but a mother can see the problem at a glance …
Know better than a father … Mother!
Of course, he knows what his mother means by "different", which means that his temperament, spirit and personality are different.
He quickly explained, "I feel that I have made progress myself, mom. You don’t know that Spain is really a passionate country where men and women kiss in the street …"
"go! What are you talking about! "
"It’s true that people there are so enthusiastic. Your son has become enthusiastic after staying there for several years … What do you think?" Changsheng Zhang arm said
Li Yuhua looked at it and nodded. "It’s not bad to be handsome. At least when you meet a girl, you can’t say a word … it’s hard to find a girlfriend."
Ever-victorious leng didn’t expect his brother to have such a side …
Although I was an otaku in my previous life, I was better than him. At least, I was much more exposed in that information explosion society, and my performance was always better.
"You’re almost thirty, and it’s time to find a girl, right? That girl is … "Said Li Yuhua to winning Mr Make signal with the lips.
It’s not ten minutes since we met, and my mother has started to think about the important events in her life, which is also the habit of being a parent.
Changsheng quickly shook his head. "Don’t get me wrong. She’s my friend. We met her in Spain and she’s very curious about China. It’s like coming with me."
"Really?" A mother looks puzzled.
It’s a big headache for my son. People say that my mother is telepathic, and now she always wins more than half of them.
In order not to let mom continue to pester him on this issue, he chose to change the subject actively. "Okay, mom, let’s go home." It’s not good to keep my friend waiting here, is it? "
Li Yuhua also thinks this is really bad.
China is a state of etiquette, and the people of China are hospitable. How can their children’s friends stay at home and catch up with their children, leaving the guests cold?
She went to say hello to Avril in Chinese, "Hello girl".
Chang Sheng translated "My mother is greeting you" beside her.
Avril quickly folded her hands and nodded and bent down. "Hello, hello, aunt!" "
Seeing her clever sample, Li Yuhua turned to Changsheng and said, "What a good girl! This is the dress …"
Changsheng coughed and said that this is the sign of Avril Lavigne.
"Welcome to our home," Li Yuhua continued.
Always win and continue to translate.
"Uncle is a good man, and I am going to trouble you!" Avril Lavigne’s clever answer made Changsheng wonder whether the girl who swore and hit people in the bar that day was in front of this drunk girl …
Neighbors in the next neighborhood looked at them with no great promise, but Chang Jia was fluent in foreign languages and was communicating with the girl. They were in a mixed mood.
At this time, China’s foreign language level is very important in the eyes of ordinary people.
If a person is good at a foreign language, that means promising or half promising.
This is the one they recognized for so many years and didn’t make any money.
At that time, everyone felt that this constant victory was very strange.
Say a few words Li Yuhua took two people walked to the floor.
She didn’t look at those onlookers.
It’s always been an alternative to choose their home because of their constant victory, and they have been used by others to say things.
The base is always talking as a negative example.
This compound is so big that she knows everything she says.
However, she is gentle and not good at arguing.
If her son plays football, there may be many people who give their thumbs up and say that they can make a lot of money and have great prospects, but a football coach who has never heard of it is another matter … Does a football coach earn as much as an ordinary worker? This is what many people suspect.

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