It turns out that Brother Ying has long known that he can’t compare with the demon statue in Yuan infant period, so when he fled, he made two pieces of seal characters at the same time, one is "body double’s illusion symbol" and the other is "invisibility symbol", which really succeeded in deceiving the world.
Of course, the most important thing is to benefit from his two charms, which are rare and beautiful, otherwise he will have to swallow his anger and die today.
Master Lin saw that the other party had already dived into the water, and he knew that chasing could not help but transfer his anger to the "Brother Kuang".
At this moment, Brother Kuang can already see a black shadow. After all, he just fled almost at the same time as Brother Ying, and everyone knew that he was good, so no one went after him the farthest.
But master Lin looked at each other’s back, not sad, but flashed a sneer.
Seeing that he and the monster beast figure suddenly disappeared and disappeared for a moment, they emerged from Brother Kuang, and the ghost was exactly the same as the avatar.
As soon as the monster beast came out, his huge tail was slapped at Brother Kuang, and he was caught off guard.
However, Brother Kuang was not killed after such a blow, but immediately stabilized himself and fled to the other side more quickly after being knocked over for a few somersaults.
When the monster saw that the other side was not dead, he couldn’t help showing a trace of doubt like humanization, but Zhai did not hesitate to use a spell to tie Brother Kuang, who was about to escape, back with the wind belt like Brother Ying.
Brother Kuang didn’t know today’s ending was born to die when he broke free. He was so angry that he seemed to be throwing caution to the wind. His eyes were more red and he waved his sword and took the initiative to kill the monster beast when he was brought into the side.
If the moves are crazy, if you don’t defend, you will be desperate.
The monster beast doesn’t seem to have expected that this moment ago, he was also crazy like a ball to be small. Now he still has the courage to resist an carelessness and let Brother Kuang cut his sword in it to shoot the scales of his front foot.
However, the scales were not cut, but they still scraped out a series of black "fierce" to make it hurt for a while.
When the monster beast saw this, he couldn’t help but burst into a roar, and the liquid was as hot as magma. He suddenly sprayed Brother Kuang, and instantly submerged the counter-counter.
However, Brother Kuang’s magic weapon that can resist the attack actually let him fly out of the magma alive. Although the surface of his body has been bloody and festering, all this still failed to make him more crazy, but it made him wave the handle and cut it at Master Lin.
But in the face of absolute strength, he also persisted for a while, and everything was in vain. Finally, he was torn to pieces by the angry monster beast, and it fell like a rain of blood.
However, the sword was still intact and was put away by Master Lin.
All the monks present saw all this for a long time, and the shock in their hearts was self-evident.
At this time, Yang Xiu had already put away the ten kill array and the "Nine Beautiful Pictures" that had been rolled up to nonyl and flew to everyone’s side silently.
In fact, although his own side was very unfavorable in this fight just now, Yang Xiu was not prepared to worry that he would be in danger. After all, it is not difficult for him to sneak away from his wings and hide.
Moreover, he also carries two bottles of Wan Nianling Liquid with him, so he is not too worried that he will not be able to fly to 6 places for a long time.
But now, although the crisis has been solved, Master Lin has a monster beast in infancy, but it also makes his heart a little uneasy. After all, the other party is too strong, even if he lets Bai Zhi come out with the ghost king, he can’t resist it, which makes him very insecure.
Therefore, I can’t help but think of returning to 6. Anyway, now that the Qingming Crystal has been obtained, he has nothing to worry about.
However, from now on, there is no hull to fly back to 6 or a nearby island, and the danger is that many monsters and birds in the sea can not be underestimated.
Moreover, they have been out for several months, so it is still faint that some machines will be in big trouble if they can’t reach the shore after finishing two bottles of Wan Nianling Liquid.
Although the seagoing ship has an array that can be directly sent back to 6, it is very convenient, but this array is arranged in Master Lin’s room, so it is a delusion to go here.
In particular, this young master Lin has always been a mystery, which is his main hesitation factor.
Just now, what he didn’t take very actively when he dared to fight was that he thought that Master Lin should have other magical powers besides the bow and arrow, which proved that his guess was unreasonable, and the other party even made him shocked and unexpected.
Therefore, he is also worried that if he is caught by Master Lin when he escapes later, it will not end well.
After studying in various factories, I let him give up the idea of walking away quietly. I told myself to be careful after I arrived at the island, and I thought there should be no danger when I arrived.
In Yang Xiu’s mind, Master Lin has taken back the monster beast and said to the monks.
"Let’s go and divide the things on the opposite side of the ship and destroy these two ships. I’ll see how that man can get back without a ship!"
That man obviously means that Brother Ying Bei doesn’t want him, and now he is still a little upset about his successful escape.
Although he is still in a normal tone, everyone has surpassed his spirit and beast, so he is more afraid of him. He is careful to promise, even though he is curious about his monster beast, he dare not take the initiative to ask anything
I heard that Mao Jing, who was going to divide the other ship, tasted the sweetness once, and Rio Tinto and others couldn’t help but sweep away the excitement and hurriedly flew to the "Tianzujiao" ship.
Yu Qi, who is dead, doesn’t know if everyone forgot or what, but there is no one else.
Perhaps because of an experience, this finishing irony is much more neat than just now, but when Yang Xiu was half-scented, he was assigned a lot of monster beast materials
Among them, he also found a black gourd in a room, and now it is filled with the monster spirit in the Dan period, which made him happy for quite a while … Zhengyou will be refined into a Biluo peak in the future, and the face of ghosts will not be recovered.
watch from a height or distance
After all this, meet Na Tuo and Tan Binggong, who respectively played several Dan fires, and instantly burned two seagoing ships to ashes in those two ships.
Then they returned directly to the cabin and went out again.
Later, Yang Xiu and others experienced a particularly strong storm after the waves, a group of birds attacked by a "one-eyed eagle", and they also met two powerful monsters fighting in the sea, and so on. Finally, after two years, except for Tan Binggong who was killed in a monster attack, they were successfully brought to the famous island where Master Lin was going.
Although it took more than two years in total, most of them were delayed by some accidents, which took so long.
Although the period is breathtaking, Yang Xiu also took advantage of this period to successfully refine the famous Fabi Luofeng on the ship. Now it has been placed in another body for refining and can initially exert its power.
And the "eagle claws" that the demon beggar stole from God also made the ghost of heaven successfully sacrifice and refine its own magic weapon when it was cleared, and finally made it have combat effectiveness in front of the monks in the Xie Dan period. Yang Xiu also secretly relied on it to resist some dangers.
In your mind, I found that "the nine beautiful pictures of the golden body" and that Yang Xiu, who can pass through the virtual magic weapon "through the cloud cone", also refined them one by one.
Because after such a small battle, he felt that it was decisive to have a few magic weapons in his hand, so he was able to refine all these powerful magic weapons.
In these two years, he once again made a purple jade gourd and secretly observed a crowd reaction, most of which was to show envy and look in the north. It seems that no one recognized that this was a smile. Although I don’t know how many people’s expressions are true or false, he was relieved to see this.
The edge of the island is gloomy, the trees are full of trees, the grass is long, the roads are long, and there are several islands connected to it, so it is not obvious.
Nearly 1000 meters away from the outlying islands, Mr. Lin made people stop their ships and prepare to fly to the island shore here.
Mainly to prevent ships from being damaged by monsters living on the island.
According to the previous agreement, it is necessary to send Master Cai to the center of the famous island, and Yang Xiu and others can prepare it from the ship, so everyone seems a little excited. After all, after more than two years of turbulence in the sea, they can’t stand it.
Except those sailors who stayed in the boat, Yang Song and others followed Master Lin out of the cabin and flew to the island.
The island is deserted and overgrown with weeds, so Yang Xiu and others can fly there.
But in this way, there will be birds in the dike, so all the people are not flying high, and they have already carefully guarded their respective defense shields around.
No one wants to have any accidents at the end.
The island is extremely quiet, and you can hear the sound of the tide beating on the island shore and the sound of the sea breeze, and there is not even a bird singing.
However, as the saying goes, there is always a demon in the anomaly, so all this can make people more careful and dare not relax. After all, hiding in a calm storm is even more frightening because of the unknown.

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