The strength of the two beasts also deeply shocked the captain of the guard team on the Star Cross Island and watched in horror as Qing Ye finally had a battalion chief who asked Qing Ye for mercy and expressed his willingness to return.
With the first place, there will be the second captain, and those patrol members will naturally say that they will return to Qing Ye when they see that the captains have all returned.
However, among the dozens of strong men, Saite saw that several captains shouted to Qing Ye, one of the big red-haired men, "You young players dare to rebel against the Lord and die!" Say that finish a punch to the several battalion chief tried to kill it.
Looked at Qing Ye cold hum a wave of his hands that red-haired man feel chest like a heavy knock down fly I don’t know how many miles disappeared in front of everyone.
So god threatened you to avenge Saite, and dozens of strong men were afraid to move their minds again.
In fact, there are not necessarily any stupid mansion owners in hell and five continents. When you kill these mansion owners or shura, then you are the new mansion owner or shura.
This is the strong respect hell.
Qing Ye killed the fierce shuraset. It is reasonable to say that Star Cross Island will naturally belong to Qing Ye. This is the rule of the supreme ruler of hell to destroy the master.
However, if Qing Ye wants these Star Cross Island guards to be truly returned, it is necessary to do something to deter them, especially the dozens of strong people who were originally invited by Saite. These people are not guards, but the strong people who were originally taken into hell by Saite.
I don’t know where the red-haired man was blown to death by Qing Ye. More than one million guards in Xinghengdao decided to have their lives guaranteed, and gradually they no longer cared about Saite. Those strong people returned to Qing Ye in succession.
And those who are still hesitating, Qing Ye, dozens of strong people, will not say much about directly exhibiting the chaotic world, sealing those dozens of people directly in the chaotic boundary, and then shrinking the chaotic boundary into a small ball with both hands and falling into Qing Ye’s hands. Qing Ye hands a HarmonyOS spirit fire and dozens of goddesses fall.
At the sight of this, the guards on the Star Cross Island never rebelled again and looked at Qing Ye in awe.
Saite is a hell-burning one, and the top ranking is in the hands of Qing Ye, and even half a move has not been supported. What is this concept? !
This is the first time they have seen such great strength.
They don’t know what the strength of Qing Ye has reached, but most of them think that Qing Ye should be a god of dzogchen, and they dare not think about it.
The Lord God doesn’t want to kill a shura in such a chat, does he? A small star-crossed island?
Don’t say that Star Cross Island is the whole hell, and it is also ruled by the Lord God.
However, everything will never be an absolute exception. Qing Ye is an exception, and this world is an exception.
The problem of receiving Star Cross Island is to manage Star Cross Island.
When Qing Ye and the female milk came to Xingheng House, they asked Long Jiuyou and others to call the captains of the patrol guards to Xingheng Island, with more than one million patrol guards and hundreds of them.
These captains, big and small, came to Qing Ye and trembled. When Qing Ye saw this, he said to the prostitute, "Is your husband so terrible?" The prostitute winked "it seems so"
Qing Ye smirked, "I’ll see you tonight."
Then Qing Ye introduced Long Jiu You and Lin Meng and others to the captains of the original Star Cross Island, and then re-defined some matters and handed over the power to Long Jiu You, Lin Meng and Buck, the veteran of the violet mercenary group, and then the female breast closed.
Of course, there are two people who know what to close.
A few months later, one day, the female milk looked shy and said to Qing Ye, "I have a husband."
Qing Ye didn’t react for a moment. "What wife do you have?" Suddenly, Qing Ye opened his eyes wide and looked at the woman’s milk with surprise. "Wife, do you mean you have it? Do you have? ! Have a? !” This Qing Ye finally became a father for nothing.
Chapter two hundred and nineteen The New Year has arrived.
The prostitute has it! Starcross Island films are happy and clear, and they have been laughing all day for hundreds of millions of years.
The name "father" was a long time ago, but now Qing finally felt the wonderful feeling of being a father.
When a prostitute is pregnant for a fat hour after October, a warm feeling rises in her heart.
Look at the chubby little face and the expression that seems to be sleeping with closed eyes. Everything is so cute and there is a sweet smile on the corner of her mouth.
Of course, this sweet smile is also a wishful thinking. How can a catty of baby have these expressions and thoughts?
When a child is born, he is named Tian.
All things in heaven are heavenly, and heaven is clear. Those who naturally want their children to be heavenly.
However, it didn’t disappoint Qing He Nu Wa. Since childhood, she has shown great intelligence and talent. She can draw inferences about everything, especially when she didn’t practice Qing Kung Fu all the way, but created a set of martial arts called "Xingyun Tactics".
Nebula, the most mysterious nebula in the universe, runs in a way that conforms to heaven.
Qing is also surprised that my son can create this "nebula tactic" achievement method. I don’t underestimate that if my son can really cultivate this "nebula tactic" to the extreme, maybe he can create his own world, and then realize that the achievement will not be less than himself.
The Qing dynasty also cultivated.
Yao’s speed of cultivation is amazing, and when Qinghe’s female milk helped him reach the fairyland at the age of ten, he had a fairy body.
Now, every time he starts to count the stars around him, the average god can’t underestimate this little guy.
Besides practicing, Tian likes playing tricks on Long You, Lin Meng and Buck. At the age of ten, he became a ten-thousand-person National People’s Congress in Xingheng Island. Wang Long You, Lin Meng and Buck have a headache every time they see Tian, but they love him very much.
After ten years of self-control of Xingheng Island, Fiona Fang’s annual miles of Fiona Fang waters have been collected; However, in those days, some powerful leaders, big and small, had seen the images of the war between Qing Dynasty and Beirut, and the forces in Fiona Fang waters collected billions of miles. Instead of coming forward, Long You, Lin Meng and Barker were asked to carry them out.
Yu Xing Yokoshima, all of them have seen the * * force of Qing Yun, so it is easy to eliminate their memory. Qing He Nu Nai appeared in front of everyone and laid a dreamland around the body surface. No one but the Lord God can see the true colors of Qing He Nu Nai.
Ten years is not too long, not too short. In this decade, apart from raising children, Qinghe prostitutes are doing Kunding to absorb HarmonyOS gas and break through Taiyi Golden Wonderland in chaotic gas period.
On this day, it is clear that I want to leave Star Cross Island and go to the five continents of Hell.
When I came to hell, I didn’t leave the chaotic sea. Seeing that my son was going to visit the five continents, they didn’t have any opinions and took my son to fly to the five continents.
The five continents of hell are just close to the chaos, and the Qing Dynasty and the women’s milk are coming to the mainland with their children.
The prostitutes in Qinghe are naturally riding yazi and qingluaner. There is also a god beast in Jinjiao, and it is rare to see a god beast with a golden horn and a white face. It is also rare to cultivate the metaphysical strength of water and soil.

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