On the one hand, there is a huge backlog of beliefs in Zhai for thousands of years, while on the other hand, an ordinary father feels deeply guilty about his daughter. For the latter, a father can’t protect his daughter’s pain, which has deeply tortured him over the years, and this personal pain is the experience of others.
"I advise you not to look at her!" The white tiger has a deep and powerful voice.
"no!" Li Jiu ye suddenly shivered and roared, and his voice was a little loud, but the veins stood out in his arm were suddenly and violently exposed.
I can see clearly from a distance that the white tiger’s eyes suddenly flashed a trace of compassion.
The white tiger nodded and flashed, "Come with me!" He said, and ran to the mountain.
Li Jiu immediately moved as fast as a cheetah and never crossed the line.
Su Chen immediately lost a word with the past, "Kexin is still carrying you!"
Mercedes-Benz has been running for an hour, and the beautiful scenery keeps changing, but it is not so important at the moment. Su Chen and Chen Kexin feel inexplicably depressed.
The white tiger suddenly jumped onto a ridge and stopped. "Here we are!" he said coldly.
Far first jump to see back Chen Kexin immediately "ah" a face full of horror.
Suchen Li Jiu jumped almost at the same time.
Suchen also saw the scene in front of her face, and her white shoulders trembled slightly.
In fact, without those trees, it would be quite a beautiful view.
This is a mountain valley, and the ridges on both sides of a relatively gentle hillside are like a mother with her arms open, and the mountain valley is as quiet as that baby, and the green grass is full of faint halo and colorful haze.
Without those trees, it would be a fairyland!
But those trees, a tree trunk is thick and cystic, which makes people feel ugly!
Far, Suchen, Chen Kexin, the tree heart can be seen clearly at this height. There is a person quietly in the heart of each tree, or this person is wrapped in trees.
Each of them is dressed up as a Miao girl. Recently, the eyebrows in one corner of her eyes are so clear and frightening. The Miao girl has a small tree with green leaves fluttering in the wind and rustling in the wind, singing a low, hoarse and blue song.
As stupefied as a deer, people can naturally see the smooth and tender skin of Miao girls most clearly. At the moment, the green color varies with the age and the body can be seen clearly. This is by no means a person’s own vein, but it is very similar to a plant’s roots.
"no!" Li Jiu ye face upwards out a roar.
The white tiger voice is still faint. "You should have thought of what would happen if you dedicated it to Zun. Why must you look at this result?"
"What?" Li Jiu ye’s eyes are red and his fist is clenched.
"It’s cruel!" Suchen can’t help but drink a way
The white tiger smiled and showed a trace of sadness and charm. "Is this cruel? There is such a thing in heaven and earth, and there is such a thing called Cordyceps sinensis on the earth. This thing knows that humans can turn over the whole castle peak, but isn’t that just a plant seed that will be unearthed or not? There is no difference between human life and insect life here! "
Li Jiu ye some like crazy YouZi murmured "what happened? What will happen? "
White tiger "What happened? I’ll tell you! It is far from saying that in the twelfth year of Kangxi, the army invaded Fanjing Mountain to flatten Miao Village. If it was not for the respect of the magic, Miao Village would have left no chickens and dogs! "
Lord Li Jiu suddenly knelt down and kowtowed to Bai Hu, saying, "Li Jiu remembers the protection of Bai Hu Mountain God from generation to generation!"
Suchen, come here and hold on to the far hand. Because this scene is obviously out of control, Li Jiu, this situation is extremely dangerous and on the verge of collapse. Only by stepping aside, Chen Kexin is also anxious and worried.
It is impossible to be a fairy in Su Chen’s eyes, but in the face of Li Jiu’s accumulated pains for many years, even if it is far away, it can be easily erased
When Li Jiu finished, he suddenly said, "But I’m going to challenge the mountain god today!"
White tiger’s eyes immediately narrowed into a line and then two cold lights "what?" Some white tigers don’t understand what’s going on.
"No what?" Then Li Jiu took off the seedlings with all kinds of patterns and symbols printed on them. "It’s because Jinhua called me an ABBA!" Speaking of which, Li Jiu burst into tears.
He can see clearly that the package in the nearest tree is the golden flower. How can a father not be heartbroken at this scene? !
White tiger maw smiled "you beat me!
"If you can’t fight, you have to fight!" Ye Li Jiu stepped forward and his blood gushed in an instant. Su Chenyuan also felt that Ye Li Jiu’s instantaneous breakthrough was often a dream for a military man.
But it is not enough to break through even the highest level of strength.
Li Jiu Ye Xun ran up, and this rush was as far away as an arrow. At this moment, Li Jiu Ye got rid of the heavy bondage of thousands of years of faith.
Li Jiu’s tongue Zha Chunlei generally made a shocking shout and punched the tiger’s head.
This punch is absolutely fierce. Suchen asks herself if she can hide from this earth-shattering punch and never fight it head-on
The white tiger didn’t move. It was staring at Li Jiu’s fist. The white tiger got bigger in front of it. Just when the fist was about to get to the white tiger’s nose, the white tiger suddenly opened its mouth and roared like a tsunami.
Far away, Su Chen and Chen Kexin saw that the surrounding air stand was also torn and twisted to form a huge shock wave, which washed Li Jiu like a fallen leaf and flew out.
Compared with the ultimate strength of human courage and toughness, it is too wide.
As soon as Li Jiu was hit, he spit out one mouthful blood. Chen Kexin hurriedly ran to stop the bleeding for Li Jiu.
The white tiger walked around a little anxious and roared a few times, which seemed to calm his mood. "You are very distressed, right? But you know that every tiger dies in this world, I am deeply hurt. Not long ago, an old tiger died in Fanjing Mountain. It should eventually die of old age and fall into the hunter’s so-called trap and starve to death alive!"
What the white tiger said in the distance is like the squeal of the roars, which corresponds to the white tiger’s mood at the moment.
It is clear from a distance that the white tiger’s eyes are red at this time, and the violent clouds have circled and grown in front of the white tiger. At the same time, the tragic scene of all kinds of tigers being hunted by human beings suddenly flashed in the sight of everyone.
Su Chen "ah" holds her heart in one hand and can’t stand it!

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