This Yi Long Yin is ringing in Quiba, but it comes to the old man with irresistible coercion.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Arrogance
A strange scene suddenly happened in front of everyone’s eyes.
See just now, it seems that he has been firmly convinced that magic dragon has suddenly become a little dumpling snake and fled into the flesh with a shock.
With a plop, Quiba has knelt down at the foot of the old dog, and when he looks scared, his body is also distorted and changeable, which has actually shown his body.
Look at its headgear, double-horned horse-faced lion with dark green scales all over its nose. It’s really like a deep-sea dragon.
Dragon is a monster beast, which is extremely strong and opportunistic, and they are also extremely proud.
However, Queba, who is of the earth, is not kneeling on his old feet at the moment, but also shows his body.
From its shivering body and extremely gentle eyes, we can know that it is not very afraid of the people in front of it, and it has indeed released the minister’s will
What such a move means may not be clear to the old man, but they are all too clear about it.
But they are very puzzled that the old man looks miserable. What can make Quiba train? Is Quiba crazy?
Although they are extremely puzzled, they have leisure to find the answer now.
Jie Jie, you’re clever. Now that you’ve abandoned the dark and worshipped my old gate, please step aside and watch the Yan continue to call the roll.
The old man’s strange smile rang again.
It was said that Quiba respectfully knocked his head and really retreated to one side, and the flying antelope arrived at one place.
Now the four demons of Qing Ransa’s hand have been wiped out, and the kids there have left the brother Xiao Chang of the King of the Sun.
By this time, the king of the sun looked at the old dog, and his eyes had hidden fear. The fire lizard Wang Xiaochang was even more at a loss
Quiba, you’re crazy.
Seeing that Quiba had turned to the enemy, Qing Ran was furious and stood up to drink and scold.
Qingran Gongkuiba is sober and knows what he is doing. I’m sorry for you and I’ll get involved again.
Unexpectedly, Quiba took a light look at Qing Ran and was very calm.
When Quiba condescended to go to Qingran, he was able to gain the dragon-changing secret. Now, in his eyes, the old man is different from the real dragon incarnation, and Qingran is nothing at once.
It’s no wonder that he wants to be a minister to Lao Zi, because if he knows that Lao Zi doesn’t even know the real dragon fart, let alone the secret method of changing dragons, he will feel again.
Hum, get involved again. I think you’re looking for death
When Qing Ran was angry, his eyes suddenly fell into danger, and a strong momentum of the earth had firmly locked in Quiba’s threat.
But Quiba was not afraid of not even lifting his eyelids.
Of course, relying on green ran is a magic weapon. Ten green ran can’t defeat Quiba with a blow.
Ha, ha, ha, brother Qing Ran, at this time, aren’t you white? We met an expert today.
Just when Qing Ran wanted to fight Quiba, Sa suddenly laughed and stopped Qing Ran from staring at the old man with eyes full of pitfalls, which was very meaningful.

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