Yang Xiu couldn’t help smiling when he saw each other’s appearance. In fact, he planned to buy elves. The purpose was to hear that elves are natural wizards, artists, archers and blessed by the goddess of nature. Generally, they can live for 500 to 600 years. Therefore, he planned to see if there are any differences in each other’s physique, but he wouldn’t be as lustful as human aristocrats.
Yang Xiu didn’t want to scare her when she saw the other person alone. "Don’t be afraid. I didn’t mean any harm. What’s your name?"
In order to let the other side relax their guard and reduce their fears, there is a little charm in their voices.
"Alina" came out of the elf’s mouth in a soft voice like a mosquito.
Sure enough, although the other party still has a face of fear and alert, I still can’t help but say it.
"Elena?" Yang Xiu repeated the name of an elf and smiled and said, "It’s nice. The name is as beautiful as you!"
Elena bowed her head and said nothing.
"By the way, let me show you your magic seal. Maybe I can solve it for you!" Yang Xiu gently waved judo to each other.
He also wants to see what principle these people use to seal magic.
Elena couldn’t help showing her little head when she heard this. Her red eyes looked puzzled at Yang Xiu, but she didn’t move.
"Don’t worry," Yang Xiu patiently coaxed forward, but this time it was mixed with charm. "I don’t have to lie to you. Don’t you want to restore your magic?"
The temptation to restore magic is great. Yang Xiu has seen that Elena is very willing. Because of fear, confusion or a little difficulty in her heart, she still hasn’t left.
"Don’t worry," Yang Xiu said soothingly, lowering the opponent’s defense while slowly reaching out to the other side. "I’m trying to see how your magic is sealed to give you a solution."
Irene looked at Yang Xiu and held out her hand. Although she could shrink involuntarily, she didn’t resist too much. She was slowly pulled by Yang Xiu, which was a little cold.
Seeing this, Yang Xiu has successfully obtained the letter from the other party. Now, if you don’t make a too abrupt move, the other party’s guard will slowly and completely relax.
In fact, if he wants to check a pair of square roots, he doesn’t have to bother to see each other’s small and pitiful appearance, but he can’t bear to scare each other.
"It seems that my heart is still too soft and kind!"
Gently held Alina up, but she didn’t rush to check each other, but she was driven by a spiritual force to wash her dusty body and tear-stained face, straighten her head, and then took out a set of Yan Yan wearing skirt from Gan Kun’s hand and Huangzhu Courtyard’s original apartment.
Looking brand-new, Alina is more beautiful than just now, and her skin is as bright as jade, and she reveals pink and light red as a fairy. No wonder those nobles like to buy elf slaves and compare with each other. This temptation is really beyond ordinary people’s resistance.
Yang Xiu smile.
"ChanGong a piece of fur mat in the car to alina way! "Come and sit in the crowd, now brother, and show you the body seal."
Elena has to let go of it now. Is it her eyes or some evasiveness to sit next to Yang Xiu?
Yang Xiu is also unpreparedness to gently hold each other’s cold hands, and a spiritual force penetrates the body and goes out with Elena’s body vein exploration.
"Hoo!" It took him half an hour to recover the spirit and feel that nearly half of the other body was composed of a pure wind element, just like the Polygonatum essence in Gankun’s hand.
However, the essence of Polygonatum sibiricum is composed of pure aura, and the elf aura without any impurities is far less pure than that of Polygonatum sibiricum, just like the difference between Dan medicine and medicinal materials.
It is no wonder that it is not a problem for their elves to live for hundreds of years, and their talent for practicing magic is also high. Most of their bodies are made up of magical elements, of course.
However, the other person is very strange now. He looks like a Grinch, but he is very different from the Grinch. He was born directly in human form, unlike Polygonatum sibiricum. After 100,000 years of reiki nourishment, he has just produced a little spiritual wisdom to transform into a human form, even though it is still very early.
For her body, the seal Yang Xiu also understood that it actually imprisoned the other party’s spirit so that she could not induce with the surrounding magical elements, so that she could not make magic.
To master the principle, this kind of seal can easily be solved. The direct reiki can be rushed one by one according to those meridians that are imprisoned in her body.
Yang Xiu closed her eyes and left her alone after she untied Elena’s seal. The main purpose was to test the infidelity of the other party. If she was going to do anything out of line when her magic was restored, he would just take this opportunity to teach the other party something to break her confidence and cause trouble.
Of course, if the other person is going to sneak up on him, don’t blame him for being ruthless. Although she is somewhat similar to the mold, she is just similar!
"Gollum!" After a wick of incense, there was nothing wrong with each other, but listening to a purr coming from each other’s belly was particularly clear in the silent night, which made Yang Xiu laugh.
Looking at Elena’s weak body and red cheeks, Yang Xiu couldn’t help but touch each other’s little head and said, "I think I’m starving. I have a kind of herbal medicine here to refine Dan medicine. You can eat it, although it doesn’t taste good, but you can eat it."
Heart move immediately took out two Dan medicine from the hand of Gankun, one is Bigu Dan and the other is Vine Green Dan.
Although we don’t seal each other’s magic, we still can’t take no precautions. Otherwise, even if the other party’s repair is insignificant to him now, there is still no sense of security.
And Lucy and Aymond both bought one, and Lucy personally felt a vine growing from the body from this post.
Seeing each other eating two pills of Dan medicine, I was relieved. "I think you are a little tired. Go to sleep quickly."
evening talk
Before dawn in the morning, the caravan was called up, ate some dry food in a hurry and went out.
They also have nothing to complain about. After all, if they encounter orc troops, they will lose their heads, so no one dares to treat them lightly.
Aymond and Lucy were surprised to see an extra elf in the carriage when they woke up.
Yang Xiu opened his eyes and said, "This is Elena Lucy and you will take care of her."
Yang Xiu finished and stopped talking.
After the caravan rested in the middle of the night and acted on the road, it was a lot faster.
One hundred scouts also spread out and constantly looked for traces of orcs to react before then.
After walking for ten years, it was already dawn, and it was calm all the way, and no orc troops were encountered. Now it is not far from Douglas City.
However, at this moment, the scouts suddenly reported that there were a large number of orc troops around the city gate. If they continued to move forward, they would probably be discovered by the other side.
Cisle didn’t show any unexpected color after hearing this. He had long thought that there had been no trace of the orcs all the way. Those orcs must be attacking the gate.
However, there is some trouble in this way. Those orcs have blocked the road into Douglas, but people with such a small caravan will definitely not be able to rush through.
At this moment, I saw Field spread his hand in a crystal ball and said to Cisle, "Uncle Douglas should open the magic defense cover now, and the magic crystal ball can’t be linked with Uncle Juventus Kraft now."
Hitman, the first watch)
Chapter three hundred and seventeen Deliver letters
Fairy wild Chapter three hundred and seventeen Deliver letters
Qierde Road! "Now, the only way is to meet the people inside. Tell Uncle Wenkraft to find a way to send troops out and bring us in. Otherwise, when the orc troops arrive, we will be able to save the day."
Cisle nodded and shook his head when he heard this. "That’s true, but it’s hard to get through the orcs!"
"Why don’t you go to Elder Yang and do something?" Field thought for a moment. "He should at least be Fa Shengxiu. I think he should have something to connect with the people inside!" "
"Well," Cisle mused, "now there are ways to do this!"
Two people immediately rushed to the front of the Yang Xiu beast car to say what they had come for and then waited for Yang Xiu to answer with a face of expectation.
"I said how could they send me an elf? It was such an idea!" An elf sells for nearly 1 million gold coins on the black market. Yang Xiu certainly won’t believe that the other party will give one for helping them catch Fatal. After all, the honorary elders are not unpaid.
"If you want to enter Douglas City, you can’t." Yang Xiu said slowly after considering for a moment.
"After all, it’s made up of four top magic towers, and even the spell can withstand one or two, but I can still do it if I directly inform one or two people when they are fighting."

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