That Teng knows that if he hadn’t dragged himself into accumulating Xiaotian, he would have run away without a shadow. Now the situation is that he is too fast, and to be on the safe side, he should sit in the shuttle quickly. These people are too fast to cross the celestial world directly like himself and Ji Xiaotian. It is not normal to get rid of these people and return to the celestial world.
In this plan, Teng has made his own demands, and he is still very active. He is afraid that he will not take such an easy way because he cares about his feelings.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, just these two people still need to be so earth-shattering?"
Ji Xiaotian knew that Teng would say so. He didn’t wait for Teng to talk too much, but Xiaotian quickly stopped Teng. He didn’t want Teng to leave any shadow in his heart to make the shuttle escape. Ji Xiaotian would naturally choose it to escape, but if it wasn’t necessary, Ji Xiaotian still couldn’t escape. At least he couldn’t escape with Teng in such a hurry.
Now, since the simple way of escape is doomed to get rid of the other party, Ji Xiaotian doesn’t mind finding a suitable place to wait for these pursuers. He has all thought about it. Although these dozen Jin Xian seem to be a very powerful force, they are not difficult for Ji Xiaotian. For Ji Xiaotian, these people are just a pile of cannon fodder and don’t put anything in the eyes of Ji Xiaotian.
It’s Ji Xiaotian who didn’t look at these people. No matter how others regard themselves as a master, they are not enough to catch up with them at present.
Then Teng was in a hurry. He came to urge Ji Xiaotian to escape quickly and get out of here early. I didn’t expect Ji Xiaotian to stop instead of leaving in a hurry. This is equivalent to posing for a confrontation with the other party. He has never seen such a scene, but it is relatively familiar places, such as Feiyun Castle, such as Laoshan School, and so on. Now he is in this strange place. He feels a little unreliable
Therefore, the more so, the more so Teng shouted at that time, saying, "Brother Xiaotian, can you really take the Matthew Shuttle and gather around so many Jin Xian? You’re not afraid, I’m afraid. We’re not really inferior to these people, but heroes don’t eat short-term losses. Can we find a chance to clean them up later?"
That Teng is really a little hairy, so many Jin Xian. He said that skyshatter can handle at most three or so at the same time, and it can still remain invincible. It is absolutely impossible to solve three Jin Xian, and the remaining seven Jin Xian surrounded Ji Xiaotian. That Teng denies Ji Xiaotian’s strength and is strong enough to resist so many Jin Xian attacks.
Therefore, Teng Teng is really anxious, and he is really anxious. If Ji Xiaotian’s strength is too much stronger than him, Teng Teng really wants to kidnap Ji Xiaotian and throw it into the space shuttle directly, if he has the space shuttle.
It’s a pity that he doesn’t have the strength of either of these two things. It’s not as good as Ji Xiaotian and he doesn’t have a shuttle in his hand. If Teng can do it, he will try his best to urge Ji Xiaotian to take decisive action quickly. It’s a bit humiliating to say these words, but it’s different from losing his life here. The result is less and there is no chance to save it. If someone dies, there will be nothing.
This truth, it’s impossible for Teng Bai to plan a small day. It’s always like this for Xiaotian. It’s unreasonable to emphasize with people around him that it’s his turn to forget this truth. As Teng said, he suddenly felt as if he had overlooked something.
Talking time to catch up with more than a dozen Jin Xian has been getting closer and closer. They can even see the general situation clearly in the front of a small day. This is an age that is better than the old ghost. The old man is not as weird as the old ghost. He is still an ordinary man and a thin old man. He appeared in front of them in a small day, but the old man still looks very gloomy.
In other words, the old man who rushed in front still smells a little strange, which may not be noticed by those who have not experienced it, but after being hostile to the ghost old man, they don’t know how terrible it is. The combination of power and strange smell is a very terrible challenge for them.
"The Teng brothers, don’t think about supporting me when you deal with the two. You just have to stay unbeaten and save your life. If you can’t handle it, you can hide in this place and rest assured to infuse the immortal power. You can easily send yourself into it."
Ji Xiaotian secretly nodded, and he waited for these people to arrive. But he knew that he had experienced too little fighting after entering Jin Xian. If he didn’t sum up the battle with Jin Xian, I’m afraid he would break through to the immortal emperor, and his strength in fighting would be too different. Look at Ji Xiaotian or seven Jin Xian, but he really considered the things after becoming an immortal emperor.
That’s why Ji Xiaotian dared to think so boldly about things after the immortal emperor instead of considering whether he could become an immortal emperor.
Forget it, Ji Xiaotian put it in that Teng’s hand to control the space shuttle. A jade brand Ji Xiaotian didn’t think less about this situation today. If there is a dangerous situation, even if he can’t spare it, Teng can summon the space shuttle himself. This is not too much trouble for Ji Xiaotian’s seven-level Jin Xiangen.
At this moment, I can’t refuse Teng again. He has an approximate callous nod, and then, like Ji Xiaotian, I put my eyes on the dozens of Jin Xian faces that have been chased to the front.
Chapter four hundred and sixty Jin Xian showdown
Chapter four hundred and sixty Jin Xian showdown
Go to war!
Since it is inevitable that Xiaotian will be so determined, Teng doesn’t think he has any room for retreat.
It’s too easy for Teng to stall two Jin Xian himself. If he seizes a little chance to win, it’s possible to ask him to stall the other side. Teng’s confidence is still quite sufficient.
As a result, the pressure on Ji Xiaotian is a little too much. This is to make Ji Xiaotian alone right about the main Jin Xian forces. At ordinary times, I think it is impossible. If this is the case now, the whole person’s head is full of noise, not to mention that he has to bear such a great pressure between life and death. Teng is not very optimistic about this situation.
But this is already the case. Ji Xiaotian dares to do this mostly because there is something to rely on. Teng Yu has tried to think about things on the bright side. On the one hand, they are not without a little advantage, but a very ready-made baby can let them escape from the battle at any time.
"You two ran out from Hong Mercury. Are the old ghost and the golden fairy in your hands?"
Soon this dozen Jin Xian rushed to the meter small day before them, the first old man insidious smile repeatedly looked at the meter small day, and their old man couldn’t imagine how two such young guys could make the Golden Fairy, who is good at speed, plant it in front of him and not say it, but also let the ghost who was not inferior to them die, so the tone in his mouth was more than some questions.
Of course, what about the high strength and strength of Ji Xiaotian? These people are abundant. Even if Ji Xiaotian is severe, he can’t resist them. When many people are asked, the old man’s mouth inevitably brings some condescending taste, which means that he is so arrogant that he is superficial, let alone hostile. People who are involved in both sides will be angry for a long time when they hear such words. It can be seen how arrogant Hong Mercury is.
"Hong mercury? Who are you, ghosts and old people, and what are you? Are you trying to get revenge? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Ji Xiaotian sneered coldly and didn’t directly answer each other’s questions. For him, all this is not a problem. No matter how Ji Xiaotian means, the sneer expresses his attitude. After saying this, it directly stimulates the old man and other Jin Xian. They don’t know how Ji Xiaotian dares to be so big in such a disadvantaged situation.
"The old blood situation and these people’s nonsense directly killed things!"
One of them, Jin Xian, looked very grumpy and simply suggested something to the old man. His words were very direct to Ji Xiaotian, and they led the way to call the old man. It was really a problem that he was almost called the old ghost.
According to the strange achievement method of Ghost Old, the blood old fear is not weak enough to go out. He is just so powerful. A dozen immortals in the same trade don’t say that all of them are so powerful. I’m afraid they will really get more than one bargained for, like this grumpy Jin Xian’s sexual impulse, even if he moves, but it’s unambiguous.
He just said that he really did it, but he didn’t say hello to Ji Xiaotian and them, which was tantamount to a sneak attack. It’s hard to imagine that such a grumpy person could play such a shameful trick. When they heard a sudden roar, there was a suffocating and oppressive atmosphere coming over them from the beginning, as if even the gas near them was going to burn.
Fire power This guy is actually a messenger of fire power. It is definitely the best white cover for such a powerful guy to have such a violent surface. Even a super-developed person with such a small mind is almost suddenly calculated by others.
"Ha ha, that was a good move. Unfortunately, it was in the wrong place, otherwise you still have a real chance to be famous!"
Of course, I almost didn’t count on Ji Xiaotian. Anyway, it is also a seven-level Jin Xian impulsive person. At this level, the attack suddenly hit the front. Ji Xiaotian even smiled here and then moved his hands.
It’s a very rare thing for Ji Xiaotian that he once again launched a magic tactic against a Jin Xian, but he didn’t do it in this way before killing ghosts in the old days. I didn’t expect that when he was faced with a sneak attack in Jin Xian, Ji Xiaotian launched a magic tactic again. His hands were paddling in it so fast that he almost finished the magic tactic at the same time as he spoke.
A golden palm just appeared in the middle of the attack. This grumpy Jin Xian slapped him hard, not only to bombard him with strength, but also to scatter his powerful and indestructible body. The most important thing is that his powerful and indestructible body also broke up easily, and this actually destroyed the other body.
This is a Jin Xian, and it’s also a four-level Jin Xian who was actually slapped to death. Everyone in the place was stupid, including that who has been arrogant and bloody.
If before this, someone told Xuelao that their own companions would be slapped to death by others, I’m afraid Xuelao would never believe it. Of course, there was a companion who didn’t make a good result in attacking others’ body defense. What’s more important in it is that Jixiaotian, a person with such terrorist strength, can achieve the second kill and fail to protect himself. Level 4 Jin Xian strength.
At the first time, they were bloody. They didn’t go to rescue the unlucky guy’s leftover fairy baby, but they tried their best to avoid suffering the same blow to Ji Xiaotian. This is to regain their courage and then try to save people.
It’s a pity that it’s too late. No matter how fast they are there, they can’t get up. Because of the plan, Xiaotian has already seized this rare opportunity. The golden giant hands continue to flap the guy to escape, and the lux fairy baby is scattered in one fell swoop. It is also taken to disappear in Sinochem’s original vitality.
Old blood and others are going crazy. If it’s normal, it’s hard to accept that their companions are killed. If it’s so painful to die, then these old blood people just feel unbearable. Everyone, including old blood, is yelling at the sky. Their eyes are flushed with a deep blood red color, which is a horrible and bloody smell of death.
Crazy is really going crazy. Old people like blood have never seen such a cruel murder as Ji Xiaotian’s, killing even the fairy baby, which means that the two sides are at odds.

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