Shen Qing looked at Lu Xiusi nervously and took out the words and put a recording.
"Doctor, please say again that your patient Shen Qing is really not pregnant?" Lu Xiusi asked in the recording
"I was sure that she and her mother came to ask me to assume that she was pregnant, and then I couldn’t resist the temptation of interest and agreed. After all, I needed the money very much."
"Later, because she pretended to fall, her mother found me again and said that she would give me a lot of benefits, but I haven’t seen the money yet."
"It will be very beneficial for me to speak well. Thank you!"
After playing this recording, I was stupid at that time.
She didn’t expect that her mother didn’t handle it well.
"Not pregnant, but pretending to be a pregnant deceiver, our Lu family then planted Shen Nuo’s feelings. Do you know how much trouble you have caused?"
Shen Qing’s eyes were red and she looked at Lu Xiusi, but Lu Qingzhou suddenly caught Shen Qing’s collar and made her breathless.
"Qingzhou cough!" Shen Qing was pinched by Lu Qingzhou.
"Is this true? You didn’t get pregnant and lied to a bunch of us? "
Lu Qingzhou’s severe anger can devour Shen Qing, and now he won’t choke, suffocate and try his best to coax him.
"You first … you first … let go …" Just when Shen Qing suffocated the horse and was about to faint, Lu Qingzhou released her at the right time.
"I feel sorry for you" Lu Qingzhou covered his head with pain because of his violent head pain. "Would you please explain to me what this is all about?"
Shen Qing suddenly squatted in front of Lu Qingzhou and bit his last straw. "Qingzhou, you have to believe me. What if this recording is forged?"
Lu Qingzhou looked at him in horror and glanced at Lu Xiusi and Shen Nuobian, thinking that now that it is like this, after all, Shen Qing is his wife and chooses to believe him again.
"Uncle" Lu Qingzhou calmed himself down and asked landing Hugh "What if … this recording was forged by you? Why should we believe this evidence?"
"Don’t believe it?" Lu Xiusi frowned. "Don’t you have to see the coffin and not cry?"
Shen Qing felt that it was even more horrible for Lu Xiusi to say this sentence. She felt that there was a trick to crush her behind Lu Xiusi.
Lu Xiusi shouted at the door and came in to see Lu Xiusi’s bodyguards coming with the attending doctor for Shen Qing.
Shen Qing didn’t know whether to be happy or sad when she saw the doctor. Now she doesn’t know who the briber in front of her will talk to, but she still has some confidence when she thinks that she spent a huge sum of money to buy the doctor.
"Shen Qing, this is your attending doctor, right?" Lu Xiusi got up and asked Shen Qing beside the doctor.
"Yeah, he’s my doctor." Shen Qing didn’t see clearly where things were going, so he answered first.
"Good," Lu Xiusi turned to face the doctor. "Doctor, now can you tell us what’s going on in front of us present?"
The doctor took one look at Shen Qing and another at Lu Xiusi and said "Good".
Shen was so nervous that she didn’t know whether it was good or bad for her to say it from the doctor’s mouth.
"Doctor" Shen Qing called the doctor at this time. "Please tell the story fairly and justly. Please be careful when you speak because of my reputation problem."
The doctor looked at a face of fierce emotion and couldn’t help but feel nervous-he took another look at Lu Xiusi and gave him a look to signal him to go.
"So Shen Qing is really my patient," the doctor said.
"What do you think I’m not lying?" Shen Qing just allowed the doctor to prove his innocence here. She looked at Lu Qingzhou obsequiously and wanted to please him, but at this time Lu Qingzhou ignored Shen Qing and he wanted to know the truth.
"But," the doctor nervously pushed a pair of glasses, "Shen Qing, this patient was really not pregnant when he found me!"
Shen Qing was silly when she heard this sentence. She looked at the doctor with a face of horror. "What did you say? Say it again? "
"He said," at this moment, Lu Xiusi spoke for the doctor. "You were not pregnant when you went to find him. That’s what he said."
Lu Qingzhou looked at Shen in an incredible way. I didn’t expect that I would take Shen in my daily life and hold it like a baby in her belly. I finally got it and really cheated him.
"I feel sorry for you … why did you lie to me?" Lu Qingzhou heard the news as if he had heard the bad news. Without children, he would have no handle on Lu Xiusi, and now the situation will make Lu Qingzhou feel that he and Shen Qing have wronged Shen Nuo.
"Qingzhou, I didn’t." Shen Qing cried and grabbed Lu Qingzhou’s arm and knelt on the ground. "You believe me, I didn’t cheat you. I love you!"
Shen Qing looked angry and looked frightened. The doctor suddenly rushed at him. "You have no medical ethics. Why do you slander me?"
When Lu Xiusi saw that Shen Qing jumped on the doctor, he rushed forward to stop Shen Nuo. When he saw that Lu Xiusi was in danger, he also rushed forward.
I didn’t expect Shen Qing’s sharp nails to cut Lu Qingzhou’s face in front.
Originally, Lu Qingzhou felt that Shen Qing was so shameful, but when he suddenly saw that Shen Qing was going to cause harm to the koo people, he quickly stopped in front, so he was caught off guard by Shen Qing’s sharp nails and directly cut Lu Qingzhou’s face.
"Qingzhou" collapsed several times today. She held Lu Qingzhou’s face in despair. "Qingzhou, I didn’t … I didn’t mean to!"
Lu Qingzhou felt the blood drop by drop on his face. He turned and looked at Shen Qing. His eyes were full of disappointment.
"Get your ass home!" Lu Qingzhou said regardless of the side Lu Xiusi and Shen Nuo dragged Shen Qing out of the room.
Lu Xiusi is not a person who likes to watch people busy. He remembered that his mother was still at the other end of the conversation and picked up the conversation.
"Mom, are you still listening?" Lu Hughes didn’t recognize what had just happened in his calm tone.
Section 77
"I … I’m in" Lu mother was obviously shocked by the unexpected news just now, and it took a good half-day to return to absolute being.
"Mom … are you all right?" Lu Xiusi was afraid that her mother could not withstand such a big stimulus and asked quickly.
"I … I don’t worry, it’s just a little too unexpected." Mother Lu calmed herself down.
"Mom has been pressing hard to frame Shen Nuo before Shen Qing. I told the truth today. You don’t think your son disowns you, do you?"
Lu Xiusi is very nervous about Lu Mu because he doesn’t want to be like Shen Qing. He has been biting Shen Nuo and not letting Lu Xiusi go today.
"Mom knows that you have always been a very measured person. You will do this today. You must be forced by them on weekdays to get rid of this policy." Lu said calmly.
"Mom, I have a request." Lu Xiusi wanted to ask her permission.

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