Eating straight, Long San and his four companions shook their heads and shouted at the same time.
A table with seven people eating and drinking was in a good mood. Suddenly, a man shouting and Lin Qianru smile apologetically explained that in a short time, there was a crisp slap in the face and it took less than ten seconds for the VIP room door to be violently pushed from the outside.
A young man dressed in a white "color" suit is about 1.7 meters tall, with black hair and shiny hair. He combs backwards. He is about twenty-four years old. He is very arrogant and rushes in, followed by four men dressed in black who look like bodyguards, and then Lin Qianru with tears in his eyes.
I heard this young man shouting, "I heard that this VIP room never entertains outsiders, and I still have to eat here today. I have never heard of such a cow!"
Zong Ming and Long San looked at each other and then motioned Lena and Fiya not to move. Zong Ming’ an sat still and said faintly, "Where is the mad dog? Get out of here!"
The young man gave Zong Ming a hard look. "What if you don’t leave?"
Zong Ming got up from his seat and slowly walked to the front of the young man. "Then you’ll never get out of this door!" " He saw Lin Qianru’s grievance, but he didn’t send out that murderous look.
The young man doesn’t seem to feel the same gloomy tunnel as Zong Ming’s murder. "Then you can try it!"
Zong Mingli ignored him and went to Lin Qianru to comfort her. "Qianru, what do you say to deal with this mad dog?"
Lin Qianru low tunnel "ghost elder brother let him apologize even if his hotel don’t make big things"
Zong Ming turned his head and looked at the young man. "You mad dog, do you hear me? I’ll give you another chance to apologize to this lady and climb out of here like a dog."
The young male elephant is extremely angry and laughs. "Sun, you are the most arrogant king egg you have ever seen in these years! Do you know who it is always? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Zong Ming insidious smile wrote, "I don’t care who you are. You are just a mad dog in my eyes."
The young man roared, "Give me this grandson!"
The man in the black suit who is closest to Zongming made a step impulse. Zongming grabbed his right hand in front of him and made a quick and accurate move to Zongming’s left shoulder clavicle. If an ordinary person was buckled by him, his left hand would be abolished.
Zong Ming’s right hand rushed out of a cannon boxing at random and slammed into the black suit bodyguard’s hand, as if it was intended to put his right hand into the other party’s big claws.
A grimace appeared on the face of the bodyguard in black, as if he was confident enough to wring Zong Ming’s right hand and vent his anger on himself.
Hands touch together quickly, followed by a crisp bone fracture sound. The black bodyguard gave a miserable hum. The tall figure flew back two meters away and crashed into a ball with three other companions. His right elbow sleeve was broken with a section and a half inches of bones protruding and the bones were connected with bright red blood.
The other three darts of young men seem to be battle-hardened figures, and the three are almost the same. They took out three May 4th military pistols from their arms and aimed them at Zong Ming.
However, they haven’t come to play pistol insurance yet. Zong Ming suddenly rushed to the front of three people at a speed beyond the limit of human beings. It seems very easy to swing three punches, and these three punches are so incredible that they hit the right wrist of three people with guns at the same time. The three pistols naturally fly out from one side in three directions.
Three bodyguards hold their right wrist in their left hand, and at the same time, panic appears in their eyes, staring at Zongming’s forehead with horror like seeing a ghost, full of cold sweat.
It’s not their young men who look at Zongming with the same kind of fear. From time to time, they close their eyes and shake their heads as if to comfort themselves. What they just saw is just an illusion, not a real scene.
Zong Ming stared at the young man coldly and said, "I gave you a chance just now, but you seem to be a person of the same type who advocates violent problem-solving like me. Now you have lost the chance to walk out of this VIP room completely. Who hit that lady just now and invalidated it yourself? I also let you have two complete legs to walk."
The young man is no longer arrogant. His face is cold and sweaty, but his tone is still calm. "Are you from? Do you know who I am? "
Zong Ming said coldly, "I don’t care where you come from, King Tortoise! If you do something wrong in my field, you must pay the price. If you don’t do it yourself, you may have to lose an extra leg when I do it. "
The young man reported himself, "I’m the Hai Ri Tuan Luo Fumin Er Luo Qiang, and my grandfather is Luo. If you dare to touch my hair, you will regret it!"
When dragon three heard Luo Qiang’s words, his face changed slightly. He thought about it for a while and then got up and came over and whispered in Zongming’s ear, "I know that if this is really a small thing, you must be careful."
Zong Ming still stared at Luo Qiang coldly, but sent an idea to dragon three, "Who is it?"
Dragon three thought replied, "Hai Ri is the largest consortium in the eastern part of Tianlong mainland, and the largest commercial consortium of Dongyang Empire is the largest partner in the federal machinery industry. Moreover, behind it, Luo Jinyang is indeed a heavyweight in Congress, and it depends on the owner. This small one must have been profited by others to get fresh here."
"Is that a running dog of Dongyang Empire?"
"This is still uncertain. We are also keeping a close eye on Hairi. Up to now, merchants of Hairi and Dongyang Empire have not found that they have betrayed national interests except for normal business cooperation."
"What do you mean?"
"Leave it to me to deal with? You have abolished the four of them, so don’t be so hard. "
"Third brother, I suddenly have an idea to borrow this matter today. I simply make a big deal out of it and then find an opportunity to eat the sea and the sun to uproot their forces in the east and hit a Dongyang imperial businessman. In our Tianlong federal forces, the sea and the sun are so powerful in the east and have been with Dongyang imperial people for so long. If there is no trick, I don’t believe it. Maybe this time we can eradicate a group of corrupt officials."
"Moving sea, Japanese words are too widely involved and will certainly touch some military interests. It will definitely be a big earthquake! Don’t think too simply. I don’t agree. At least now is not the time. "
"Third brother, you can rest assured that you want to talk about playing Yin. I call it the second. I believe that no one dares to be the first. Just wait and see the drama."
Zong Minggen didn’t wait for dragon three to speak again to persuade him that he suddenly kicked his left foot to Luo Qiang, just kicking his right rib in Luo Qiang. Luo Qiang flew more than one meter away with his broken rib before falling to the ground and fainted on the spot.
Zong Ming looked coldly at the three bodyguards who injured their right wrists. "Luo Qiang forced people to take guns with intent to murder all the people present. Those three guns will also be kept by me for the time being. You four go back and tell his family that Luo Qiang is being detained by me to release people. If I lose a penny, I promise that he can live a life in prison for half his life. I can give you a week to get out!"
Four bodyguards even dare not hand over to treat a scene words, hurriedly pick up the elbow bone interrupted by Zongming, and the companion left awkwardly.
Zong Ming told Fiya to "call Kusev and ask him to bring two people."
Dragon three frowned at the side. "Amin, do you really decide to do this?"
Zong Ming smiled. "Of course, if you want to play, you can play big."
Lin Qianru walked beside Zong Ming and whispered, "Brother Ming Hai Ri Tuan is a very powerful consortium. Compared with them, our Black Sun Tuan may be almost worse. You’d better not make it too big for the development of the Tuan." She didn’t know that Zong Ming’s bottom was to recognize Black Sun as a new private enterprise with a little strength from black to white.
Zong Ming gently touched Lin Qianru with five finger marks and asked, "Does it still hurt?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Lin Qianru’s charming body trembled slightly, even her ears were red, and she shook her head gently.
Zong Ming said earnestly, "Qianru, you are my friend, company employee and my business partner. Of course, I want you to get justice if you are wronged. Don’t worry, I am not afraid of people. I have my own discretion in doing things. Go fix my makeup and then do what you should do. I’ll invite you to tea if you have it."
Lin Qianru gently lifted her right hand over her ears and whispered, "Brother Ghost, I’ll do things first."
Zongming nodded and didn’t come out again.
Lin Qianru turned and hurried out of the VIP room after saying hello to Longsan.
It wasn’t long before Kusev came here with people. After Zongming confessed a few words to them, they cleaned up the scene and left with Luo Qiang.
When everything was calm again, Zong Ming took a long breath and said, "Come on, everyone’s interest in eating is high, which was destroyed by Luo Qiang, the little king’s egg. But as the saying goes, it’s worthwhile to earn 100 million yuan by him after all this trouble. I’ll sponsor your dragon group for 50 million yuan."
Dragon three knew that Zongming once decided to do something, it must be ironclad. He no longer advised me to nod and say with a smile, "I don’t want your small money for nothing, and I don’t want you to give me any more. I’ll take it. Alas, Luo Jiazhao" confused "you’re small, and it’s a big disaster for them in China, and you dare to rip them off so much."
"Now everything in the world is power to speak. Absolute power comes from absolute power! Brother dragon three, if our country can be tougher in foreign policy, you and I will have a chance to dig up the bloody battlefield together. My mother thinks of the feeling that Hu Youma is hungry and thirsty for Hun blood. I really can’t wait. I suddenly have a desire to be a real bloody soldier. "
Dragon three hurriedly interface "you want to be a soldier, my horse and you? Make sure you are in the service of special operations forces and must be a senior officer. "
Zong Ming said in a serious way, "If you can say that the bureaucrats of the Ministry of National Defense will reorganize the existing troops of Tianlong Federation at one time and select a group of the most elite soldiers from the three armed forces of the navy, the army and the army to form a digital armored professional special elite force, I will not only join this force, but also compensate this force for a set of cutting-edge military technology and all conventional individual combat equipment."
Dragon three nodded and said, "You think that someone in the military has already handed in a very detailed plan for professional soldiers, but it has always been insufficient. It is necessary to know that an army of more than 100,000 people will pay more than 60 billion yuan a year, plus normal training and supplies will consume at least 20 billion yuan a year to support this army, not counting the equipment and construction needed to form this army."

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