The man’s tourmaline blue eyes blinked, indicating that it was "beautiful"
Le Xuewei packed the medicine cabinet and took the man’s clothes out of the trash can. "Just wash them with blood … throw them away." I don’t have men’s clothes here, so you go to the bathroom to wipe your body first and I’ll help you wash your clothes. "
Then he took the man to the bathroom on the first floor to help him put away the water and told him, "You can’t touch your wound with water. Just wipe it with a towel!"
Male micro a moment to say that I understand.
When the man came out of the shower, Le Xuewei was already in the sofa shop and heard the footsteps behind him and said, "I’ve wronged you, so you can make do on this sofa!" The quilt is new, it should be warm and the sofa is long enough, and you won’t fall off when you sleep. "
The man didn’t speak behind her for a long time.
"Huh?" Le Xuewei didn’t get a response. Looking back at him, his face was still wearing that half mask.
She can’t help thinking about this person. Don’t you take off your mask when you take a shower? Or is it deliberately blocking her face and not letting her see it?
The male figure guessed her mind and immediately pointed to his mask and explained, "I think it’s better if you don’t see me. I’m afraid it will cause you trouble."
Le Xuewei shrugged her shoulders and nodded. "Well, I don’t have to look at you … You go first and I’ll get you something to eat."
Le Xuewei cooked a bowl of macaroni, fried two eggs and a glass of milk, brought it to the coffee table, made a gesture of invitation, and then turned her back consciously.
Looking at Le Xuewei’s back, the man smiled knowingly, took off his mask and said, "Well, you can turn around."
"Er … isn’t it enough?" Le Xuewei saw that he ate too fast and regretted that he had done less.
The man shook his head and denied, "No … I’m always fast, and your cooking is delicious. Thank you enough."
"Oh, then … why don’t you go to bed early?"
It’s getting late. Le Xuewei simply tidied up the tableware and prepared to rest in the building.
The man suddenly stopped her "hello! You saved me … I didn’t know you knew your name? "
"Well, Le Xuewei is happy, Bai Xuexue is rosa multiflora, and what about you? What’s your name?" Le Xuewei realized that she had asked a stupid question. Would someone who wouldn’t even let her see her real face tell her her real name? Even if I did, it’s a lie, right?
Sure enough, the man hesitated and said, "sevin, you can call me sevin."
“sevin?” Le Xuewei read it again and thought that the name was fake at first sight, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will meet each other after meeting by chance. "Okay, I remember sevin."
Lying on the sofa, I finally relaxed, thinking about Le Xuewei in sevin’s mind, repeating her name in her mouth and laughing until "Le Xuewei’s name is beautiful and matches people very well"
Le Xuewei was awakened by an emergency knocking at the door the next morning.
I knocked on the door and saw sevin.
“sevin? What’s up so early in the morning? " Le Xuewei rubbed her sleepy eyes. Today is the weekend. She didn’t go to school to attend classes. She went to bed very late last night because of him. Do you want to wake her up so early?
"shh! Come with me. "
Sevin looked serious and gestured at Le Xuewei, pulling Le Xuewei to the window and pointing out, saying, "See? The situation outside "
Le Xuewei hasn’t woken up yet. She stared at the outside and shook her head blankly. "Didn’t you see what you saw?"
"How can I not see it? There are policemen outside! They’re here to catch me. "sevin clung to the wall with a face of alert and worry, and his breathing was faint and rapid.
Le Xuewei’s sleepiness disappeared because of his remarks, and his lips were slightly opened. "Catch you?" What have you done? Why do the police want to arrest you? Ah … You were shot. Did you escape from prison? "
Sevin lightly touched his forehead and closed his eyes. "You have a rich imagination. It’s not like that! I can’t tell you clearly, and the less you know, the safer you will be! You can hand me over to the police now and I won’t blame you! "
Coke snow eu refused to shake head without thinking. "What are you talking about? Since I rescued you last night, I can’t give you to the police now! I don’t care what mistakes you made, I think you are still a good person. "
"Ha ha ….." Sevin was surprised. "I’m a good person? You are so simple. Do you know how to distinguish good people from bad people? "
Le Xuewei looked foolish and saw the banter in sevin’s eyes. She couldn’t help blushing and said, "Hey! It’s strange that you say you are a good man and wrong … "
Sevin saw that she was angry and opened her mouth to coax her, but the doorbell rang at this moment.
Le Xuewei suddenly stretched herself and shouted at sevin, "Stay here and don’t make a sound. The police have no evidence to ask questions. I’ll just tell them that I haven’t seen you."
Said and put on a coat and went downstairs.
Two policemen knocking at the door really came for questioning.
A policeman showed Le Xuewei a photo of sevin and asked her, "haveyoueverseenhisman?" Have you seen this man? )
Le Xuewei looked at the photo and sevin couldn’t help but vomit. Has this person never been seen before? It’s mysterious that even the police photos are wearing half masks!
"noi'veneverseenhisman" (no, I’ve never seen this person)
Le Xuewei pretended to be thoughtful and shook her head for sure. In fact, her heart had already reached her throat and she was questioned by the police and cheated the police. She really didn’t even think about it!
"hankyou" (thank you)
The police didn’t suspect it, so they left and went on to ask Jia Le Xue Wei. The door slid to the ground against the door panel … Although she was so calm just now, it really scared her to death!
"Xue Wei Xue Wei?"
Sevin rushed from the building and threw herself at Le Xuewei’s feet. "Are you okay? I’m sorry I scared you. "
"Hehe" Le Xuewei smiled miserably and helped sevin, saying, "My legs are so soft that you can’t help me get up."
Section 6
Sevin didn’t reach out to help her, but simply picked her up and walked to the sofa before letting her come, and then squatted down to rub her legs. "How’s it going?"
"Good what? Scared me to death! " Le Xuewei felt all her fears in hindsight, but now she came.
Sevin smiled when he was stunned.
"What are you laughing at? It’s all your fault! " Le Xuewei stared at sevin with round eyes and complained.
Sevin shook his head and waved his hand and said, "I laughed at how timid you were when you saw the police. Didn’t you have a lot of guts when I hijacked you last night?" Are you afraid of robbers and police? "
"Huh?" LeXueWei cocked his head and zheng immediately smiled "ha ha yes! I’m not even afraid of you. Why are you so afraid of the police? Ha ha … "
"You are a strange girl," sevin said, reaching out and touching her head. There was something familiar and spoiled in her words and actions.
….. Some people think that it is a fate that can produce a chemical reaction quickly without a catalyst.
Sevin spent a few days in Le Xuewei’s home. During these days, Le Xuewei forbade him to go out. She stayed with him except for class.
Le Xuewei came back a little late this day. On her way back from school, she went to the mall to buy two discounted men’s clothes. She can’t let sevin always wear that suit. Every time she changes clothes, she has to face him naked. It is inconvenient and embarrassing.
Le Xuewei stopped at the door of her house to free up one hand to reach the key in the backpack behind her, but she couldn’t reach it.

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