It’s not important that her mother is safe. Song Danfu’s anger soared and she shook her hands and looked at him coldly.
The hand was dumped and looked at Song Danfu. I don’t know what she was doing. I frowned and asked, "What’s the matter?"
What’s the matter? Look at how impatient he is when he asks. Song Danfu sneers at "what is important in your eyes?"
"Dan fu, what are you doing?" Gu Qing shallow some puzzling.
Song Danfu deeply realized that she and Gu Qingqian are really not from the same world. Gu Qingqian grew up in a foreign country, and the western culture is deeply rooted. She received education from the East. The two cultures have different ways of thinking and solving problems. Now she even speaks so hard. Song Danfu finally concluded that they are not suitable for getting married now.
"I think we all need to be quiet and think about it-are we really suitable for being together?" Song Danfu is outspoken. She doesn’t run away from people, and she doesn’t play around in a roundabout way. If there is a problem, it is the law she believes in.
Gu Qing’s pale face sank. What does she mean?
The wedding is just around the corner, and she has to think about whether one or two people are really suitable for each other. The direct thought is that Song Danfu wants to cancel the wedding.
"Do you regret it?" Gu Qing asked shallowly. There was no rage. The tone was flat and there was no ups and downs, just like a calm wave on the lake.
In his view, Song Danfu means to regret agreeing to marry him before he doubts whether they are suitable for each other.
"It’s not a question of whether I regret it," Song Danfu continued. "Marriage is not a child’s play, and it’s not as simple as it seems. I hope everyone will calm down and think about whether we are really suitable together."
Gu Qing took a step toward Song Danfu, and his purple eyes narrowed slightly, giving a shocking and sharp tone. He remained calm. "If it is suitable, it is not suitable."
"Why don’t you understand what I mean?" Song Danfu Nai failed to make Gu Qing understand his meaning very frustrated.
"Who doesn’t understand?" Suddenly reached out and clamped Song Danfu’s arm and dragged her to her delicate body and hit Gu Qing’s shallow chest. Song Danfu frowned in pain and Gu Qing’s face was unusually ugly. "The wedding date is only two or three days left. Why did you go to Song Danfu to talk to me about whether it is suitable or not? Do you think that I care about Gu Qing’s shallow chest and you have to take Joe again and again?"
"I didn’t." Where did she take Joe? Song Danfu felt wronged and wronged. It wasn’t that she was wrong. It was like how heinous she was.
"It’s good to have no" Gu Qing’s face softened and his purple eyes were not as sharp as just now. "Now go back and try on the wedding dress."
Holding her hand firmly, he led her out. Song Danfu didn’t move but stopped. He was holding her, not controlling her, which means Song Danfu has absolute freedom. If she wants to go with him, she won’t. That’s the scene at this time.
Two people face to face with Song Danfu has been holding his hand firmly in Gu Qing’s shallow hand. No, at this time, because it is time to hold it, Song Danfu feels pain at hand.
"Can you wait a minute?" Hesitantly, I saw that Gu Qing’s face changed again. Song Danfu’s heart trembled and he didn’t have the courage to look at Gu Qing’s light black face. He couldn’t look down at his feet again.
At this time, he should even strangle her.
Gu Qingyi really wanted to strangle her, but after all, she just didn’t want to marry him.
Say what you don’t regret cheating the ghost. If you don’t regret it, why do you find all kinds of reasons to perfunctory him? Now you can’t perfunctory him. She simply asks if you can postpone it. The wedding invitation has been sent to the guests and everything is ready for the wedding. Does she think it can be postponed at this time?
"What do you think?" The angrier the heart, the calmer the face, and the shallower the face. That’s how people look at Song Danfu with purple eyes. Song Danfu frowned and asked him himself, and he threw the question back to her intact.
Bei Bei bit her lip, and Song Danfu looked back at Gu Qingyi, like a bullied kannika nimtragol who was wronged but didn’t dare to speak.
Gu Qing shallow in the heart low curse a closed eyes open after light mouth "Dan fu, where do I make you unhappy say it out and we’ll solve it together"
He can’t bear to give in to her.
Gu Qingyi suddenly remembered that his parents disagreed in the past, and he didn’t understand it every time before his father compromised. Now he is white.
My father loves me badly, and my mother is reluctant to see my mother a little unhappy. Every time I compromise, my father looks back on himself and Danfu, and he is reluctant to compromise with Danfu. He loves Danfu. Can you see it?
Song Danfu didn’t expect Gu Qingqian to suddenly change his attitude. He was very surprised because Gu Qingqian didn’t look like a person who would compromise easily, but at this time he did compromise with her.
I suddenly felt a strange feeling in my heart. Song Danfu couldn’t tell what it was at the moment.
Song Danfu didn’t talk, and Gu Qingyi didn’t force her to continue to say, "You also said that living together is not as simple as it seems, Dan Fu. I hope we can communicate more. What I give may not be what you want, but you can tell me what you want."
A handsome guy is still a handsome guy with a good family background, good interests and wealth like Gu Qingqian. He said to you, "I may not be what you want, but you can tell me what you want." So it’s deceptive to dare not move, especially when he said it so seriously. Song Danfu was so moved that she didn’t even feel tears sliding her eyes.
Song Danfu didn’t feel it, but it didn’t mean that Gu Qingyi didn’t see the slender fingers gently wiping away the tears on her cheek. It was gentle and delicate. "Why are you crying?"
He hoped that she could make him think nothing, but he didn’t want her to cry.
Song Danfu shook her head. She didn’t want to cry. She really didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t control her feelings. tears are not obedient fell away. She wanted to stop it, but she couldn’t.
Holding her face, Gu Qing said with deep distress, "Dan Fu, I want to say that I am absolutely serious about marrying you."
"I know, I know." Song Danfu even said two I know.
"So now we’re going back to the family to try our wedding ceremony?" Gu Qing’s shallow smile gave Song Danfu the decision:
Chapter 10 Bitch scolds the street
It turns out that sometimes people are not as good as the sky. When Song Danfu promised to go back to try on the wedding dress, Gu Qingyi suddenly received a message that he had something very important to deal with.

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