Now Valencia seems to the outside world to be just a time of poor physical fitness.
Even if they beat Real Madrid and Barcelona physically, it doesn’t prevent others from thinking that they are close to running out of energy.
They have a good reason, that is, the Champions League is faster than the National League, and it requires higher physical fitness. Valencia was full of physical fitness against Real Madrid Barcelona because they focused on the National League.
"… because it is obvious that Real Madrid and Barcelona are more important than Stuttgart, it is not a good thing for Valencia to meet such two opponents in a row before the Champions League, but it is a good thing for Stuttgart. Valencia will inevitably encounter physical problems in the Champions League and touch our youth storm. That is when Valencia collapses!"
The German media said that they were particularly confident and seemed to have won the game for Valencia.
Even Magat thinks that Valencia has so many injuries this season that he doesn’t believe that Valencia has not been affected.
But obviously this belongs to the mistake of not knowing the enemy well.
If they know enough about La Liga, Valencia and winning games, it will be nothing if they meet Real Madrid and Barcelona in a row in the league!
It was easy for Valencia to win the two teams.
The German media recognized their Stuttgart "Little Tiger" as reliable, young and energetic and overwhelmed Valencia.
And Valencia naturally has a way to deal with their young limit.
Four days before the game, that is, after the end of the league match with Barcelona, Changsheng told everyone what countermeasures they would take in this game as soon as they trained.
"In the face of those aggressive opponents, we will control the ball tactics and firmly control the football on our own feet so that they can’t rush and run, so that their physical advantage is close to ours," Chang Sheng said to his players
"It’s no big deal to play this game according to our tactics, just like in the previous game. Remember that if we can control the football, we can win no matter who the opponent is!"
Valencia’s tactic for Stuttgart’s constant victory is to control the ball.
Stuttgart can’t even rush if he keeps going back and forth. Even if Stuttgart has more strength, you won’t get the ball!
Of course, this game will not be very beautiful. It is estimated that both sides will not shoot too many times, and the scene will not be exciting and intense because of the slow pace.
But Chang Sheng doesn’t care so much. He is never responsible for the appetite and vision of the audience.
He is responsible for the victory.
Although his team plays the most beautiful tactics in Europe, he is a very utilitarian in his bones
He’ll do anything to win. What’s an ugly scene?
When Stuttgart came to Valencia, they were full of confidence.
Magat’s tactic is very simple: it doesn’t matter if you try to score a goal away from home. You have to score another goal in Liszt to drag Valencia down and make them physically collapse, so that Valencia will be short of the last straw when the round comes.
Why not play in Stuttgart?
Magat has such confidence in his team because his team is the hardest team in the Bundesliga, but the players who can stick to it will not be bad physically.
I heard that winning Valencia is also a strong training team in the middle of the night, but at present, Spain’s overall training level is not comparable to Germany.
It is said that Valencia, who has practiced the hardest, is just like this.
Magat’s self-confidence continued until the game.
Then the game, he found that something was wrong.
After the game, Valencia scored, and then they took advantage of the opportunity to keep the football firmly in their own feet.
Just pass it back and forth …
Stuttgart is a true youth enemy, chasing a shifting football like a dog chasing prey.
No matter where the football is taken, they chase it.
It’s like not knowing how tired you are.
Even if Valencia gave the football back to goalkeeper canizares, they would chase it.
They can put enough pressure on Valencia players to make mistakes, such as giving it back to the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper didn’t receive it …
But it’s a pity that they think so beautifully.
So they chased for fifteen minutes and finished two shots. Most of the time, they were led by Valencia.
Changsheng looked at Stuttgart players running tirelessly on the sidelines, and a sneer appeared on his face.
Valencia has been training for two things since he came to the team, one is physical fitness and the other is catching the ball.
This kind of training is still the main part until now.
Plus his training skills
Nowadays, the ball ability of these Valencia players is better than that of more than two seasons ago. Even the goalkeeper canizares has a score of 75.
The official training program "Teasing the Monkey" in Valencia is not the same as that of the general team. It is rich and varied, and the coaching staff has spent a lot of time on this side, from three to five people to eleven people, from small to large, from one person to three people …
There are all kinds, just simulate all kinds of situations that may occur in the game.
Their training intensity standards are more stringent than those in the competition.
Chang Shenggen is not worried about Stuttgart’s forced robbery.
This kind of forced grab can make Stuttgart players feel tired soon and never grab Valencia’s ball.
It’s a good thing to be young and energetic, but it’s not a good thing to rush around like a fly.
It won’t be long before Stuttgart’s physical strength reaches the bottleneck, no matter how energetic they are before.
The harder Stuttgart runs now, the worse he will die.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-four Drag
Magat soon discovered this, too. Ten minutes ago, he let Stuttgart players make such an impact. He felt that such an impact should force Valencia to make a mistake.
Then it will be Stuttgart’s opportunity.
But ten minutes later, Stuttgart scored a goal and attacked from the backcourt. There was no stealing in the frontcourt.
Then five minutes later, Stuttgart kept handing Valencia, but there was still no good way to run after the football ass.
If the first ten minutes of forced robbery are still intentional, then the five minutes of forced robbery have become inertia.
Just as it is difficult for a high-speed car to stop in one second, there is always an inertia.
Now Stuttgart is in a state of inertia. They always feel that they didn’t get the ball this time, maybe they got it once. Didn’t get it again?
In this way, the cumulative number of times eventually turned into five minutes, ten minutes passed, and it was twenty minutes. Stuttgart still didn’t launch an on-the-spot counterattack by stealing a ball in this frontcourt.

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