Muhai waved his hand and took four women to rise rapidly, then disappeared.
Then, with a wave of his right hand, layers of barriers rolled up and covered all directions.
From now on, everyone can see the outside, while the outside people can see the inside.
It’s too exciting to fight here.
"Zhong Jie, you are the only one who is not my opponent. Let’s get together," Muhai said.
"Hum, little Hague sharp mouth. I’ll see if your gun is rusty later."
Say that finish Zhong Jing roar loud first flashed a weapon like a wolf straight toward MuHai.
Chapter 571 Countries gather together
"Ah … stop the small sea. I lost."
See MuHai still fierce attack Zhong Jing look big change quickly fly back to hide in front of Tang Yu.
"Xiao Yu’s sister needs help quickly," said Zhong Jing.
"Sister Zhong, don’t … don’t now, his morale is booming. If I rashly attack, I will surely lose my troops and lose a lot of money. Yesterday, I had a big battle with him, and now I have lost more than half of my strength." Tang Yu said.
"What shall we do?"
Looking at Muhai’s peak sexually, Zhong Jing’s face changed. Looking at Zhou Qian’s eyes for help.
Zhou Qian quickly hid behind Xuan Zhou when he saw his face changed. "Sister, hurry up or Zhong Jie is hopeless."
When Xuan Zhou saw the roar loud, he flashed his weapon and rushed to Muhai.
That look has a kind of death, but it will be decided later.
However, less than a thousand rounds in front of Muhai, Xuan Zhou screamed and suffered heavy losses.
Finally, I had to fly away and come to Zhou Qian for help.
Zhou Qian looked at Muhai’s morale and showed no signs of decline. His look changed greatly. Finally, he looked at the three girls. "There is no way out. We may have some opportunities together."
For the first time, four women reached an agreement.
All of them threw their weapons at Muhai together.
That look is like a tiger pouncing on food.
Seeing this scene, Mu Hai did not retreat but advanced "just in time"
The next scene is all kinds of swords and swords fighting as close as a bee.
The four women tried to tire Muhai out, but they were disappointed.
Muhai is like a motor that does not know how to rest.
Finally, the four women surrendered together and became Muhai slaves.
On the five-person side
One day has passed at this moment.
Looking around, the palace has been surrounded by agents from Long Guolong.com.
And met people of all colors in front of agents
They are all dozens of teams, hundreds of groups and even thousands.
It’s so dense that you can’t see the edge.
It is estimated that there are millions around the palace.
It’s as numerous as ants.
The treasure is a desperate struggle at all costs.
Zhong Zhenwei, the great dean, looked at the palace with a majestic look.
"This is surrounded by Long Guo agents, and I haven’t had a chance yet."
"Yes, how can this be? Although this is the territory of the Dragon Kingdom, this top-level relic can also be swallowed by a small dragon country?"
"What are you waiting for to attack together and kill these dragon country scum?"
There was a big noise all around.
"Kill the dragon country chop suey"
The sound was so neat that the world kept echoing.
The whole scene was like a riot.
Seeing this scene, Zhong Zhenwei’s mouth slightly raised and gathered a roar "Dare to kill the intruder again"
Not loud but with poverty and power.
Those people who rushed forward all looked one leng and stopped their bodies, and their eyes showed fear.
"What should I do?"

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