At this time, the discussion hall is the most powerful side of the Heaven Guild. However, the Zhuge Yifeng brothers know that when Situhao’s voice falls to the ground, those who don’t know his achievements in chaos will remain gaping.
My darling, it is no wonder that you have become so powerful. You have already achieved chaos, The Hunger said in surprise.
Gnome male-"actually, I wanted to tell you for a long time, but I know that the fairy magic mainland is about to enter an unprecedented dark period and has been stepping up practice, which didn’t tell you that Situ Hao said with a smile.
Anyway, Haoer can have a chaotic body, which is the condition for balancing the fairy magic. If you want the magical power of the chaotic body to be constantly brought into play, neither the fairy statue nor the magic statue is necessarily your opponent. It seems that it is a wise choice for me to choose to come to you. Dongfang Lei said excitedly.
It’s here that I entered Nalan’s marriage, but I cried. Hao you, you have achieved chaos. It’s so good that you want to avenge me. Chapter 8 Fate.
Situhao immediately became more horrified when he heard Nalan’s crying in his heart.
For a long time, the feelings of several girls in Situhao were almost not so smooth, but Nalan’s marriage feelings were the most smooth. At the beginning, he was just a weak force, but Nalan Xuan didn’t abandon him after seeing him, and he also gave him an alchemy. He gave him Chinese herbal medicines all his life, and he also gave him a tripod with five elements. This friendship has long been deeply branded in Situhao’s heart.
Nalan Yin Ying cried sadly at this time, saying that she wanted revenge, but she didn’t follow Nalan Xuan and his wife around. It was obvious that she was crying because of her parents.
Hao son what’s the matter? Stuart asked in surprise.
Nalan Yin Ying cried more than sad at this time. Ouyang Tianqin beside her directly held her in her arms. She was already crying despite her sadness.
Hao Ying’s parents were taken away by Xian Zun. If it weren’t for her parents’ desperate struggle, I’m afraid she would also be caught. Ouyang Tianqin replied.
What did Xian Zun want to arrest them for?
According to Yan ‘er, Xian Zun is trying to coerce Yan ‘er, and they want to intimidate Nalan’s elder, who is an alchemist. He is a senior deity teacher.
Speaking of which, the Xuan son stopped crying and Stuart took a long breath and said
Situhao fell to the ground crying like a crybaby. Nalan Yin Hao raised his head and looked at Situhao with a pair of tearful eyes. What did you say?
Xian Zun arrested your parents just to ask your father to help him make an alchemy. Your father agreed to make an alchemy, and they must be fine. Even if he didn’t agree to make an alchemy, they couldn’t do it for a short time.
Meowed, but dad, after all, is in the hands of Xian Zun. What if he bullies my parents? Hao, you must find a way to save them, okay? Nalan Yan heard that Situ Hao heard that Fa was crying less fiercely than before and choked up.
Situhao smiled and nodded, and said, Don’t worry, I will try to save your parents.
Hao, thank you
Ying son, how did you meet with harp and them? Situhao asked doubtfully.
I was hunted down by the immortal, Qin Er’s sister, who was dying. They saved me after a good time. It was only after one last question that I found out that I and she all knew you. She was not as sad as before after being persuaded by Situhao, and her speech was not pleasant and it was much smoother.
Situhao heard here, but he couldn’t help feeling funny. Nalan’s marriage to Ouyang Tianqin was his wife, Nalan’s marriage to Ouyang was saved by Ouyang’s brother and sister in a crisis. I have to say that this is also a kind of fate.
Harp, did you come to see me, too? When Stuart was funny, he asked Ouyang Tianqin directly.
Ouyang Tianqin’s face is full of sadness, but she is much older and more mature than Nalan Yin. She didn’t cry. She shook her head slowly and said, we didn’t intend to find you when we came here, but we saved Yan’s son on the way and wanted to send her to you, and then we can’t leave you now that we have achieved chaos, we can find you.
Situhao listened to Ouyang Tianqin’s words and couldn’t help but feel a little lost.
He is very serious about Ouyang Tianqin’s feelings, but she didn’t come here to find herself, but now she knows that she is a chaotic body, but she also says that she can find him, which makes Situhao feel a little uncomfortable.
A man always wants to be the most important person in a woman’s heart.
What’s the difficulty of refuge? You surround and kill you. You are the magic statue of the Royal Guards. So, is it the magic statue to find you trouble? Although Situhao is a little upset in his heart, Ouyang Tianqin is difficult. He must figure out that if he can help them, he will spare no effort to help them even if he is desperate.
Situhao’s voice fell to the ground. Ouyang Tianqin couldn’t help but feel a little difficult. Situhao saw her like this and immediately turned white. She wanted to say directly in her heart. It seems that this is some personal problem. Then you can come to my place with me and tell me what is going on.
Situhao said that he got up and said goodbye to others in the hall directly, and then he took them to his own place.

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