Wanted to think about the rest of the general master and Kunlun sent this person really have no way to compare with Ji Xiaotian’s decision to take the Teng this reliable brother in the past. Anyway, the two of them are not ordinary fairy level masters, but even the fairy peak level masters are also dying. Lu Yi, they are brothers who are loyal to Ji Xiaotian and promised the Laoshan Sect to be overwhelmed by others.
Ji Xiaotian’s brain is turning so fast that he doesn’t know where the Kunlun Sect is. This is to suppress the people’s world by means of face meaning. At the beginning, Ji Xiaotian made a big scene before rising to the celestial world. Both the Kunlun Sect and the Shushan Sect made a big scene. Now they obviously want to get this field back.
If Ji Xiaotian is not here, and the father of Laoshan Mountain has left the Laoshan Sect, then it is really possible for them to get the field back. But since Ji Xiaotian happens to stay here, nothing can make them succeed, let alone the Kunlun Sect and the Shushan Sect. Ji Xiaotian is not afraid of the strength of these people and really doesn’t care about him.
Ji Xiaotian promised so readily that Lu Yi naturally put his heart deeply into his belly. For him, he didn’t know that Ji Xiaotian was a willing friend entrusted by Xiaotian and the founder of Laoshan Mountain. It was enough for Lu Yi to know that Ji Xiaotian was a successful person.
A line of people, that is, Xiaotian and Nateng accompanied Lu Yi, rushed to the Laoshan Chamber. They were all arranged there waiting to be accompanied by other disciples such as Xu Yuan. Lu Yi made an excuse to come here quietly. Now there is a plan to go back with them. The momentum is completely different. The whole person is shining from the inside out.
It turned out that the Laoshan Sect also had a Jin Xian, the founder of Laoshan Sect. Now there are two Jin Xian, Xiaotian and Nateng, who support the Laoshan Sect. Lu Yi really can’t think of anyone who can pose a threat to them.
Even if the other party is a powerful Kunlun school and Shushan school, I didn’t think about the things that Ji Xiaotian couldn’t wait for when he was looking at Kunlun school and Shushan school. Lu Yi had a surge in his heart than being strong and confident. What does he have to worry about when he has such a person behind his back? It should be Kunlun school who should really have a headache now.
"Come on, let Xiaotian eldest brother, before I show you the way, I told you that Kunlun sent these people. It’s really not something. They’ve been amazing since the celestial world. We’re almost bossing people around! If you have to help me out today, you don’t know that these people really take themselves seriously. If you are not here, the consequences will be unimaginable! "
In order to achieve better results, it is natural for Lu Yi to make a deal with Ji Xiaotian before they send these people to Kunlun. Because they have mastered very important information from the celestial world, they still occupy a high moral level. It is to protect the earth and protect the human world. With Ji Xiaotian, they are different here because Xiaotian and others can also use the same banner. The other party can’t simply use these to oppress people.
Naturally, these are not really the key points. It is to have the equal strength. No matter where the strength is, it represents the status. If there is no strength, it means that no matter how much it is, it is not deeply understood. Lu Yi naturally prepares to calculate Kunlun to send people after feeling his own strong strength.
In fact, this is what Lu Yi thinks too much. If Xiaotian doesn’t stand up for him, even if he promises to help, don’t say that Kunlun sent these people from the celestial world to fight against the whole Kunlun sent forces in the celestial world. Like Xiaotian, who has always been cautious, he is unwilling to provoke unnecessary trouble. Compared with Xiaotian, he is not afraid of people.
"Don’t worry, it’s just a few celestial beings. I’ll take care of the Teng brothers. Do you want them to come in sideways and lie out, or just stay here one by one and never leave?"
Sure enough, Lu Yi said that Ji Xiaotian quickly answered the words. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t take a bite. It seems that Ji Xiaotian is very interested in sending some embarrassing things to Kunlun, which makes him somewhat recall that he was in Kunlun Wonderland more than sending one person to overwhelm all the other disciples in Shushan.
Chapter four hundred and thirty Playing with fairies at the palm of your hand
Chapter four hundred and thirty Playing with fairies at the palm of your hand
Since he is not a friendly person, Ji Xiaotian doesn’t mind giving them a profound lesson. Even in the fix true world and the celestial world, the strength is very huge. Kunlun is in charge of the closeness and distance, regardless of the strength of the other side. This is also a plan that Xiaotian has always come to the wind
Ji Xiaotian is definitely not bragging. He and the Teng two people have eaten the Kunlun sent from the celestial world. The only thing to worry about is Lu Yi himself. He represents the whole Laoshan Sect. If he doesn’t make his attitude clear, there is no need to offend people or destroy these guys who don’t know the weight, it will cause Lu Yi a lot of trouble.
"Ha ha, Xiaotian, I’m relieved to have you, but it’s not really killing them all. Anyway, it’s also the most powerful thing to resist the enemy in the future. It’s almost the same to teach these guys a lesson as soon as they know that someone is behind the scenes."
Lu Yi laughed his mouth off, and discussed these things with Ji Xiaotian while walking. It should be said that Lu Yi has long thought of many ways to deal with them, and now he needs to say it, and then Ji Xiaotian will do it. It seems that things are not too complicated for Ji Xiaotian to have a super calm mind. It is a piece of cake.
They are here to discuss how to deal with others, but the Kunlun Sect is very impatient. Don’t talk about it. The founder of Laoshan Sect, who has been sitting in Laoshan Sect, didn’t even see the film. It’s relatively severe. Some immortals didn’t look at them either. According to their news, Laoshan Sect has at least a number of immortal-level experts who don’t say it or really come to the fairy world.
For this reason, the Kunlun Sect is very puzzled. Super-big sects like Kunlun Sect and Shushan Sect can send people to the human world. That’s because of their strong physical strength and strong power in the celestial world. People are forced to send people from the celestial world with the advantages of many people, but Laoshan Sect has no hills in the celestial world. Where did they get such strong power?
Therefore, the Kunlun Sect has always been dubious about the news that there are immortals in the Laoshan Sect. They can’t believe that there is no No.1 Laoshan Sect in the fairy world. A founder of Laoshan Sect belongs to the right place. If the Laoshan Sect still has such powerful hidden strength, it would be really scary.
A Kunlun Sect is still waiting here honestly. After all, if they are extremely superior, they can afford to wait. Due to the limitation of the number of people coming, there are not many people, and all of them are the strength of Jinxian. This is an unwritten rule in the celestial world. I have never heard of anyone who can send Jin Xian back to the human world. Since the fairy level, the strength will increase ten times.
But after waiting for a long time, I can’t wait for the left and the right, and I can’t wait for the right. Even Lu Yi, the landlord of Laoshan Sect, has disappeared. These Kunlun Sect immortals feel that they have suffered great insults, and they are angry one by one, and several Laoshan Sect fairy level masters such as Xu Yuan are far away, and conflicts are about to happen.
Don’t look at the virtual yuan, they are also fairy level masters. On the one hand, their physical strength belongs to the low-level fairy. On the other hand, their physical strength is still true. Compared with Kunlun sent these immortals from the celestial world, they are still a power level. They are very disadvantaged without fairy power.
"Don’t go too far. This is a small cave in Laoshan Mountain. Do you dare to start work here to send enemies with the whole Laoshan Mountain?"
Virtual yuan is also very angry. He has never seen such arrogance. He really doesn’t know if these Kunlun immortals don’t know how to write death. If it is a few of them, how can they sit here as boldly as they are now? What they need to do now is to delay and ask Lu Yi to lead Ji Xiaotian. They will die when they come to these immortals.
Of course, the imaginary elements can’t hold back the battle, and the whole five-element team is here. They are lined up in dense and neat formation, so they stay outside the Chamber. If they really need to fight, they can show their quality as soon as possible, especially after a good fight with the demons. Their strength has changed completely. If they really start fighting, they can get rid of these immortals.
Of course, if there are so many people attacking the Kunlun Sect in the way of fighting, there are still many immortals who leave a message for people. For this mi Xuyuan and others, they know that the Five Elements Team knows that they will repeatedly endure each other’s provocations for this reason, but there is also a limit to this tolerance. With the fierce words, the conflict between the two sides is on the verge.
"Good, very good. You Laoshan Sect are promising and dare to threaten the immortals in the world. You are destroying the stability and unity of the whole human world. Do you want to die?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Yu Zhen, the immortal of the first Kunlun Sect, was also very angry. He didn’t know that those who fix the truth in the present world could be so arrogant as to want to fight against the immortal. But they are high above these immortals, whether they are ordinary people or fix the truth, they are all that kind of worm. They are very angry at Yu Zhen, who is almost threatened by this.
But anger turns to anger, and you can feel the vigorous fighting spirit of the five-element team outside, and the thick strength makes them feel nervous, even some fix true people, but once they unite to play a neat level, these immortals can clearly understand that they really want to fight. Didn’t they say that they would eat the Laoshan Sect?
It is precisely because of this that these talents have saved their lives, or if they really dare to do it first, I’m afraid these people will have to die, not because they have come here just because they don’t plan Xiaotian. They have just seen this tense scene, and others will get angry first regardless of Xiaotian.
"Bang" a talk YuZhen Xiaotian slap to jilt to fly out open fairy level master in front of JiXiaoTian didn’t dodge ability is like an adult to teach children JiXiaoTian is gently slap YuZhen haven’t white how to return a responsibility, the whole people will fly out more than 20 meters.
Yu Zhen is very embarrassed to climb from the ground, and his face has swollen up a lot. Where did he know that someone would dare to beat himself so boldly, not to mention that the speed is still so fast? This is simply not the average person’s root. You can’t imagine Yu Zhen’s plan. Xiaotian Root is unpredictable and doesn’t know where the other party has such a powerful force
He felt like a rabbit facing the most powerful tiger as a beast, which was absolutely unmatched. He felt that he had a lot to scold at Ji Xiaotian, but when he looked at Ji Xiaotian’s eyes, he felt as if he was going to fall into a bottom hole, and he felt bad. He closed his eyes and dared not speak again.
Jade is really dumb. Don’t think so. Don’t think so. They plan what witchcraft Xiaotian has launched. It is impossible for him to resist the presence of these Kunlun immortals. They don’t want to. If they don’t agree with their companions being beaten so hard, they don’t even think about Yuzhen. In fact, they are the most powerful. A number of Kunlun immortals are shot almost at the same time in an instant.
Immortals are immortals, even if they make a joint effort, they still have the air of floating immortals, like fireworks that don’t eat people. At this moment, the momentum is completely revealed. Each of them contains great strength. Seven immortals make a joint effort, which brings far more power impact than a Yuzhen, especially when Yuzhen hasn’t reacted yet and is hesitating whether to join the fray.
"Oh … ah …"
Unexpectedly, to the surprise of these Kunlun immortals, Ji Xiaotian is much more powerful than they thought. They jointly attacked Ji Xiaotian here, but they rushed to the front to resist others without any help. But that’s what it means, and the Kunlun immortals suffered enough. They had little white hair and flew out.
One, two … Seven, this series of immortals flying backwards is not comparable to ordinary people. Even if Yuzhen flies backwards, it is not as shocking as it is now. In the end, the number of immortals has been thrown out, so many that some people in the place are not astounding.
Laoshan sent all the people to know that Ji Xiaotian’s strength is still amazing. They knew that Ji Xiaotian was powerful, but it was impossible for them to imagine that all the Kunlun sent immortals were casually played with like this. After all, the strength was not too strong, and some of them were so powerful that all the Laoshan sent themselves felt incredible.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-one Bow to the immortal
Chapter four hundred and thirty-one Bow to the immortal
This is even more so, not to mention how the rest of the Kunlun Sect felt. Nothing is more clear than what they feel now. They are white and what jade is really so vulnerable in the past, because every one of them is under control at the moment of the attack, whether it is immortal strength or physical and physical ability, it is very difficult to resist or want to move.
In this way, they are not much better than an ordinary person. At most, they have a little more inside their bodies. Now they can’t mobilize the power of Fairy Yuan. How can they resist the attack of small days?
But the more so, the more frightened they are, but they know that they are all equal-strength people in the face of planning a small day. Even if they don’t know when their strength is closed, this terrible collar is definitely not a fairy-level master’s course, and it is not something that ordinary fairies can do.
"Jin Xian?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Kunlun sent people to raise such a question in their hearts. In the final analysis, they still have too little knowledge, not to mention the fact that there is a founder of Laoshan Mountain in the human world. Since ancient times, the celestial world has been cultivated, and Jin Xian has also planned Xiaotian. Since the celestial world forcibly broke down the barriers and returned to the human world, it is absolutely wrong for them to be the master of fairy level in the human world.
Because of this fixed concept, they still can’t believe everything they see when it’s all their own illusion. For these Kunlun immortals, nothing is more convincing than unification. Even if they have personally experienced Ji Xiaotian, they still can’t believe this fact.
"I don’t know what to do. Do you guys really want me to kill you before they stop?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Seeing that these Kunlun immortals rushed over again after a very short silence, Ji Xiaotian was somewhat annoyed. This is really a troublesome thing for him. No matter how powerful Ji Xiaotian is, there are always some annoying flies flying around here. The taste is definitely not very comfortable, and he can imagine being annoyed in his heart.
It’s not that Ji Xiaotian has no ability to kill these Kunlun immortals, but that they are a part of the celestial world. In the future, these people should also be able to make efforts when they can resist the attack of the enemy robots and humans in the celestial world. This is a very important composition for everyone. It’s really a wave to be killed by Ji Xiaotian in vain.
If not, with the powerful strength of Ji Xiaotian, don’t say to kill them again, it is not difficult for them to die ten times and a hundred times. His main purpose is to educate these Kunlun immortals not to be too arrogant. Don’t worry about Ji Xiaotian asking himself in a measured way, but in the mind of these Kunlun people, it is that Ji Xiaotian still has some scruples.
The situation is a little weak, and these Kunlun immortals immediately rose again. Their combined strength is so strong that even in the face of a Jin Xian, these people recognize World War I. In this way, they launched an attack again.
Even if Xiaotian drank a lot, these people hesitated a little, but they still didn’t pause to think. Where did they know that Ji Xiaotian was merciful or that Ji Xiaotian lacked stamina? Red-eyed and desperate, he rushed to Ji Xiaotian again, including Yuzhen. At this moment, there was an idea that Ji Xiaotian, a person who once humiliated them, was completely blown to pieces.
Meter xiaotian naturally didn’t expect such a result. He was thinking about these Kunlun sent immortals. Since they came from the celestial world, they somehow had some insight. It was impossible to be so short-sighted. I didn’t expect these people to be really narrow-minded because they had a little fight, so did meter xiaotian.
Ji Xiaotian snorted. Although there is still no real heavy hand, the strength of his playing out is much stronger. This is not to fly out and turn over more than a dozen somersaults. Even if Ji Xiaotian waved his hand casually, the dozen Kunlun immortals rolled out one by one like a ground gourd and rolled for more than 100 meters before stopping.
And even after they stopped, their bodies didn’t recover, and they were still in a stalemate. What was their falling posture like now? Some people’s faces even showed a sinister expression of Gherardini, and some people were frightened and their expressions were motionless, but surprisingly, they were all protected by the special way of Ji Xiaotian.
It was forced to control everything in the body. If the first time was a fluke, it was the same twice in a row. As a result, these Kunlun school immortals didn’t know that Ji Xiaotian was powerful. At this time, they realized that they were ridiculous. It turned out that people in all walks of life didn’t expect to suffer setbacks here in Laoshan School. They were all humiliated.
Fortunately, Ji Xiaotian didn’t particularly want to humiliate them, so he taught them a lesson twice, even if otherwise, their strength and mentality were the same. According to the practice of dealing with people in the previous plan, they were even afraid of being grieved alive by themselves in the end. Now, although they are humiliated, at least everyone has saved a life, and their strength has not lost too much.
Therefore, it didn’t take long for them to gradually regain their ability to act here. Yuzhen and several other companions looked at each other honestly and came over to seriously salute Ji Xiaotian.
"Kunlun sent Yuzhen and others to meet their predecessors. Please forgive us for offending them. I don’t know if my predecessors are the ancestors of Laoshan?"
At this point, if you still persist in ignorance, I’m afraid the outcome will not be Kunlun Sect. These people can also see that each of them is so powerful, but they are nothing in front of Ji Xiaotian. This kind of force makes them feel very uncomfortable in their hearts, and they all bow their heads involuntarily and honestly apologize to Ji Xiaotian.

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