The last alien warship was destroyed by a nuclear explosion, and people were so excited that they spontaneously went to the streets to celebrate the hard-won victory.
People’s opinions are nothing but celebrations, but the military is a little relieved and devoted to intense rescue.
The battle has been fought from the moon to the moon. The whole battlefield is more than 400 thousand kilometers long and 70 thousand kilometers wide. The wreckage of human warships or alien warships may be found anywhere in the battlefield.
The wreckage of alien warships must be completely destroyed, while the wreckage of human warships must be carefully searched and no one must be pulled.
It’s not difficult to do this job before the war. It won’t be long before hundreds of warships are thrown out to clean up the whole battlefield. But now it’s not generally difficult for humans to search such a large area with five warships, including Sirius.
No matter how difficult it is, it is necessary to search, not only carefully search the wreckage of our own warships to rescue the lucky people, but also destroy all the wreckage of alien warships that may threaten the earth, and carefully sort out the wreckage.
Fortunately, Huo Qiang transferred the transport fleet to the battlefield, and hundreds of transport ships undertook a large number of searches. The remaining five warships were responsible for handling extreme situations.
For example, an alien warship that has lost power but can continue to fire, and another example is a single worm machine on the battlefield
The warship aroused great interest in Beidu and Washington, and ordered that the enemy ship should not be destroyed. We must find a way to capture it alive and control it into human hands.
Gao Kai, a human being, hopes to know what aliens are constantly rushing to the earth through this enemy ship. All high-level people will lose sleep at night unless they find out why.
The search is in full swing and the ground is not idle.
It has to start with the arrival of the foreign fleet. The two sides have just exchanged fire near the moon, and the aliens have been hiding their heads and showing their tails. Suddenly, the ball has launched a pre-scale attack. Military bases and residential areas in major cities are all targets of swarms, and the ground forces of various countries are struggling to resist the swarm attack.
This war has refreshed mankind’s understanding of aliens, and it turns out that aliens have unconsciously developed such a huge military force.
It was not until the last enemy ship was destroyed by a missile that the ground attack ended without warning, and the huge swarm of insects retreated like a flood.
After the battle, Beidu and Washington also found a very strange phenomenon. Retreating the alien troops is not to retreat to the nest, but to gather where the alien warships fell. Even a small piece of debris can attract a group of giant worms.
This phenomenon has not only attracted the attention of high-level officials in various countries, but also caused a number of discussions among the people. There has been an argument that aliens are so determined to throw genetic viruses on the earth, thus completely destroying mankind.
This argument is very popular, and it won the approval of several people as soon as the market appeared. Governments around the world have been under great pressure from public opinion.
In addition, countries have to organize manpower to focus on the debris of enemy ships that fell on the earth. In addition, they have distributed a large number of epidemic prevention equipment to the public. If conditions do not allow countries, they would like to rebuild all buildings according to the standards of the four-level biological laboratory.
Of course, it is absolutely impossible for countries to prevent alien viruses as much as possible under the existing conditions.
And this is just a variety of guesses. There are still many guesses about a people, but they are not as wide as the flow of genetic viruses.
However, the research soon came to a conclusion. The researchers did get some alien microbes from the wreckage of alien warships, but all alien microbes could not infect humans.
This result is beyond everyone’s expectation. Most people think that researchers must have overlooked something.
Further research will be carried out immediately, but the results have been consistent before. These microorganisms are not only human beings, but even giant worms are not infected. A lot of experiments have been done, but it is impossible to determine what these microorganisms have.
Is it a joke that the foreign fleet attacks?
Chapter 1543 It’s a pity that it’s not Sirius
Leishan on the edge of Saturn’s region
Seeing the final result, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but no one cheered triumphantly and everyone remained silent.
The victory is worth celebrating, but this battle is too bitter and miserable. Seeing the series of familiar names on the sinking list, everyone is not happy.
Xu Zhou, You Zhou, Tai Zhou …
Yushan, Tianshan and Baoshan …
Beihai, Qionghai and Binghai …
Ninghe, Suihe and Donghe …
Every sunken warship means hundreds of casualties, and fewer injuries and more deaths.
The names that once fought side by side will always be as heavy as the black names on the sinking list, so dazzling but so nai.
Yip hon saw the Beihai, but he knew that Duan Zhiyang’s adjustment of Sirius should not be dangerous.
Then he saw the Nanzhou Theory of Three Represents mourning black font, and his heart was surprised, but the horse thought that the Sirius at Gaokai headquarters should be no problem.
Continue to look at the Yang, which hit him hard. He hesitated a little. The name of Yang immediately jumped out of the crew list.
He saw Xiaoyuan’s name at a glance without a black box and a serious injury mark.
Finally, there is good news. Yip Han doesn’t know how to shape his mood.
However, he soon saw another name, Xiongzhou … which stands for sunken black font.
Name the ship. All the crew members do not include Ouyang Ping.
Yip hon wondered where the ship was named. Only then did I know that Xiongzhou was attached to the reserve fleet … The reserve fleet was an enemy dogfight rather than hitting the enemy ship. Although the warship sank, it was impossible to determine the crew status until the specific situation was determined.
After this battle, the human fleet was weakened and nearly wiped out. There were three warships left, which were still far away from Saturn.
When I think of those familiar and vivid faces in my memory, they will disappear forever. Ye Han has a kind of heart-wrenching pain and hates himself for not being able to fight with his comrades at the most critical moment. He hates the vicious alien invasion of the earth. In the end, all negative emotions turn to hate the alien from the bottom of his heart. Even if the alien genocide does not reduce his hatred.
Silence for a long time Luo Qi broke the silence. "Chief, can we do it?" When he said this, his eyes finally fell on Saturn in front of him

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