However, whether it is a newborn calf that is not afraid of tigers, Gao Guanglong is a big family brother. Although he has never seen a ghost gate, he has heard of it here and said that after seeing this situation, he will be white for five or six points.
Plus meritorious service eager that Gao Guanglong was immediately shout at top of voice a "kids listen up! Grandpa Yang has killed it! If you don’t want to die again, flash to grandpa! "
This roar was like a thunderbolt, scaring the crowded ghosts silly. Looking back, 500 murderous people were staring at themselves with bloody eyes!
In charge of exploring the passage, the ghost soldiers were in a trance-how could a living person appear in front of the ghost door?
A guard ghost soldier captain asked what was going on before Gao Guanglong clapped his hands and immediately knocked the captain over and pulled out a broadsword to drink a way: "Brothers, rush! Let’s go in first! "
A drum momentum like a tiger!
500 fresh troops ran all the way. Just fight for this breath!
Seeing what’s wrong in front of you!
One by one, they all followed Gao Guanglong’s roar and took out all kinds of weapons and implements to penetrate into the ghost gate!
This one blew up the nest!
I just reported to Yin, and the ghosts died in Yang. It was not long before people finally got used to the reality of their own death. At this moment, they were shocked again, crying, crying, crying, and crying for their lives.
Some people are bold enough to ask "Why are you here when you are alive?"
Yang Jun casually said, "We’re here to catch the ten emperors after the war of Yin and Yang!"
Those ghosts who are not afraid of death are also excited when they hear this. What else have they done? Let’s follow Yang Jun into the forest!
Gao Guanglong said he was happy to show off and shouted "Yin Yan Jun Dao! Ten halls and ten Wang Zhengduo profits! We are here to uphold justice and welcome back to Fengdu Emperor! I don’t want you damn fool to join us in fighting for a peaceful world! "
Hearing this, there are more and more ghosts joining Yang Army!
Gao Guanglong’s killing that gate is a ghost gate. The thirteenth gate is called "Tiangu Gate"!
When Tiangu Gate was in a mess, it immediately alerted Tiangu Town Ambassador and two town envoys!
Tiangu Town Ambassador and two town envoys just started out to watch the situation and saw Gao Guanglong coming back with a broadsword, and countless people and ghosts joined together!
Two thousand ghost soldiers guarding Tiangu Gate have already scuffled with Yangjun, and three hundred ghost soldiers who are responsible for exploring the access and leading the temple have been completely dispersed by the crowded and flustered ghosts!
Moments later, 200 ghost soldiers can’t stop retreating to the gate!
Just meet the envoy who came to Tiangu Town!
Tiangu Town has been guarding the gate here for hundreds of years, and it has never been calm. It can be said that Chengping has not known what war is for a long time, and where have you seen this kind of battle?
I saw Gao Guanglong screaming and killing him. In an instant, the solitary town ambassador almost peed his pants and ran away. He shouted at the two town envoys, "You two give me the top first! I’ll go back and tell the ghost king! "
The ghost disappeared before the words were finished
Those two town ambassadors just came to their senses and were scared worse than the town envoys!
The two glances are all silent, and the town ambassadors have all run away. Let’s two deputies still spend a lot of time here!
Let’s run too!
Tiangu Gate was brought here by Gao Guanglong without blowing off dust!
More than 100 gates are out of order!
Ghosts are shouting everywhere.
"People come! People are coming! People are coming! "
"Run! Run! "
This creature has never been so horrible!
At the very least, it is terrible that the living suddenly appear cloudy or fight in the ghost’s mind!
Run like crazy, shout like crazy, and the gates are all messed up!
Gao Guanglong saw this situation, and be in heaven immediately ordered to stop Yang Jun from killing indiscriminately, and then collected and surrendered ghost soldiers and ghosts. After counting, the original 500 Yang Army not only failed to wreck one, but also got 5,000 ghost soldiers for no reason!
Gao Guanglong not the kui is a descendant of the door with ancestral inheritance. He decided to divide his troops into ten departments and called up ten uncles and brothers of Gaos thought to order Gao Guang, Gao Guangliang, Gao Guangyang, Gao Guangbiao, Gao Guanghu, Gao Shiqi, Gao Shijian, Gao Shili and other pianjiang and Bijiang to command their respective commanders to break all the ten gates adjacent to him in the ghost gate! No mistakes!
Ten generals, who had just been ordered to be biased, immediately took their respective commanders and joined forces of 500 Yin and Yang to kill the Tianmen Gate, which is adjacent to Tianmen Gate, Tianweimen Gate, Tianyingmen Gate, Tianguimen Gate, Tianfu Gate, Tianmanmen Gate, Tianmaimen Gate, Tianlimen Gate, Tianlimen Gate, Tianjiemen Gate and Tianwen Gate.
Gao Guanglong judged that the suspicion was correct. Because of the incident, he suddenly waited for more ghosts, and then added it to the chaos.
These ten doors are in exactly the same condition as Tiangu Gate!
Gao Guang, Gao Guangliang, Gao Shiqi, and so on, when more than ten units were killed, the roots did not meet with effective resistance!
Not only that, everyone’s team has grown again!
It’s exactly as the former righteous brother predicted. The team is snowballing!
Join in! There are more and more Yin soldiers! Zhen lai Zhuang Wu
It’s like the historical destruction of the Song Dynasty by gold, the Song Dynasty by Yuan Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. It’s not the ethnic minority forces but the Han people themselves who really destroyed the Han Dynasty!
The Mongolian army swept the sky, but there are more than 200,000 real Mongolian soldiers, and 90% of the millions of troops are Han Chinese!
Now, too, there are more than 500 Yang people in Gao Guanglong’s army, and tens of millions of recruits are ghosts!
It’s a real ghost!
The first chapter five thunder ghost king
Just when Gao Guanglong swallowed Wan Li’s tiger-like momentum and stormed the eleven gates of Tianzihao, tiger Chaoyang and Wu Yuanjia led the tiger brothers and Wu brothers to kill!
Both of them were dumbfounded before they arrived!
Boy, what is this?
When Gao Guanglong first arrived at the meeting, there was a fierce battle. Five hundred troops must have been seriously damaged!
The two of them really want your name to be Gao and run fast. When the two of us arrive, won’t you fight bloody battles?
Maybe he has been wearing more than ten wounds and is dying, waiting for us to save lives!
As a result, there is no such thing at all!
In front of the ghost gate, there is a mess. The wolves are running towards the dolphin, and the ghosts are crying, running and trampling on each other on all sides!
The two men were in a trance for a while and then they saw the situation. This is a one-sided slaughter!
Gao Guanglong’s fellow not only has nothing to do, but also seems to have made great achievements!
While they were hesitating, they saw a big flag erected at the gate of Tiangu Gate, and a big "high" flag fluttered in the wind.
The flag came out and a burly figure came out. Who was it if it wasn’t Gao Guanglong?
That Gao Guanglong looked at Tiger Chaoyang and Wu Yuanjia "haha" and laughed. "Two brothers, I have taken this door for a long time! Two marching speed is so slow? "
Tiger Chaoyang and Wu Yuanjia looked at each other and Wu Yuanjia said, "Let’s go! Take another door, and don’t let this fellow take all the credit! "
As soon as Tiger Chaoyang answered Gao Guanglong, he laughed, "You two had better go further if you want to break through the gate of the pass, because I have already taken eleven passes in succession!"
Tiger Chaoyang was surprised and hurriedly looked into the distance and found that there was a "high" flag in the adjacent natural injury door!
Looking further east, the sky is full of doors and there is indeed a "high" flag!
Tiger Chaoyang and Wu Yuanjia care for each other, and they know that Gao Guanglong is telling the truth with horror!
"This guy where come so many soldiers? !” Tiger Chaoyang asked a Wu Yuanjia, "Never mind and go to attack the door!" The general will arrive soon! This guy took eleven gates, and we both have no face. Where can we put it? !”
"Say yes!"
Hu Chaoyang and Wu Yuanjia hurried there.
Gao Guanglong did not continue to divide his troops into eleven places because he knew that it was the limit to divide his troops into eleven places, and it would be self-defeating to divide his troops into eleven places.
More importantly, after such a period of time, the ghost kings should have been shocked and should respond!
At this time, the most important thing to do is to keep the current achievements and wait for the former general Zeng Tianyang to arrive! Then wait for the middle route army to arrive!

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