"Fuck you …!" Sha Xuan scolded 1 at his back and bowed their heads and took out a mobile phone, feeling chatting and fiddling with it.
Xiaoliang can’t sleep for a long time in a bedroom less than 10 square meters. His mind is full of Lin Chengdong who talked to him at dinner.
People are like this. If an idea appears repeatedly, it means that people may have lost control of their thoughts.
Stayed up until midnight, Xiaoliang balcony smoked a cigarette and bowed his head and sent a text message to Lin Chengdong, "I want to know about what you said."
at home
Lin chengdong picked up the phone and glanced at his face. There was no accident and no horse reply. He bowed his head and continued to check some information in the old notebook.
Chapter 1213 Hospitality
Outside the late night zone
A Taiwan military small passenger plane stopped at a military airport ladder and a dozen men came one by one.
An officer on both sides of the ladder shouted a row or two of soldiers to stand at attention and welcome them.
Not far away, a large group of people from Shajia greeted Sullivan Shayong Shaxuan, but it was not a C leader in the crowd. It was a middle-aged man with a little fat figure. He walked up to the other dozen people with a smile on his face and held out his palm and said, "Welcome!"
"Hello, General Sha" came from the plane to lead the middle-aged people and greeted him politely.
The two men met and shook hands, and took a photo with the officer. They were called General Sha, and only when they were middle-aged, they smiled and said, "Mr. Ruan, our master has never forgotten your support for him on the Northwest Line. I heard that you have come and are still waiting at home, haha."
"I must go to see my master first." Mr. Ruan’s skin is dark, but he speaks softly and looks very gentle
The two talked, and a row of cars rushed to the crowd from the side. According to their status, they took their own seats.
The military driveway directly leaves the army airport and rushes to the city.
"Big shot" has something important to talk about, and naturally he has his own way of communication with his family brother.
After the bus arrived at the designated reception place, General Sha Sullivan Shayong, Mr. Ruan and others went to talk about things, while the remaining guests from afar were accompanied by Sha Xuan and another Sha family brother, who were not qualified to sit and talk about things. The table was called, which was to be responsible for entertaining Ruan’s peers and seeing the world by the way.
Sha Yong is generally responsible for this kind of thing before. He is smoother and more spiritual, and he can arrange it in order every time. However, in recent years, he has reached the age of his army, and he took the post of military supplies department with Shen Yin. Now he has been transferred to Songjiang, and he has been entrusted with the responsibility of being involved in family affairs. He can also attend important occasions on behalf of a generation of younger brothers, so this matter has only fallen to Sha Xuantou.
Sha Xuan is no stranger to this kind of hospitality. He has been watching it for so many years. Although he is reluctant to think that this kind of thing is quite chatty, he still dares not neglect it.
Sha Xuan appointed four or five young people in the reception hotel to arrange their rooms, and then smiled and asked, "Let’s go to the lounge and have a rest first?"
"It’s no fun to sit and chat in the lounge," a young man with the same dark skin walked over and asked Sha Xuan. "I heard that it’s fun to serve the northern capital late? Is there a place? Brother! "
When Sha Xuan heard this, he immediately smiled. "Do you want to relax?"
"They don’t know what time it is to talk about things. We don’t have time to wait here." Dark young people don’t look wild when they get up with the dean of the giants, and they dress up slightly with a local flavor. It is also very direct to speak.
Sha Xuan wore a gold belt at an old night show. I was still a little surprised when I heard the other party say this. I didn’t go to such a place on the first day because of normal hospitality. If things went well, I went to it and it was very boring, but this little black chubby one in front of me obviously belonged to that kind of place.
"Ok, I’ll arrange a" Sha Xuan took out a mobile phone.
"Please, brother!" Little black and chubby smiled and bowed their heads and took out cigarette cases, but it didn’t matter that the image was like a Jianghu elder brother smoking cigarettes for the people next to him.
"Brother Ruan heard that the northwest line is quite chaotic recently, right?" Sand home another brother asked aside.
"Can you come here to talk about things if you don’t want to mess around?" Little Black Pang smiled and said, "The problem will definitely happen before."
"I heard that Pu Dui shot at the people? !” Shagudi asked again
"Ha ha" little black chubby looked silly yum, but in his heart he smiled a lot. He didn’t pick up this ever.
Did Shajiadi smell it or not?
Sha Xuan went to the door and made a few words and immediately returned. "Let’s go after the arrangement!"
"Go for a walk" Little Black Fat greeted him.
A group of people are all teenagers, and the way they get along with each other is not the same as that of those old men who don’t agree with each other. These people behave like people in the Jianghu who are not formal and don’t carry their way. They chat lightly and soon mix together. This Sha Xuan also thinks that he may have a great social talent.
Near the wee hours, Sha Xuan and others came to Fengbei Tianbao Building and took a private ladder to the top entertainment center.
This entertainment city is very popular with the troops because of its good privacy and hard background. No matter how you play here, nothing will happen. It is also the old site of Shaxuan. If his troops are stationed around the north, he will be sure to come to the rest day. As soon as everyone enters the entertainment city, Shaxuan will be familiar with it and arrange it.
The huge box sits on the sofa and turns around to look at the surrounding environment. "It’s still a good environment here. Where can I find such a place on the fucking northwest line?"
"Don’t say that the development of the five districts in the past two years is not bad?" Sand home another brother asked read smoothly.

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