"Ha ha!"
They smell a smile followed cocoa stepped into the villa.
Ten minutes later.
At the entrance of a Chinese villa, a dignified and beautiful woman looked at Coco with a surprised expression and asked, "Oh, baby, why are you here?"
"Hey hey, I came to talk to Huang Shu about something." Coco smiled and turned to the crowd and said, "This is Huang Shu’s wife."
Qin Yu looked at the woman and saw that she was 3056 years old at most. Suddenly, she could not open her mouth and called her an aunt.
"Hello Qin Yu, my name is Liu Xuan."
"Call me elder sister." Coco found a step for Qin Yu. "Let’s talk about each other, hahaha!"
"Hello dear sister" Qin Yu immediately shook hands with each other.
"Hello, hello." Liu Xuan greeted everyone one by one. "Come and come in."
Fu Xiaohao looked at the villa with great envy. Liu Xuan shook his head and sighed fiercely. "Do you guess which wife this dear sister is?"
Next to Qi Linwen, there was a phrase "Mian is the fourth person I have heard of."
"An enviable life!" Cha Meng also sighed.
A few people whispered and went into the villa with Liu Xuan. At the same time, Huang Xiao, the boss of Yaoguang Company, came from the building and walked over to Qin Yu and said, "Long time no see, Xiao Qin."
"Uncle Huang!" Qin Yu has great respect for him. Don’t just rely on glory to help Tiancheng over the years. That’s just too much to call a father.
"Ha ha, there’s no one on my side, or I’ll pick you up." Manager Huang waved from the floor and greeted everyone. "They’re all old faces. Don’t be shy. Let’s just sit down. I’ll let my aunt get something to eat and let’s drink."
"Good!" Qin Yu nodded heavily.
One-room swimming pool bedroom Fu Shao is lying on the couch with a middle-aged woman with short hair and talking lightly.
"Are you connected over there?" Middle-aged woman lightly asked 1
"Yes," Fu Shao nodded slowly. "I have received the message from Fengbei. Do you think we should get involved in this matter?"
"If you don’t interfere with the position, you have to interfere with it." The middle-aged woman drank a little juice and replied lightly.
"Did Bong-Bei give you any instructions?" Fu Shao leng asked
"Yes," the middle-aged woman nodded. "Otherwise I really don’t want you to get involved."
Chapter 141 Interview Acquisition
Fu Shao slowly lay down and gently touched her calf and said, "I’ve lost a lot since I helped you twice. This time, the company’s top management will have a problem with dragging me to do this all the time."
The middle-aged woman pondered for a long time, "I will tell you this in person and give you some resources."
"I want to serve a stand in the north, and I’m willing to get involved if the face is right," Fu Shao replied lightly.
"No problem" Middle-aged woman nodded.
"Well, it is estimated that there is still some time to play when both sides are coding now." Fu Shao nodded with a smile. "Let’s wait and see."
The middle-aged woman looked at Fu Shao lazily. "Have you been exercising a lot recently? How’s the practice? "
Fu Shao knows that he has to work. "The muscle gain effect is not bad. Feel it."
"Really?" The middle-aged woman stretched out her hand and touched his arm. "It’s a little strong."
"Baby, I said it’s not this muscle …"
"Ha ha ha which muscle is that!"
The two of them got to work happily with a burst of laughter.
Lu Huai Tian LAN bie yuan
Mr. and Mrs. Huang accompanied them to dinner and drank a little wine until late at night, but in this issue, they didn’t talk about anything. The topic was small talk.
After the greeting is almost over, manager Huang gently shouted at Qin Yu and said, "Come with me and let’s talk."
"Good" Qin Yu got up.
"Little dear, you talk to Cocoa’s building for a while and we’ll talk about something." Manager Huang ordered 1.
Say that finish Qin Yuhuang total JiLin three people a building, but it can be seen that total huang didn’t call himself to stay in the building without following.

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