Just like now, Fu Shan, the zombie of the elixir, has arranged this little imaginary boundary, so he is no longer worried that anyone will find him. In the meantime, he will not hesitate to ask the immortal sword brother, but instead of waking him up, he will put him down to the ground and then pinch his hands to show another kind of talent, then he can make the practice.
This method is called dream solving. As the name implies, it is to let the subject voluntarily tell everything he wants to know through dream guidance. Of course, it is necessary to succeed this method. If it is not successful, it will be no use.
This method is not good for ordinary people, but the success rate for a monk is actually not high, because even if people are asleep or unconscious, they still have subconscious control, especially after practicing, and the monk’s subconscious is stronger. Although the performer is generally stronger than the patient, it can also guarantee that he can erase this person’s subconscious and cannot guarantee that he can lead success.
Generally speaking, if you want to succeed in dream solving, the monks will constantly stimulate the subject to become particularly sensitive to this aspect of memory, so the success rate will be much higher. If the casting legal person has high achievements in psychedelic magic, the success rate will be even higher.
However, stimulating this kind of behavior can certainly have a high success rate, but it is also easy to alert the subject to use the secret methods of their respective sects to hide or erase this part of the memory, which is why the soul-searching method is the universal method for monks to obtain the memory of enemies
Fu Shan used this method because the immortal monk Jianzong’s previous almost idiotic overreaction made him think that this person was sensitive to this aspect of memory, and the probability of success was relatively high. Moreover, even if he failed, it would not affect the effect of soul search, so he started the dream solving technique first.
More than a dozen Taoist tactics shed light, and the original frightened expression of the immortal sword brother disappeared in an instant, but it was a kind of calm and serenity. Seeing this, Fu Shan went white, and the immortal sword brother had already fallen asleep from a coma.
When Li Fu Shan doesn’t delay kung fu any longer, the divine light in his eyes bursts out immediately, and a little divine light permeates from the eyebrows, the size of which is like a man’s knuckles in an oval shape, and it slowly falls right on this man’s eyebrows and doesn’t go in at once.
Fu Shan’s spirit penetrated all the way, prevented him from entering the Mud Pill Palace of the immortal Jian Zongdi, and then infiltrated towards him.
The immortal Jian Zongdi was a white ball the size of a fist, and a virtual shadow was faintly visible flashing. At this time, the ball of light was particularly soft, and there was no spark of brilliance blooming outward, revealing a net translucent body.
Fu Shan was easily posted, and then paused for a moment, then infiltrated.
This dream was successful. Fu Shan immediately changed the dharma tactic with his hands. As the dharma tactic changed in his hands, it turned out that the same kind of naked body manifested its fascination. Suddenly, several colorful brilliance were shot. These brilliance were very gentle and docile, not fiery at all, and easily integrated into the immortal sword brother’s fascination. His perfect white spirit was caged with a layer of colorful glow.
This colorful glow is a fascinating method, which can unconsciously awaken people’s subconscious. Fu Shan appears to be very calm, unhurried and unhurried, and the colorful glow will become rich and bright little by little.
Moments later, the immortal Jian Zongdi suddenly woke up with a tremor. "Hey, where am I? Didn’t I get caught? How did you get here? "
The immortal Jian Zongdi looked around at his whole body tied up, but it was a lonely place. "Forget it, leave him alone. It’s good to be alive anyway!" Those people want to get Brother Fang’s secret from me. I have to keep my mouth shut. This is my only money to live! "
Outside, everything that the immortal Jian Zongdi thought was perceived by Fu Shan. When he found that this man was as he expected, his consciousness shifted to what he wanted immediately, but he was also very happy and couldn’t help smiling.
"Brother Fang? I finally know something practical! But this can be regarded as a good leader, and it is far from enough. I have to work harder! " Thinking about Fu Shan’s hand method tactic rotation has a dignified atmosphere.
With the change of Fu Shan’s magic formula, the seven-color glow that pervades the immortal sword Zongdi’s mind is getting stronger and stronger, and the rich brilliance is almost turned into real light, which is transmitted from his mind and shines. In this fascinating light, the immortal sword Zongdi unconsciously follows his own consciousness and thinks about his own brother Fang.
Almost in a moment, all the information of this brother Fang passed through his mind and was naturally perceived by Fu Shan, then a zombie.
This elder brother Fang Ze is indeed the best among the brothers who built the foundation of the immortal sword Sect. After knowing Fang Ze’s life, Fu Shan was even more sure that he was the one who took the then zombie away and assassinated himself before leaving. But knowing this is not enough. After all, if you want revenge, you must first find someone to recapture that other then zombie and refine it into your puppet. Whether you can find Fang Ze or not is still a matter of thinking.
Therefore, Fu Shan continued to guide this immortal Jian Zongdi’s thought to naturally extend and evolve. Although he needed to be Fang Zeluo, this time he was afraid to guide his thought evolution direction in solidification. Because previously, it was because this immortal Jian Zongdi himself had this kind of consciousness that he was able to appear relaxed and natural without trace, but now what he wants is to be restless before he passed out of coma. If this is the case, nine times out of ten he will be detected, so his dream solving will stop here.
Although there is a chance that you can get the answer you want directly, this possibility is really too small, but Fu Shan dare not take the risk. He can let it evolve naturally and get as much as he can. If he still can’t satisfy himself in the end, he can search directly in his soul.
Although there are not many immortal sword brothers in this clock volcano, there are also many. In those forces, a general search will certainly capture many, but they are not so stingy.
Chapter 342 Information Fate
Chapter 342 Information Fate
"Four days later, the poisonous fire valley will meet."
Solving the problem in Fu Shan’s dream, the immortal sword master’s thoughts have evolved naturally, and a large number of memories have surged out. Of course, most of them are rubbish and worthless to Fu Shan, even some practice secrets of immortal sword master are the same, but Fu Shan is in no hurry, so just hold his horses and wait for it. Finally, about a quarter of an hour later, the immortal sword master’s thoughts reappear the information he needs to know.
At that time, Fu Shan’s heart was full of joy, but soon he calmed down again. The reason is very simple. Because these immortal sword brothers, especially the one who holds the then zombie Fang Ze, will meet in the Poisonous Fire Valley as previously agreed. It’s really a question. At least, if it were him, he would never care about it. He believes that with a then zombie, he can be trained as a puppet protector. The future is bright, and where is he willing to take a little risk?
After calming down, Fu Shan continued to absorb the memory information handed by the immortal Jian Zongdi, and it took less than half a quarter of an hour. The information was no longer as surging as before, as if it had turned into a mountain stream, and the water potential became extremely rare. From time to time, it hit a stone and exploded to produce several splashes, which blurred the memory of that moment.
This intermittent, clear and vague memory surge lasted for a moment, then it was completely silent and never appeared again
Fu Shan knows very well that this is the immortal Jian Zongdi’s mental energy consumption, and Dalian’s dreams can’t be supported, and he has fallen into a deep sleep. Actually, this is still his hand to pull the evolution of dreams. If it is natural, he is afraid that it will be completely dissipated before half of his childhood. Because dreaming will also consume his mental strength, mortals can control their own mental energy. When they get up during the day, they feel very tired, while monks are condensed. The subconscious is powerful, but they can cut off their dreams and destroy their own mental strength.
At this moment, Fu Shan Bai, at least for a day and a night, this immortal sword Zongdi can no longer stand the urge of dream solving, but he also knows that what he can get in this immortal sword Zongdi is almost these, unless this person can take the initiative, it is unnecessary to dream solving again.
When Fu Shan’s changing method was adopted, the immortal sword Zongdi’s fascination came out and disappeared from his eyebrows again. Then he reached out his hand and shook the potential of this man at will, and he woke up this immortal sword Zongdi.
This time, the immortal Jian Zongdi really woke up. When he woke up, he still felt a little confused, and his head ached, as if he had had a fight with the gods. However, the monk’s alertness was still very high. Soon, he found that Fu Shan had turned over and started to take out a dark and greasy oil lamp from the bag.
"Are you human?"
Looking at the longevity sword Zongdi alert Fu Shan face revealed a cold hum a way "with you don’t deserve to know my name! You must know exactly what I brought you here. Tell me now! "
"You can’t!" When this immortal Jian Zongdi heard this, he immediately replied, "I’m an immortal younger brother. How can I bully my teacher and destroy my ancestors and frame my fellow students like you monsters?"
"Are you? Are you so spineless? " Hearing this, Fu Shan’s face showed a funny smile and then he said, "But I don’t think you are such a person? Think about it again. You’ve already betrayed them once. Why don’t you betray them again? Anyway, this is a road of no return, so don’t look back! "
Looking at Fu Shan’s face, he laughed brazenly. The immortal Jian Zongdi also felt something was wrong in his heart. There seemed to be scenes in his mind. memento mori flashed that the fragments were too messy for him to see clearly, and he didn’t care too much if he wanted to think about his head and it hurt. At this moment, he naturally hurriedly tried to visualize, although it was accompanied by all the pain, but as those memento mori gradually became clear, he could no longer consider the pain.
The more he recalls his heart, the more shocked he is. When he has passed the recall department in his previous memory in his mind, the whole vigor is boastful. Although he hasn’t collapsed yet, he can see that the posture is not much different.

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