Qin Yuche had a quick conversation with Lao Li for five minutes before he hung up and walked into the camp, the last thing he wanted.
Life is so unsatisfactory that when you are at the end of the road, you may be able to help you, and it is often the last person you want to face.
Chapter 949 Can’t run or retreat
The camp on the north side outside Songjiang belongs to the special operations brigade department of the first independent division. Qin Yu and others waited for about ten minutes before a military vehicle came out of the hospital.
"Who is Qin Yu?" A sergeant asked by car.
"I am"
"Car" sergeant with the wave.
"Trouble" Qin Yuchong nodded at each other and led Chameng Xiaohao to get into the military vehicle.
The first independent division belongs to the battle sequence of the first war zone in the ninth district, but it is deployed by the General Staff Office of the highest military officer in the ninth district. The particularity of the freedom of the troops stationed in the north at present is that the military units at the same level are very high. Compared with the military unit method at the next higher level, it was originally appointed by the highest military officer to participate in the war. In addition, the history of this unit is also endowed with several honors and glorious achievements. Although the serial number has been reorganized several times, it is still a one-person core, which also derives its particularity.
Qin Yu is worried about the situation of the wind village all the time in a military vehicle, but he has to force himself to calm down and think about how to say that he wants to meet people.
The conflict in the wind village has caused a flood of people to flock to the village. If there were no 20 forklifts parked at the left and right entrances respectively, waves of people would have been temporarily blocked. Maybe Ma Laoer and others would have been dispersed.
In the gap between a forklift truck and a forklift truck, the core members brought by Zhang Liangma’s second child fought desperately against the bloodshed, shouting and cursing every second and directly boiling this relatively small village.
Right intersection
Ma Laoer stabbed two people with a knife, and then staggered by the forklift, panting with red eyes.
"The second child can’t bear to go back." Zhang Liang took six or seven people to beat off a wave of people and immediately ran over and shouted, "There are too many people here. If the people behind us don’t come, the people in front of us will be washed away sooner or later."
"You can’t say what you can’t say …" Ma Laoer wiped his face and shook his head and replied, "I can’t hold back the people in front of me and have to be scattered in one round. What can people do on the ground? You know best that I can’t be scattered."
Sean’s white horse penis means that he knows very well that it is decisive to call these people from the ground to do downwind business, but it is unrealistic for you to let more than 1,000 people live and die. There are many friends who are looking for friends, and there are certain economic factors besides human feelings. Is it possible for you to count on these people to block the knife for you?
What owl elder brother JiLin two people dare to go to Changji with 50 shining brothers? That’s because they know that they dare to fight and retreat. If something really happens, no one will run, but on the opposite side is a group of UU Hezhong Institute. They did it.
Now that the tables have turned, the situation of more than 1,000 people in the old second-hand store will certainly not be better than that of Changji when they face the absolute disadvantage of their own number.
This is the ass can think about it, and the second horse dare not retreat. He knows that if he doesn’t live behind him, he will be dispersed in one round, and when the people come in, the member will have to be photographed here.
Next to the forklift, Ma Laoer immediately waved his hand after returning to Sean dialect and shouted, "You can’t retreat from adults who are fucking retreating! Lost, lost everything! His mama I want to Songjiang at the front when ye give me a garrison horse! "
"Come with me!"
Liu Shu led Ma’s family with a shovel in his hands, and this number of more than 200 people will be blocked by the people in an instant.
"Bang bang!"
"poop-poop …!"
Shovels, iron bars and machetes swarmed across the street, and the crowd just smashed it.
Just Ma Laoer and others are deliberately avoiding the old, the weak and the sick, and don’t want to dance knives and stick at them. But as soon as the two sides contact each other, everyone finds that this group of people is more ruthless than anyone else. A 167-year-old child dares to stab the roots with a knife without any scruples.
In this way, the more dry the two sides are, the more out of control the scene will be. In the end, if you don’t want to get chopped and beaten, it will be a brain strike back and mechanically wield weapons without looking at the person in front.
Next to the forklift, Ma Laoer got a knife in the head. It is a fierce stab to stretch out his hand and drag the person in front to bend over.
In the crowd, Wang Zongxiang waved his hand and shouted, "If you can’t get in, come back and let the people behind you, Tianhui, take the long guy and pull it into a row. Don’t scatter it. They can’t carry it."
Stabbed and injured people don’t count the horse’s second child, and immediately another one rushed to him. He felt that his hands could not hold the knife, and he could wrap his belt around the grip and his right hand, holding the mentality of the forklift and continuing to work with the opposite side.
Next to another forklift, Liu Shu just wanted to stretch out his hand to pull the next brother after hitting several people with his shovel in succession, but no one noticed that two Han men rushed out with guns more than one meter long in their hands.
Anything can happen in the chaos, so Liu Shu made a bend to move his right thigh and left abdomen, and he was stabbed with two big blood holes by one person and one gun.
Liu Shu left his left hand holding the left abdomen, and the right hand swung the shovel and cut each other’s face.
Bellow flush each other two people back.
Liu Shu felt his legs weak and his brain fell dizzy.
"Fuck your mother’s uncle!"
Ma Laoer red-eyed and flustered, he rushed over and grabbed Liu Shu Boling with one hand and dragged him backwards with the other.
Xu Yang’s right arm was cut several times, and his shoulder was shrugged. He couldn’t move with him for many years. When Xu Yang was in prison, he managed the eyeliner business with Liu Shu. Xiao Bin was killed alive …
"I fuck you!"
Always calm Xu Yang looked ferocious and turned back and shouted, "Move the detonator of the fried house! A fucking B is killing me, isn’t it? Here, I’ll give it to you! !”

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