Is it a prophet to make a decision to turn your back on Zhao Kaishan and take refuge in him at this time?
Zhao Liang has this level?
"As far as I know, the impression of the Zhao clan on me is generally negative. I really can’t figure out that you are here to talk about marriage. Can you please help me solve my doubts?"
Zhao Liang came straight to the point, so Su Yonglin didn’t hide anything and asked directly.
Two people who are very direct will be comfortable when talking, and there is no gap.
"This time I went back to my hometown, I began to reflect on what I got and what was left after Zhao’s busy work for so many years."
Zhao Liang began to tell Su Yonglin what he had experienced completely.
From the beginning of a series of experiences after returning home, I talked about the grievances and the smell was beyond words.
Su Yonglin was silent for a long time.
He didn’t expect Zhao Liang to start thinking about individuals and clans.
This is a minefield in real politics.
It is a minefield that even the emperor won’t touch.
There is no doubt that Su Yonglin has the goal of disintegrating clans in his future road planning. Although there are different methods, the goal is certain.
From the end of the Tang Dynasty to the Five Dynasties, aristocratic families led the gentry’s politics to the destruction, and the political structure of the original social grassroots was destroyed, and the social grassroots appeared to be true.
After the establishment of the Northern Song Dynasty, Confucianism gradually moved towards its revival.
After the peak of the White Tiger View Conference in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Confucianism has been going downhill with the great division of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties and lost its glory in the Eastern Han Dynasty.
Although the Sui and Tang Dynasties were unified, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which continued the cultural situation in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, did not complete the mainstream.
It was not until the Song Dynasty, with the increasingly conservative military, that the Song Empire needed an idea that could fully guarantee the imperial status and became the dominant idea of governing the country. Confucianism completed its revival and regained the same status as the national constitution
Confucian scholars repainted the Three Cardinals and Five Permits and invited them to the stage again.
This framework, an ultra-stable social structure was born.
Clan is a very important link in the social structure of county system, and it is the local real grass-roots managers to a certain extent.
Considering traffic, administrative success and stability, feudal rulers did not resist sharing local grassroots power with the unified clan.
The emperor is the patriarch of heaven and man, the master is the patriarch of clan, and the husband is the patriarch of family.
They all have the unquestionable power of other officials, clan members and family members.
If someone questions it, the vested interests will openly punish the rebels by laws, clan rules and family laws to safeguard their own strength and status.
Several families and families form clans, and several clans form a country with a ring and a society. People from all walks of life can enjoy the benefits brought by the Three Cardinals and the Five Permanent Principles.
Even a poor man has the power to deal with his family, and his wife and children can’t disobey him
The ultra-stable social structure was thus formed, which greatly reduced the feudal empire’s governance of the grassroots.
Because all the beneficiaries of the three cardinal guides and five permanent members system will unconsciously safeguard this system.
It is the Song Dynasty that once again carried forward this system, and the social stability was stronger than ever before, and the power to maintain stability was enhanced before, which greatly reduced the rule and stability of the Song and Ting Dynasties.
There is no need to move the political limit, and there is no need to increase the official expenditure. The goal of maintaining local stability can also be achieved by unifying thoughts and the three cardinal guides and the five permanent members of the Song Dynasty.
And clan is an important institution for maintaining stability between civilians and government.
Imperial finance has never been so generous, and there are officials in many expenditure items, but it can be a little sloppy to cut expenses in this respect. What if the rulers object?
Of course, this has also increased the expansion of clan local power and formed the grass-roots ecology of sharing power between government and clan.
But this ecology has certainly helped the empire maintain stability and cut administrative expenses, but it will also take back this dividend elsewhere.
There have never been two things when rulers make judgments, and there are often two evils that are judged lightly.
The same is true of this matter.
The clan reduced the difficulty of the imperial court’s ruling achievement and helped the imperial court to pay the ruling achievement and maintain stability. So is this achievement given to the imperial court for nothing?
Is it true that the clan is a charity, and the local government should also give away taxes and mobilization levels?
certainly not
Chapter 271 Zhao Liang reflection
Su Yonglin knows a truth
Laziness and avoidance of state affairs are definitely not a tricky way, which will definitely bury a huge pit for the future empire and leave a legacy for future generations.
Relying on clan to maintain stability and reduce administrative achievements will definitely face clan embezzlement of local taxes and erosion of mobilization ability.
Su Yonglin has a clear understanding of this after in-depth investigation of the social ecology of the Southern Song Dynasty.
He knows that clans are everywhere, social ecology, and his revolution is difficult to start. It is very difficult to start, and the situation is likely to be strangled before it develops and grows.
Similarly, this social ecology is not friendly to aggressive national actions.
It is eager for stability and peace, and is willing to pay all the costs for stability and peace.
In this state, the Southern Song Dynasty Northern Expedition was doomed to be impossible.
Its economic foundation and political foundation do not support its successful Northern Expedition. Even if it is reluctantly promoted by political strongmen, unless the enemy is rotten to an unspeakable extent, it will be destroyed by powerful resistance forces if it encounters a slight setback.
Su Yonglin must fight this unified social governance model in the future and eventually destroy it.
Without destroying this set of rigid social ecology, we can’t reorganize the society and reverse the trend of China’s ascent from the root.
Even if he re-established a dynasty in the early days, no matter how strong he was, he could not avoid taking the old road of Xu Jin Guo.
As soon as it appeared, conan the destroyer got the land and landed, and then the whole country quickly degenerated, and people lost their enterprising will and quickly degenerated.
Xu Jin Guo’s last game is no different from a feudal empire, which collapsed due to foreign troubles.
Su Yonglin doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of the Jin State, and he doesn’t want to build a country to follow in the footsteps. In this way, it is meaningless for him to work so hard for the revolution.
It was he who didn’t expect Zhao Liang to start questioning the clan at this time because of this kind of thing and had a faint antipathy to the clan.
Isn’t it embarrassing to question at this time?
Didn’t you have the power to oppress clan members and profit from them in the past?
The result is now being targeted in turn before I realize that this set of rules is unreasonable and cruel?
Su Yonglin doesn’t feel sympathy for this at all, and thinks that Zhao Liang deserves it.
"Don’t be angry if I speak straight. I think you deserve it. I have no sympathy for you at all, and you don’t deserve it."
He express his feelings directly.
Zhao Liang doesn’t seem to be surprised. He is a little stunned and shows a bitter smile.
"What General Su said about my daughter was exactly the same, saying that I deserved it."
Su Yonglin picked his eyebrows.
"Your love? Your love can say such words? Don’t you think it’s a big violation of love? "
"Before I had a little girl, I had two wives who loved them too much, which made them stubborn and not very caring, so I wanted a daughter very much. I didn’t have this daughter until late, and she regarded her palm beads as very loving."
Zhao Liang smiled and said slowly, "My little girl is clever, sensible, lively and lovely. I really like to teach her to read Confucian classics and essays since she was a child. I have taught her to read them. She is very smart and almost has a photographic memory. Sometimes I am no match for her."
With this, Zhao Liang smiled and sighed again and again.
"So when I came home from this accident, my daughter told me my fault in person. When I was depressed, I also said that I deserved it. Others might become angry from embarrassment, but I didn’t. I felt more ashamed and depressed."

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