"hey! How dare you play with the avatar? What’s the name of a mortal? Who is it? Teacher? Don’t tell the truth one by one "
Uh, celestial?
Lv Dongbin, with a glance, did see a fairy in the rising of the immortal spirit. There are still immortals and immortals.
I was about to open my mouth to explain when Yi Long sang.
See the white dragon falling from the middle of the sky and approaching from the rear.
"What a monster!"
Lv Dongbin mentoring Hong Haier is a face change and then disappeared in situ.
Is it really a fairy? The little shepherd boy seems a little lost in his heart.
Just then a big buffalo jumped out from the side.
It came early, but it didn’t dare to show up when it saw its own cub. It was only seen decades ago, and it will probably recognize itself then.
At the same time, the demon cloud rolled and saw a shrimp, a soldier and a crab standing in the cloud, surrounded by a handsome boy with a green snake in his ear. It was the sea god.
Bailong turned a young girl’s forehead into two pink corners, showing despair and looking around at demons.
"Ha ha, little princess, it is your blessing to see you. Do you want to learn from your ungrateful father?" A crab monster spoke and urged
The dragon lady suddenly gnashed her teeth with hatred. "If it weren’t for my father, you would have been eaten by the siren, and now you are willing to be their lackeys!"
"Hey, the little princess knows the time!"
"spluttered pa-"
"It’s really good to say that I haven’t eaten seafood for a long time."
Hong Haier clapped his hands and immediately stared at the Poseidon.
"Who dares to obstruct the work of our Sea Temple?" The crab a captain drink a way
"Misty Mountain Huanghuaguan Jiuyou Emperor, Taiwei Tianzun Hook Chen Gong Emperor Duomu Zhenjun Cousin, your lucky grandfather is also!"
Chapter 594 atrix Poseidon Run Gongcao
Hong Haier’s long list of titles immediately frightened a group of people.
A series of emperors and deities are bluffing when they listen, but Huanghuaguan’s multi-eyes are even more bluffing.
Those soldiers, crabs, fish and turtles are mostly the ministers of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea. When I heard about the Huanghuaguan, my shell was soft with fear.
"Ha ha ha Huanghuaguan turned out to be you?"
Poseidon immediately laughed. Three, his father’s Huanghuaguan, but his sworn enemy, even Bao Poseidon’s halberd, was taken away. If you meet a few Huanghuaguan cubs on this trip, you will surely win the favor if you take them back and give them to your father.
Aside, Lv Dongbin and his disciples were also frightened by the long list of names.
Xiugu tugged at Master’s skirt and asked, "What is the origin of Master’s view of yellow flowers?"
Although Lv Dongbin was reincarnated as the Donghua Emperor, it took only a hundred years to achieve immortality this time. Soon, he was not very clear about the secrets, but he still knew some common sense.
"It was sent to the door? There is a floating cloud view outside Chang’ an, and a Taoist friend said that it is this yellow flower view. "
"You immortals, be careful that this person is profound in Poseidon’s way." Fang Longnv spoke and woke up.
When Hong Haier heard this, he immediately sneered, "It turned out to be that coward, but your father’s magic weapon is still in my view. I wonder what treasure you are going to give us today?"
"Give me sharp teeth and sharp mouths!"
With a wave of his hand, Poseidon immediately surrounded the sea goblins and monsters and killed them all.
Hong Haier bear, carrying a fire-pointed gun, went into the array with a big gun and a fine steel gun, and killed one piece in an instant.
There was a little full moon, and the little shepherd boy hid behind a cloud and didn’t go to war.
Aside, Lv Dongbin’s master and disciples also used their own means to see a sword with a dagger, and Xiugu also threw a petal from the lotus flower in her hand and swallowed many soldiers and crabs.
"hmm? The little shepherd boy and the rabbit are in danger. "Xiugu was about to make moves when she saw several shrimp soldiers chasing the full moon."
When I saw a big mouth, I suddenly opened my pants and bit the shrimp essence into shrimp strips.
"psst! This little thing is so cruel? "
In front of Hong Haier’s bear top, a group of shrimp, soldiers and crabs will be beaten everywhere. When Poseidon saw this, he called out to clear the way. He wanted to personally take these yellow flowers to watch his brother.
Suddenly there was a gust of wind at nine o’clock, and Xiugu was blown over when she was not careful. Lv Dongbin quickly held her up.
"Take the child away quickly. I’m afraid Poseidon has a demon holy way!" Lv Dongbin somberly way
Show gu smell speech where still dare to leave immediately fly before a person a beast to take them to the distance.
With the storm, Poseidon immediately took out a pearl and pounded Hong Haier.
Only to find that the pearl was as heavy as Mount Tai’s Beihai Katcha when it was picked by a fire-pointed gun.
"My gun!"
Hong Haier exclaimed, this is what Torre built for him in those days.
"Don’t be crazy about throwing evil animals-"
Pa Yi Long swallowed the first whip, pulled out the dragon, looked up and grabbed the pearl backhand and fell into the hands of Hong Haier …
"The thief gave me back the four seas spirit beads!" Poseidon was so anxious that he scolded this wave for changing it, which would be disastrous.
Fire-pointed gun is a magic weapon with good material, and its universal spirit bead is a magic weapon.
"Bah, I’ve always been in and out of Huanghuaguan. Hey, hey, this pearl is good. Master gave me a lucky name. It’s true."

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