Then he stepped into the mountains and disappeared.
Wu Ming was ready to return to the concept of floating clouds, and Lao Mu’s instructions were already very good
It’s necessary for the Yuanshen to enter the magma of that vein on a full moon night to see the soup spring. It’s still early in the month, so it will take a few days.
How can this old man give him advice today?
Huasheng temple
Many venerable monks gathered together again.
Is to discuss the west.
"Although the Dharma is profound, it doesn’t have magical powers to protect itself. It would be too bold to send him to the poor monk."
A monk said
Although Dharma defeated all the monks in the debate, he was only a teenager and didn’t practice any magical magic. How could he give it to such a child?
Now, the discussion among monks is whether or not to send some accomplished monks to escort Yilu West.
Argument after argument for days without any result.
"I wonder if Elder Fa has a problem?"
The monks just came to their senses, and the master is still here.
Zen master Fa nodded and said, "I’m a disciple with my Buddhist mission, and there are more demons blocking my way to the west. It’s bound to be a narrow escape, but it’s just this that shows our devotion to Buddhism. What about you?"
When all the monks heard the news, they looked down and thought for a long time before reaching a consensus.
This day outside Chang’ an city
The Buddhist monk of Huashan Temple in Huasheng Temple helped the young Buddhist monk to help the horse.
"I’m going to take care of it."
France’s eyes are faint with tears flashing.
The young monk didn’t feel sad, but he went to worship Buddha and seek scriptures, and it was a great merit for all beings to seek happiness.
"Master, don’t worry, my brother will definitely get back the scriptures, but he will come to visit Master Brother again."
Method nodded and then saw the young monk beat Marcy.
The silent monk comforted him and said, "With my Buddhist luck, I should be able to turn my luck into luck and get lucky when I am in trouble. Don’t worry."
Monk Fa didn’t say much. He saw that the figure was getting smaller and smaller, but at the moment he felt evil influence.
The Buddha didn’t send Mahayana Buddhism?
You can’t become a Buddha because we wait for the Hinayana Buddhism?
Very few people with profound mana came to Lingshan a few days ago to pay a visit.
Aside from the silence, the monk suddenly noticed that he immediately drank a lot
Evil influence in Fa Xin was immediately dispelled, and his heart was dying at the moment.
"Thank you, Brother Ji."
"Amitabha dharma teacher younger brother, if you have lost your Zen mind, go back to my temple for a period of time."
Method nodded, and then two people turn metaplasia temple.
Although the silent monk temporarily banished his evil thoughts, the root of his evil thoughts was not completely removed, so he asked the Buddhist temple to close his meditation room, but it flew away in a few years.
Listening to Yi Long’s songs in the view of floating clouds
A Jin Jiaoteng flew up and smoked, but soon he landed and turned into a young monk with red lips and white teeth.
"Taoist, how come I haven’t grown at all in recent years?"
Fahai asked morosely.
Aside, Wu Ming laughed, "You connected the evil dumpling with the lifeline, but the longevity of the dragon is not the same."
"Isn’t this what I look like for a short time?"
Just then Yuan Tiangang was admitted to the hospital.
"A letter has been sent from tout Zaoge Mountain."
"oh? Finally unbearable? "
Wu Ming took over the letters. In recent years, Buddhism seems to have suddenly declined. A Buddhist temple has been seized by the government, but instead, various doors have been building temples to collect incense.
However, the Lingbao Sect wants to act according to people’s circumstances, but he, the true gentleman who protects Taoism, has been slow to go to Zaoge Mountain to be tested, and there is no conclusion. Therefore, the Lingbao Sect can’t act without authorization, and there is still some ethics
I sent a letter urging, of course, the letter would not be so straightforward.
"Ok, pack some salutes and come with me to Zaoge Mountain."
"It’s a tout"
Wu Ming turned to the young monk and asked, "Are you going?"
Fahai thought for a moment and then shook his head and said, "No, I have to wait for Master."
Chapter 243 True Jun Deng Baoshan’s Theory of Color Sleeve Pavilion
Wu Ming took Yuan Tiangang to Zaoge Mountain to prepare for the test.

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